Review: Delta One A350-900 DL41 Los Angeles (LAX) to Sydney (SYD)

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I have been wanting to experience Delta Air Lines’s Delta One product since its debut. The Delta Business Class seats made headlines because of how they come with a privacy door that First Class seats typically offer. Therefore, I was looking forward to the experience. Here’s the review in detail:

Schedule and Aircraft

  • Route: Los Angeles (LAX) to Sydney (SYD)
  • DEP 10:40 PM ARR 8:42 AM
  • Duration: 14h55m
  • Flight number: DL41
  • Seat number: 3A
  • Aircraft: A350-900


I did the check-in and received my boarding pass at the new Delta One check-in facility, LAX Terminal 3. The facility is quite exclusive because you can perform the check-in, clear TSA security, and arrive at the Delta Sky Club lounge all in one facility. After the lounge access, my departure gate 32A was merely a 5-minute walk from the Delta Sky Club LAX Terminal 3.

Lounge Access

The amazing Delta One at LAX offers the exclusive check-in and the TSA Security clearance. After that, it’s just one elevator away to get into the improved Delta Sky Club at LAX Terminal 3.

The lounge is spacious with various types of seating, indoor and outdoor. I specifically like the outdoor terrace. In addition, there are two buffet areas and two full-service bars. The lounge also offers clean shower suites, and reservation is necessary. See the following detailed review below:

Review: Delta Sky Club LAX Terminal 3 For Delta One


Boarding was quite efficient, and more importantly, clear announcements were made on what was going on.

Delta One passengers go through the Sky Priority lane, and Delta uses facial recognition biometrics to board everyone without the need for a boarding pass.

Seats and Cabin

Delta One seats are best found on the Airbus 350 aircraft, which is the aircraft that I was on from LAX to Sydney, Australia.

There is only one Delta One cabin, and my seat was 3A in the front cabin. I specifically selected that odd number seat because it is farther from the aisle than even number seats. Therefore, if you are traveling solo, I recommend that you choose those window odd-number seats. See the seat map here.

However, the Delta One seat is a bit small and lacks a storage compartment. I also found out that odd-number window seats do not have the shoe stowage compartment, but the even-number ones do.

The seat controls and tray table control functioned well. In addition, the Delta One seats are suites because each seat has a door. Overall, the Delta One seat has plenty of legroom and is comfortable enough to fly that long period to Australia from the United States. Is it a cutting-edge business-class seat? Absolutely not!

Delta One Suite Video

Lie-Flat Bed

Delta One offers a lumbar, and it also comes with a mini instruction.

Basically, you can turn that into a pad and place it on your seat for padded comfort, whether in a sitting or sleeping position. Moreover, the pillow and blanket are inside the big pillow pouch on your seat.

I find the Delta One lie-flat bed comfortable, but it’s a bit tight to toss around, or maybe I need to lose weight, lol! But overall, I got good hours of sleep in the sky.

The Delta One suite has a door that you can pull and release to close, but it does not completely shut. There’s also a do not disturb privacy button on the seat controls if desired.

Drinks and Main Entree

Delta One menu features chefs Jon & Vinny by James Beard award winning Los Angeles.

The usual wines, beers, and beverages are available with a full 3-course meal.

It’s worth noting that before the trip, you should receive an email from Delta asking you to pre-select the entree that you want, including the limited selections that are only available to order before the flight, such as the Salmon dish. See the following photos below for pre-select entree.

I decided to go with Jon and Vinny’s Braised Meatballs. While the menu calls for a 3-course meal, the flight attendant prepared and put all the 3-course meals on one tray and brought them all out at the same time. I guess perhaps it was a red-eye flight, and they want you to go to bed to sleep as fast as possible. However, I prefer that they bring out each course at a separate time to really enjoy the taste. As a result, I was eating everything at once, and the onion soup, for example, got cold. The meatballs tasted great, and they also held the heat well. For dessert, I choose the ice cream sundae.

Mid-Flight Snack

Delta One offers a mid-flight snack. However, there’s only one item: mushroom French bread pizza that comes with chopped salad and balsamic vinaigrette. I gave it a try, and it wasn’t bad!

Pre-arrival Breakfast

Right around one and a half hours before landing, flight attendants served Delta One passengers either cheddar scrambled eggs or Greek yogurt. I chose the scrambled eggs option, and it was delicious. I also did not realize it comes with a sausage patty as well.

Crew Service

I enjoyed the crew service on my side of the cabin. Both flight attendants were smiley and friendly. The girl especially was very attentive and willing to help me with all kinds of requests and questions, as it was my first time in Delta One. They also provided fast meal service the entire time, so kudos to them.

Amenity Kit

The amenity kit is a pouch made of clothes. The flight attendant told me that the South American region makes the pouch material and design as Delta wants to support the community there. Inside the pouch, there are items such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, pen, eye mask, ear plugs, and lip balm, but missing socks! I’m not sure if that is intentional or if someone forgot to put the socks in the amenity kit. I had to ask the flight attendant for a pair, and she had to get the pouch from the premium economy (Delta Comfort+) for me because that pouch contains socks.

How to Book Delta One with Points?

My original booking is from Mexico City (MEX) to LAX to Sydney one-way for 95,000 Delta SkyMiles plus $118 in taxes. As the departure date was approaching, and there were a few schedule changes between MEX and LAX, I contacted Delta to possibly remove that segment without re-pricing the award ticket, and Delta did it. However, I did not get some taxes back for removing the MEX to LAX leg because LAX to Sydney taxes generally are only around $35.

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The Verdict

PROS: Delta One suite has a privacy door, friendly and helpful crew service, good seat and tray table control functions, and every seat has direct aisle access.

CONS: Delta One suite lacks compartments, mediocre food, all 3-course meal comes out at once on the same tray, slightly bit tight seat for sleeping, amenity kit missing socks.

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