How To Redeem Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card Points For Travel


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How To Redeem Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card Points For Travel

This is part of the Beginner's Guide to Miles & Points Travel

Points earned from a Chase credit card are called Ultimate Rewards Points. Redeeming those points is quite easy. Chase has a dedicated website for that and all you have to do is follow the screens on the website to successfully redeem your Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card points.

There are two ways to redeem Chase Sapphire Preferred points (Ultimate Rewards Points) for travel:
  1. Redeem Chase Sapphire Preferred points for travel booking with Chase. 
  2. Transfer Chase Sapphire Preferred points to Chase partnered loyalty programs. 
Transfer Chase Points to United Airlines to Book A Trip to Lisbon, Portugal
Mainland U.S. to Europe requires only 30,000 United Miles One-way

Redeem Chase Sapphire Preferred Points For Travel Booking With Chase

With Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card, you can redeem Chase points for cash and gift cards at 1 cent per point, and travel at 1.25 cents per point

As you can see, redeeming Chase Sapphire Preferred points on travel offers a better return than redeeming those points for cash and gift cards. 

Step 1: Go to the Chase Ultimate Rewards website. 

Step 2: Sign in with your Chase account. 

Step 3: Select Chase Sapphire Preferred card, if you have multiple Chase credit cards that earn Ultimate Rewards Points. 

Step 4: Scroll down and under Reward Yourself, click on Redeem for travel. 

Step 5: You should be presented with a travel booking interface. Choose what type of travel are you looking to book. Plugin your travel information like you normally do with other travel booking sites. Once completed, click on Search. For this example, I am going to search for flights. 

Step 6: On the search result page, you are presented with available flight tickets. Next to each ticket, you should see the cash price and points required to book that particular ticket. Select and follow the screen to finalize your booking.

Step 7: On the final page, you will be given the options to whether pay with points or save points for later and pay with cash. 

As you can see, the points required for each ticket yields a 25% savings of points against the cash price. This is why it is better to redeem Chase Sapphire Preferred points on travel booking with Chase. 

Transfer Chase Sapphire Preferred Points To Chase Partnered Loyalty Programs

Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card allows the opportunity to transfer points to loyalty programs at 1:1 ratio. Chase partners with a handful of loyalty programs out there. The process to do the transfer is also quite simple. 

Step 1: Go to the Chase Ultimate Rewards website. 

Step 2: Sign in with your Chase account. 

Step 3: Select Chase Sapphire Preferred card, if you have multiple Chase credit cards that earn Ultimate Rewards Points. 

Step 4: Scroll down and under Reward Yourself, click on Transfer your points. 

Step 5: You will see a few loyalty programs. Next to each one, there's a button that says Transfer Points. Click on it. 

Step 6: You will be prompted to enter your loyalty program number/ID. Click Continue once that's completed and simply follow the screen to successfully transfer your points to your desired loyalty program. 

Easy right? The time it takes for the transfer to complete is pretty instant for the most part. A word of caution here, once the transfer takes place, the points cannot be transferred back to your Chase account. Therefore, always check to make sure there's an award availability first and then do the transfer. 
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