• Transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points to Virgin Atlantic and get a 30% bonus through June 15, 2023. 
  • Transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points to Air France KLM Flying Blue and get a 25% bonus through May 15, 2023. 
  • Transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points to Marriott and get a 50% bonus through May 15, 2023.

Chase Ultimate Rewards (UR) is the rewards points program you earn with Chase-branded credit cards. The Ultimate Rewards points offer the best value in return when you transfer them to loyalty programs that partner with Chase. Your UR points are worth so much more when redeeming them this way. It works by transferring your Chase UR points to a frequent flyer airline for miles at a 1:1 ratio, and you then can use those miles to redeem a flight that the cash price costs more than 1 cent per mile.

You need Chase-branded credit cards that earn the Chase Ultimate Rewards (UR) points and can directly transfer those points to Chase partners.

Complete List of Chase Ultimate Rewards Points Airline and Hotel Transfer Partners & Bonus
Transfer Chase UR Points to United For SAS Business Class
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    Chase Airline Transfer Partners

    Chase Hotel Transfer Partners

    Chase Ultimate Rewards Points Transfer Ratio & Transfer Time

    Below is how long Chase UR points typically take to transfer based on the miles and points community data points. Please note that there's no fee associated with transferring Chase UR points to their airline and hotel partners.

    The minimum UR points Chase requires for the transfer is 1,000 points. See the chart below:

    Chase Ultimate Rewards Points
    Transfer Partners

    Transfer Ratio
    (Min. 1,000 UR Points)

    Transfer Time
    (No Transfer Fees)

    Airline Transfer Partner Min. UR Points: Airline Miles
    Aer Lingus AerClub1000:1000Instant
    Air Canada Aeroplan1000:1000Instant
    Air France KLM Flying Blue1000:1000Instant
    British Airways Executive Club1000:1000Instant
    Emirates Skywards1000:1000Instant
    Iberia Plus1000:1000Instant
    JetBlue TrueBlue 1000:1000Instant
    Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer1000:1000~7 days
    Southwest Rapid Rewards1000:1000Instant
    United MileagePlus1000:1000Instant
    Virgin Atlantic Flying Club1000:1000~2 days
    Hotel Transfer Partner Min. UR Points: Hotel Points
    Hyatt World of Hyatt1000:1000Instant
    IHG One Rewards1000:1000Instant
    Marriott Bonvoy Rewards1000:1000~2 days

    Which Chase Credit Card Earns Ultimate Rewards Points?

    The following Chase credit cards earn Ultimate Rewards points. Earned UR points can be transferred directly to an airline or a hotel loyalty program that has a partnership with Chase:
    • Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card
    • Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card
    • Chase Ink Business Preferred Credit Card

    The following Chase credit cards are cashback credit cards that earn UR points also, but their points must be combined with one of the above Chase credit cards UR points to transfer points to loyalty programs:
    • Chase Freedom Card (Discontinued)
    • Chase Freedom Flex Credit Card
    • Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card
    • Chase Ink Business Cash Credit Card
    • Chase Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card

    How To Transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards Points To Partners?

    It is essential to know that transferring Chase Ultimate Rewards (UR) points to partners is a one-way street. Once the transfer is finalized, you cannot transfer airline miles or hotel points back to Chase.

    It is possible to perform Chase UR points to partners transfer online or on the phone. For online:
    • Sign in to your Chase account. 
    • On the account summary page, scroll down to the bottom until you see the Ultimate Rewards section on the right-hand side. Click Redeem rewards
    • Chase will ask you which UR card you want to use for redemption. 
    • Select the UR card that can transfer to an airline or a hotel partner, as mentioned in the "Which Chase Credit Card Earns Ultimate Rewards Points?" section. 
    • Click on where it says Earn / Use in the top section and select Transfer to Travel Partners. (See screenshot below).
    • Select the loyalty program that you want to transfer. If it is your first time transferring UR points to a specific loyalty program, Chase will prompt you to enter your loyalty program's information. 
    • Follow the web interface to indicate how many points you want to transfer. Simply follow the prompts to finalize the transfer. 

    How To Transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards Points To Partners?
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    Should You Transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards Points To Airline & Hotel Partners?

    It is crucial to remember that you cannot transfer loyalty program points back to Chase once the transfer is completed. 

    While transferring Chase Ultimate Rewards (UR) points to loyalty programs provides the best value in return, transferring UR points to hotel points (except for Hyatt) is not usually better than transferring to airline miles. Airline miles result in the best return value of points.

    The rule of thumb is to transfer only if you know you will use those miles. Use these as a guideline to help to make a decision:
    • Search and confirm the award availability of the flight that you want. 
    • Understand how that mileage program works, such as how to book, mileage expiration policy, and award cancellation/change policy in case you have to cancel. 
    • If you cancel, will you be able to use those miles later on? 

    Generally speaking, the speculative transfer can negatively impact you because you are stuck with a particular airline's frequent flyer miles and cannot use those miles. Airlines can devalue their award chart, and so can hotels, and most programs have a policy in place that those unused points can be expired.

    For what it is worth, here are my favorite Chase transfer airline partners: Air Canada Aeroplan, British Airways Executive Club, Air France KLM Flying Blue, Iberia Plus, Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer, Southwest Rapids Rewards, United MileagePlus, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club.

    Chase Ultimate Rewards Points Current & Past Transfer Bonus History

    Chase could be more stingy when offering transfer bonuses than other credit card issuers. In fact, only one transfer bonus happened in 2019, where they offered a 30% bonus when you transferred UR points to British Airways Execute Club. However, Chase is offering more transfer bonus offers from time to time now. 

    Chase Transfer Partners

    Transfer Bonus

    Offer End Date

    Air Canada Aeroplan30%November 30, 2022
    • Must be a cardholder of Chase Aeroplan Credit Card with Ultimate Rewards points.
    • Each transfer has to be a minimum of 50,000 Chase points. 
    • Maximum of 25,000 bonus points per year.
    • The 10% bonus posts within 72 hours and up to seven days. 
    • The offer is provided by Air Canada, not Chase.
    December 31, 2023
    Air France KLM Flying Blue25%May 15, 2023
    25%May 15, 2022
    British Airways Executive Club30%July 31, 2022
    30%September 26, 2021
    30%December 9, 2020
    30%June 16, 2019
    IHG One Rewards50%August 15, 2022
    60%August 31, 2020
    MARRIOTT Bonvoy50%May 15, 2023
    40%December 20, 2022
    50%August 19, 2022
    50%December 24, 2021
    50%August 31, 2021
    Southwest Rapid Rewards20%October 31, 2020
    Virgin Atlantic Flying Club30%June 15, 2023
    30%November 12, 2022
    30%June 15, 2022