Review: Delta Sky Club LAX Terminal 3 For Delta One

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Delta Sky Club at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Terminal 3 has been improved, and therefore, it looks more inviting. The lounge is also bigger, with two buffet stations, two bars, an outdoor terrace, and plenty of seats. The lounge can be busy and crowded throughout the day, but not to the point that you can’t find a seat.


Delta Sky Club at LAX is in Terminal 3. Thanks to the new Delta One check-in facility, qualified Delta One passengers can now access the lounge from checking in to clearing TSA security and arriving at the lounge all within the same facility.

Therefore, instead of locating the Delta Sky Club in Terminal 3, you may want to find Delta One’s exclusive check-in facility to make your Delta One journey more memorable.

  • First, make your way to Terminal 3.
  • Do not enter Terminal 3 if you are outside of the terminal. If you are already inside Terminal 3, do not take escalators or elevators to the check-in and gates area. That is not the Delta One check-in facility.
  • While outside of Terminal 3, keep on walking until you see the Delta One sign. See the following photo below:
Delta One at LAX Terminal 3 Location


Delta put together a list of eligibility passengers when accessing the Delta One check-in facility at LAX Terminal 3, which can also access the Delta Sky Club lounge:

  • A nonstop Delta One ticket to New York-JFK;
  • A nonstop Delta One ticket on a long-haul transoceanic flight that is 6.5 or more hours;  
  • A domestic Delta ticket in any class connecting to a same-day Delta One ticket on a long-haul transoceanic Delta flight that is 6.5 or more hours;  
  • A nonstop transoceanic ticket in First/Business Class on a SkyTeam-operated flight;  
  • A domestic ticket in any class connecting to same-day First/Business Class ticket on a transoceanic SkyTeam-operated flight or all Delta 360 members departing from LAX in any class of service on any fare traveling to any destination.
  • Customers in Delta’s VIP Select may also access Delta One at LAX, regardless of cabin. 
Delta One at LAX Entry Credentials

Delta Sky Club LAX Terminal 3 Hours

The Delta Sky Club LAX Terminal 3 opens daily from 4:15 AM to 12:30 AM.

Lounge Seats

Delta Sky Club at LAX Terminal 3 is big. Therefore, you can expect plenty of seats all across the lounge. There are various types of seats, from dining chairs to bar stools, pods, couches, hammocks, etc. Moreover, the floor-to-ceiling windows and the outdoor terrace seats make it perfect for those who want to look out and watch planes on the runway. However, because the outdoor space is an open-air terrace, aircraft noises and temperature can be bothersome. In case of chilly weather, the lounge also has outdoor heaters available.

The lounge can get busy and crowded, but finding a seat should not be impossible because of how big the lounge is. See the following lounge seat photos below:


Delta Sky Club at LAX Terminal 3 has two buffet stations and a taco bar during my lunchtime visit. There are varieties of hot and cold food, such as two types of soup, salad, cold cuts and cheese, veggies and dip, sauteed vegetables, pineapple fried rice, and Hawaiian BBQ short ribs.


All non-alcoholic drinks, such as Coke products, water, tea, and juices, are self-served. In addition, two bars are serving alcoholic beverages inside and on the terrace outside. My preference would be the terrace because of the atmosphere, especially in the evening. It reminds me of a cozy terrace bar with comfortable sofa beds and a heater to beat the low temperature at night.

However, please note that not all alcoholic drinks are complimentary. There are premium drinks and free drinks, and you can find those on the drinks menu, such as the one below:


The bathroom inside Delta Sky Club LAX Terminal 3 is good. Also, there are plenty of individual fully enclosed toilet stalls.

Shower Suites

Shower suites are also available inside Delta Sky Club LAX Terminal 3. You can reserve a shower suite through the kiosk machines and watch the waitlist by scanning the QR code on the machine or looking at the monitor by the concierge desk. You are also notified via text message when a shower suite is available. The shower suites are typically not busy, though.

Nap Rooms

Unfortunately, Delta Sky Club at LAX Terminal 3 does not have nap rooms. While there are sofa beds available outside on the terrace and long sofa seats inside, they don’t look comfortable to me for a quick nap and the lounge noise can be an issue too during busy times.

Quiet Rooms

Quiet rooms are not nap rooms. They are small and mainly are used for those who want to talk on the phone without disturbing others. I also saw some lounge guests use them to sit and watch videos on their phones.


I am quite impressed with the Delta One check-in at LAX Terminal 3, which offers a seamless experience from checking in to clearing security and arriving at the large Delta One Sky Club lounge. The lounge also offers several kinds of seating, from indoor to outdoor, two buffet stations, and two full-service bars. Overall, bravo to Delta for improving the Sky Club at LAX Terminal 3, which offers a beautiful design and good enough amenities for a domestic airport lounge.

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