When an application goes to a pending state, that does not mean it's being approved or denied. Sometimes, if you don't want to wait to find out, you can call the reconsideration line and review the application together with a credit analyst in order to receive a decision right away. 

I am tired of searching for each credit card's reconsideration line phone number each time my credit card application goes to "pending." If you are too, feel free to bookmark this page for your reference. Any issues with these phone number, please let me know. 

Credit Card Reconsideration Line Phone Numbers
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    What is Credit Card Reconsideration Line?

    When you apply for a credit card, it is subjected to the card's issuer to approve or deny your application. After you submit your credit card application, three things can happen:
    • Instant Approved
    • Pending
    • Denied 
    If your submitted application is in "Pending" or "Denied" state, that's when you will need the credit card's reconsideration line phone number. 

    A pending application does not necessarily mean your application is denied. The bank may want to verify some information, move your credits around, etc. in order to approve you. A denied application on some circumstances can be overturned by calling the reconsideration line as well. You can ask for a manual second review and be ready to discuss about the application in more details. 

    Credit Card Application Rules By Each Bank 

    Each bank has their rules on how they approve and deny a credit card application. The obvious ones can be found here. In general, it is important to study these rules before applying for a credit cad; however, if you did not and your application was rejected, be sure to view each credit card issuer's rule and see if one of those rules is a possible reason as to why your application was rejected before calling the credit card reconsideration line below.

    American Express Reconsideration Line

    • Personal & Business 1-800-567-1083
    • You can also view your credit card's application status online

    Bank of America Reconsideration Line

    Barclay Reconsideration Line

    • Personal: 1-866-408-4064
      • Personal online application status. 
    • Business: 1-866-408-4064 (faster service) or 1-866-710-2688 (long wait, additional verification line. You may be asked to speak to this department too). See this post. 
      • Business online application status. 

    Capital One Reconsideration Line

    Capital One does not have a dedicated reconsideration line. You will need to wait until you receive the status of your application first then call. 

    If you must call, you can call this number 1-800-625-7866.

    For application status, call 1-800-933-5182 and option #3. 

    Chase Reconsideration Line

    Citi Reconsideration Line


    US Bank