How Fast Does Wyndham Rewards Credit Card’s Anniversary 15,000 Bonus Points Post?

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Wyndham Rewards Credit Cards earn 15,000 annual bonus points (a.k.a anniversary bonus points).

You may want to know when you’ll get the points so that you can plan on when to cancel the card and whether or not you can keep the points after account closure. Or you simply want to keep the card but want to know when to expect the points to hit your account. I’ll provide my data point in this post.
How Fast Does Wyndham Rewards Credit Card's Anniversary 15,000 Bonus Points Post?
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    Wyndham Rewards Credit Card’s Annual 15,000 Bonus Terms

    • Each card anniversary year, you receive 15,000 bonus Wyndham points.
    • The bonus will be added on the billing cycle date of the month after your card anniversary month
    • Allow 8-12 weeks for bonus points to be added to your Wyndham Rewards account. In practice, it does not take as long (more below).
    • Barclays and Wyndham reserve the right to cancel the offer at any time without notice. 

    When Does Wyndham Rewards Credit Card’s Anniversary 15,000 Bonus Points Post?

    I have the Wyndham Rewards Earner Business Credit Card, and each card account anniversary year, I received 15,000 bonus Wyndham points awarded in my Wyndham Rewards account. This card is a keeper for me because of the complimentary Wyndham Diamond Elite status that I can match to the Caesars Rewards program to enjoy all Caesars Rewards Diamond Elite perks, so I do not plan to close it any time soon. 
    Here’s my timeline for your reference on when the Wyndham credit card’s anniversary 15,000 bonus points post:
    • March 31 – annual fee posted 
    • April 17 – annual fee paid (my min payment due date is May 14)
    • May 20 – 15k anniversary bonus points were added to my Wyndham account, and my card account’s statement generates on May 18 every month.
    As you can see, it takes one full statement cycle to receive the 15,000-anniversary bonus from the Wyndham credit card. So if you do not pay the annual fee and wait for the bonus, you’ll be penalized for the minimum payment and interest not met. If you really want to close the card and keep the bonus, I suggest paying the minimum payment balance because Barclays does not prorate the annual fee once it’s paid after account closure. 
    This is to show that the 15,000 annual bonus on Wyndham credit cards is added on the billing cycle date of the month after your card anniversary month, per the terms mentioned above. 

    Do you lose Wyndham points if you cancel your Wyndham credit card?

    Once Wyndham points are added to your Wyndham account, they are yours to keep. Closing or canceling the Wyndham credit card will not take away your points once they are in your Wyndham account. This applies to the annual 15,000 bonus points as well. 
    A couple things that you will need to ponder are:
    • You do not receive the annual bonus until the billing cycle date of the month after your card anniversary month. Therefore, you’ll be late for the annual fee payment while avoiding paying the card’s balance and waiting for the annual bonus to be deposited in your Wyndham account, then close the card.
    • Wyndham points in your account are subject to the Wydham points expiry policies

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