Review: Amazing Delta One Check-In at LAX Terminal 3

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I had the opportunity to experience the exclusive Delta One check-in at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in Terminal 3. This is one of the best business-class check-in experiences for a U.S. airline and at a U.S. airport.

The whole Delta One check-in facility at LAX is so exclusive and impressive. It offers a personal and seamless process from checking in to clearing security and arriving at the lounge.

Where is Delta One Check-in LAX Terminal 3?

First of all, it helps to know how to get to the Delta One check-in at LAX. It can be confusing because knowing that it is in Terminal 3 is not enough information to find it. Therefore, follow the instructions below:

  • First, make your way to Terminal 3.
  • Do not enter Terminal 3 if you are outside of the terminal. If you are already inside Terminal 3, do not take escalators or elevators to the check-in and gates area. That is not the Delta One check-in facility.
  • While outside of Terminal 3, keep on walking until you see the Delta One sign, as shown in the photo below.

Who Can Access Delta One at LAX?

According to Delta, the Delta One at LAX can be accessed by the following passengers:

  • A nonstop Delta One ticket to New York-JFK;
  • A nonstop Delta One ticket on a long-haul transoceanic flight that is 6.5 or more hours;  
  • A domestic Delta ticket in any class connecting to a same-day Delta One ticket on a long-haul transoceanic Delta flight that is 6.5 or more hours;  
  • A nonstop transoceanic ticket in First/Business Class on a SkyTeam-operated flight;  
  • A domestic ticket in any class connecting to same-day First/Business Class ticket on a transoceanic SkyTeam-operated flight or all Delta 360 members departing from LAX in any class of service on any fare traveling to any destination.
  • Customers in Delta’s VIP Select may also access Delta One at LAX, regardless of cabin. 
Delta One at LAX Entry Credentials

Delta One Check-In and Security at LAX Terminal 3 Process

If it is your first time visiting the Delta One check-in facility at LAX Terminal 3, here’s the process that you can expect:

  • Make your way to Terminal 3 at LAX and locate the Delta One facility, per the instructions above.
  • Someone is standing at the door under the Delta One at LAX sign, and you need to give them your last name for your access eligibility.
  • Once you enter the facility, walk to one of the counters to check in and obtain your boarding pass if you did not check-in online. Baggage checks are available as well at the counter. Also, don’t forget the welcome warm towel handed by the staff.
  • If you have time, I recommend that you hang around the “welcome” area first, where there are comfortable seats and free wines, beers, juices, tea, water, small bites, etc., served by the staff. There’s also a wireless charger you can charge your phone.
    • The “welcome” area is small, but you should take a moment to relax and appreciate the arts and amenities offered there.
  • When you are ready, you can walk to the private TSA Security in the same facility. The process is the same as you are used to with the airport’s TSA security. You scan your boarding pass or present your photo I.D., then place your belongings on the tray through the scanner. TSA PreCheck also works there.
  • After you complete the security, you can walk to the elevator, and there will be another staff member offering you the boxed water.
  • You then take the elevator to the 4th floor, where the Delta Sky Club lounge is.
  • Enter the lounge without any more check-ins and enjoy the lounge.

How Does TSA Security at Delta One Check-In LAX Terminal 3 Work?

In case you still wonder how the TSA Security at Delta One check-in at the LAX facility works, the process is quite straightforward. The process is similar to when you go through the regular TSA security at the airport. The only difference is that the TSA security takes place at the exclusive Delta One check-in facility, and TSA agents may treat you like a VIP there. You go through scanning your photo I.D. and bags, etc., including PreCheck or not the same as you were at the regular airport security.

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