Capital One Venture X Credit Card offers cardholders unlimited complimentary Capital Airport Lounges access and Priority Pass Membership

In this post, I'll go through some details on the Priority Pass Membership through Capital One and walk you through how to enroll in the program that is part of your Infinite Visa Card's benefits. 

Menzies Aviation Priority Pass Lounge at Budapest Airport
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    How Does Capital One Priority Pass Membership Benefit Work?

    Suppose you have had another premium travel credit card out there, such as the Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card or the American Express Platinum Card. In that case, the Capital One Priority Pass membership benefit is very much the same. Upon the approval of the Capital One Venture X Credit Card, and you have received the card numbers, you can activate your Priority Pass membership. 

    Capital One's Priority Pass membership works this way:
    • You receive unlimited complimentary access to worldwide Priority Pass Airport Lounges.
    • You also receive dining credits when you dine at Priority Pass participating airport restaurants.
    • You receive access to airport Be Relax Spas for massage treatments. 
    • You receive access to airport Gameway Lounges for complimentary games and snacks. 
    • You can bring up to two (2) guests for free into the lounge and restaurants with you. 
    • Suppose you add an authorized user (AU) to your Capital One Venture X Credit Card. In that case, the AU can also enroll in Priority Pass Membership with the same level of benefits as the primary cardholder. More below. 

    Priority Pass Membership For Venture X Card's Authorized Users

    Capital One allows you to add up to free four (4) authorized users (AU) for the Capital One Venture X Credit Card. The good news is the AU will have all the same Priority Pass lounges access privilege as the primary cardholder, including the complimentary unlimited access to new Capital One Lounges
    • Each card's AU receives complimentary Priority Pass Membership for unlimited access to Priority Pass airport lounges, restaurants, spas, and game lounges for their own, even without the primary cardholder's presence. 
    • AU can bring up to two (2) additional guests for free
    • There is no fee to add an AU to Capital One Venture X Credit Card, and you can add up to four (4) AUs for free. 

    Editor's Note:

    If you value Priority Pass Airport Lounges access and restaurant credits along with complimentary unlimited access to Capital One Lounges, but you are not able to get the Capital One Venture X Credit Card approved, you could ask another person that you trust to apply for the card and ask the person to add you as an authorized user (AU) on the card. You'll receive all the lounge access and Priority Pass membership benefits, the same as the primary cardholder.

    Keep in mind that an AU card will be added to your credit report, and thus it will be counted towards Chase 5/24 Rule. However, if you are rejected for a Chase credit card because of the AU card, you can call Chase's reconsideration line to explain and have that AU card excluded from the 5/24 decision. 

    Capital One Priority Pass Airport Restaurants

    Suppose you are new to Priority Pass Membership. In that case, it is essential to know that in addition to airport lounges, Priority Pass also partners with select airport restaurants to provide Priority Pass members dining credit. Most Priority Pass restaurants offer you a $28 credit per cardholder

    Unlike Priority Pass membership through American Express that does not include restaurants benefit, the Priority Pass membership through Capital One does include the restaurant's benefit. This means that you and your guest(s) will each receive the bill's credit. For example, a Priority Pass restaurant offers you a $28 credit, and you have another guest with you, so together, you both have a total of $56 dining credit to use. 

    But that's not all. Any AUs you add to the Capital One Venture X Credit Card will receive their own Priority Pass membership that offers the same benefits as the primary cardholder. 

    For more details on how Priority Pass restaurant's benefit works, you can check out this post here

    Capital One Priority Be Relax Airport Spas

    In 2021, Priority Pass also partnered with airport Be Relax Spas to provide Priority Pass members massage treatments ranging from a back massage, head-up massage to foot massage. 

    The Priority Pass membership through Capital One includes the Be Relax Spa benefit. Members can receive a complimentary treatment from 10 minutes to 30 minutes at the participating Be Relax airport spa locations. 

    Each Priority Pass authorized user you have on the Capital One Venture X Credit Card also has this benefit. 

    For more details on how Priority Pass Be Relax Spas benefit works, you can check the following post:

    Capital One Priority Airport Gameway Lounges

    Priority Pass membership through Capital One includes access to the airport Gameway Lounges if you enjoy gaming. 

    All eligible Priority Pass members receive the following benefits at the participating airport video Gameway locations:
    • Complimentary 2 hours of gaming
    • Complimentary 2 snacks
    • Complimentary soft drinks are limited to one bottle of soda or water. 

    For more details on how Priority Pass Gameway Lounges benefit works, you can check out the following post:

    How to Activate Capital One Venture X Card's Priority Pass Membership?

    The process to enroll in and activate Priority Pass membership that is part of the Visa Infinite benefits on the Capital One Venture X Credit Card is quite simple:
    • Upon your Venture X credit card approval, wait until you have received the card numbers. 
      • Per Capital One: Eligibility to enroll in Priority Pass is only available for Venture X customers and begins 1-2 weeks after approval. 
    • Go to the dedicated website for the Priority Pass & Capital One here.
    • Enter the 16-digit numbers on your card and click on the Submit button. 
    • Select your residence country. For example, the USA. 
    • You will be presented with the Membership Plan page. See the screenshot below. 
    • Click on Select and Continue
    • Follow the prompts to successfully enroll in the Priority Pass membership and have the card sent to your address. 

    Photo Credit: Priority Pass Membership