How Each Caesars Rewards Diamond Benefit Work? [2023]

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  • Added data points on Caesars Rewards status not updated automatically after sending the request online. You must contact Wyndham to assist
  • Caesars Rewards Diamond can now choose to receive the $100 celebration dinner credit or a $50 Uber Eats digital gift card. 
  • New Caesars Rewards members can request an upgrade to Caesars Rewards Diamond by presenting another valid VIP loyalty card from competitors at any Caesars Rewards Center between February 1 and December 31, 2023.
  • Caesars Rewards improves complimentary Atlantis stays with extra free nights and more. See here
  • Caesars Rewards added a new $20 monthly free online sports betting benefit for members. 
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The partnership between Wyndham Rewards and Caesars Rewards offers an opportunity to match the status between the two programs. If you are a Wyndham Diamond member, you can match that status to the Caesars Rewards Diamond and vice versa. 

Alternatively, if you have another VIP loyalty card from competitors, you can request an upgrade to Caesars Rewards Diamond at any Caesars Rewards Center between February 1 and December 31, 2023.

While Wyndham Rewards Diamond does not mean much, the Caesars Rewards offers beneficial perks, especially at hotel and casino locations. 
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    • Stay at Caesars Rewards-owned hotels or play at Caesars-owned casinos to earn 15,000 tier credits. 
    • New Caesars Rewards members can request an upgrade to Caesars Rewards Diamond by presenting another valid VIP loyalty card from competitors at any Caesars Rewards Center between February 1 and December 31, 2023. Once upgraded, your Diamond status will be good through January 31, 2023
    • Match your Wyndham Rewards Diamond status to Caesars Rewards Diamond
    • Receive complimentary automatic Caesars Rewards Diamond status with the FoundersCard.

    Please Note: You must have earned Tier Status with your current loyalty program in order for your status to be matched.  Caesars Rewards will not grant status to WR members who came into the WR program from a tier match promotion with other programs or who previously had recent Caesars Rewards status that was about to expire, and vice versa.

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    Maximizing Status Match to Keep Wyndham & Caesars Rewards Diamond Status Every Year

    • Please note that starting in 2023, Caesars Rewards no longer grant status to Wyndham Rewards members that receive Wyndham Diamond status through a tier match promotion with other programs. However, if you have Wyndham Rewards Diamond status through Barclays Wyndham Rewards Earner Business Credit Card, then you are fine. 
    If you time things right, you can keep Wyndham Rewards Diamond and Caesars Rewards Diamond’s status level every year. Here’s why. 
    • When you earn the Wyndham Rewards status, the status is good through January 1 of next year.
    • When you earn the Caesars Rewards status, the status is good through January 31 of next year
    Therefore, leveraging the status match between Wyndham and Caesars Rewards can strategically keep each program’s status level yearly. Here’s how:
    If you are currently a Wyndham Rewards Diamond member:
    If you are currently a Caesars Rewards Diamond member: 

    Caesars Rewards Diamond Benefits 

    While several benefits come with Caesars Rewards Diamond status, I’m going to just list those that are worth mentioning and explain to you how each one works: 
    • No resort fee on any hotel stays where applicable
    • $100 Celebration Dinner
    • Complimentary valet & self-parking
    • Complimentary access to select shows & attractions
    • Gain access to the VIP Laurel Lounge 
    • Complimentary stay at Atlantis, Paradise Island in The Bahamas  
    • 2 free nights at Caesars Bluewaters Dubai
    • $20 monthly free online sports betting

    No Resort Fees On Hotel Stays

    If you frequent casino hotels & resorts, you know those properties love to charge resort fees and room rates. As Caesars Rewards Diamond, hotel stays have no resort fees. 
    • This benefit is valid for one room per stay per Diamond member. 
    • Resort Fees are not automatically assessed for Diamond, but such packages may be purchased upon request with Reservations or Front Desk Agent. 

    $100 Celebration Dinner 

    Here’s how the $100 Celebration Dinner works: 
    • The $100 Celebration Dinner benefit is valid from February 1 to January 31, 2023
    • You can only use the $100 Celebration Dinner credit at participating Caesars-owned restaurants. 
      • Before ordering, ask the Caesars-owned restaurant’s server to see if you can use your $100 Celebration Dinner. 
      • You can learn about participating Caesars restaurants from the Caesars Rewards desk or online here. They can provide you a list of up-to-date participating restaurants.
    • The credit can only be used towards food and beverages consumed in the restaurant, and no take-out is allowed or retail merchandise. 
      • While the term clearly states that take-out is not allowed. I could redeem the $100 Celebration Dinner at Gordon Ramsey Burger at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas for take-out because I could not get a dine-in reservation. But remember that your mileage may vary, so it is essential to ask the server before ordering. 
    • Alcohol may not be covered at some properties. 
    • Gratuity is not included in the offer, and you cannot use part of the credit for tipping. 
    • The remaining amount is forfeited if your total bill is under $100. 
    • You are responsible for paying the difference if your total bill is over $100. 

    $50 Uber Eats Digital Gift Card

    This benefit is a choice between those mentioned above $100 celebration dinner or a $50 Uber Eats gift card:
    • You must earn at least 100 tier credits to qualify for the $50 Uber Eats gift card instead of the $100 celebration dinner. 
    • If you already used the $100 celebration dinner credit, you cannot request the $50 Uber credit and vice versa. 
    • This benefit is a limited-time offer only through January 31, 2024
    • Request for the Uber gift card can be made through an online sportsbook or casino in states where the sportsbook exists. 
    • Participants who met the Benefit requirements and opted in to receive the Uber Eats benefit will have their Uber Eats digital gift card code emailed to their Caesars Sportsbook registered email address within eight (8) days after Caesars Rewards processes request and verifies the Participant’s eligibility.
    • Uber Eats gift card is not available in Canada.
    • See the updated Uber gift card benefit here.

    Complimentary Valet & Self-parking

    If you stay at Caesars Hotels and Resorts, you can receive complimentary valet and self-parking as a Diamond member. You can still get free parking if you do not stay at Caesars hotels and resorts. Simply scan your Caesars Rewards Diamond card at the parking kiosk to self-park. 

    Complimentary Access To Select Shows & Attractions

    UPDATE 2023: During our visit to the Flamingo Las Vegas, there’s a kiosk machine you insert your Caesars Rewards Diamond card and provide your PIN number (you can get/change your PIN number at the Diamond desk), and the system presents all savings, including concert and attraction tickets. The only available attraction was the LINQ Hotel & Casino’s High Roller. I am unsure if all Caesars Rewards properties have that kiosk machines. 
    • The best way to find out what shows and attractions offer free tickets to Caesars Rewards Diamond members is to stop by the Diamond desk. 
    • The diamond desk is also where you will obtain the free voucher tickets.
    They offer Bodies Exhibit and LINQ Hotel & Casino’s High Roller attraction tickets. These are subject to change, so it’s best to stop by the Diamond desk and ask. 
    We personally did the High Roller, and it was pretty cool! The ride slowly climbs up to 550 feet above the ground and offers an incredible view of the Vegas Strip. The whole ride takes approximately 30 minutes, and one adult any-time ticket costs $36, but this is free for Caesars Rewards Diamond members. 
    How Each Caesars Rewards Diamond Benefit Work?
    LINQ Hotel & Casino’s High Roller

    I stopped by the Diamond desk to request the Higher Roller voucher for 2 people. The voucher, once issued, is valid for 3 days, and you can exchange it for tickets at LINQ’s Higher Roller ticket box office to get on the ride at any time of the day.  

    Editor’s Tip: High Roller is one of the popular attractions in Las Vegas, so do expect queues when you go to exchange the voucher for tickets. But here’s a tip: when you arrive, tell the people at the door that you have a voucher given by the Caesars Rewards Diamond’s desk. They should be able to let you bypass the line and go to the box office where there’s a priority line service for Diamond guests. The agent at the ticket office’s counter will ask you to scan your Diamond card, sign the voucher and then send you e-tickets to your mobile number on file.

    How Each Caesars Rewards Diamond Benefit Work?
    Caesars Reward Diamond Priority Service Line at LINQ’s High Roller

    Gain Access to the VIP Laurel Lounge 

    Diamond members get access to the VIP Laurel Lounge. However, there’s an entry fee of $10 for Diamond members. Diamond Plus, Diamond Elite, and Seven Stars members receive complimentary access. 

    Complimentary stay at Atlantis, Paradise Island in The Bahamas

    As a Diamond member, you also receive one (1) complimentary stay at the Atlantis in the Bahamas, Caribbean. The Atlantis offers a vibrant casino, a 141-acre water park, 21 restaurants, 19 bars, lounges, the award-winning Ocean Club Golf Course, and Mandara Spa.
    Please note that members with complimentary Caesars Rewards Diamond status through the FoundersCard only qualify for this benefit once they earn the necessary Tier Credit criteria. 
    Your complimentary night stay in the Bahamas is based on the month:
    • January, May, September, and October
      • Complimentary 5-night stay in The Coral, including room taxes
      • Up to 2 additional nights at a Special Casino Rate of $100 per night
      • $150 Free Slot Play
    • February, June, August, November, and December
      • Complimentary 4-night stay in The Coral, including room taxes
      • Up to 2 additional nights at a Special Casino Rate of $100 per night
      • $100 Free Slot Play
    • March, April, and July, Holiday Periods
      • Complimentary 2-night stay in The Royal or The Coral, including room taxes
      • Up to 2 additional nights at a Special Casino Rate of $150 per night
      • No Free Slot Play
    To redeem this benefit:

    2 Free Nights at Caesars Bluewaters Dubai

    Caesars Rewards offers a complimentary 2-night benefit at Caesars Bluewaters in Dubai for Diamond and above members. Here are the terms and details of the complimentary 2-night stay:
    • Benefit only valid for earned Diamond members earning at least 15,000 Tier Credits and Seven Stars members earning at least 150,000 Tier Credits. Members with gifted or matched Diamond status, including complimentary Diamond status through the FoundersCard, only qualify once they earn the necessary Tier Credit criteria. 
    • Valid from February 1, 2022, to January 31, 2024. 
    • Must book 30 days in advance. 
    • Good for Standard Room. Room upgrades are available at an additional charge. 
    • Good for accommodation only. It does not include airfare and transportation. 
    • Breakfast or other packages are not included. 
    • A complimentary night’s stay is limited to two people, one of which must be a Caesars Rewards member. All accompanying members must be 21 years of age or older.
    • The complimentary stay must be fully completed by January 31, 2024.
    • Upon checkout, a tourism fee of AED 20 (~ USD 5) per bedroom per night will be paid at the hotel. 
    • Direct Link to the Offer
    To book your 2 free nights at Caesars Bluewaters Dubai:
    • Diamond members can conveniently book using the online form here.
    • From the Request Signature Experience drop-down, select DIAMOND- 2 Free Nights at Caesars Resorts.
    • Fill out the form and submit it.
    It is also possible for two players. If you and your spouse have Caesars Rewards Diamond status, you can book 2 nights under yourself and 2 nights under your spouse for 4 nights.
    Diamond member receives a personal greeter and wine with chocolate upon arrival. Here’s the Direct Link to the offer for more information on 2 Free Nights at Caesars Bluewaters Dubai.

    $20 Monthly Free Online Sports Betting

    Caesars Rewards added new online sports betting benefits for members, and Caesars Rewards Diamond members receive $20 each month for the following monthly free bets:
    • Monthly Free Bet through Caesars Sportsbook / Sportsbook & Casino – Online
      • Extra Free Bet during Birthday Month
      • Available in AZ, CO, IA, IL, IN, LA, MI, NJ, NY, TN, VA, WV
    • Monthly Free Online Bet Credit through Caesars Sportsbook by William Hill – Online
      • Extra Free Online Bet Credit during Birthday Month
      • Available in DC and NV only. 
    • Direct Link to the Benefit

    15 thoughts on “How Each Caesars Rewards Diamond Benefit Work? [2023]

    1. Hi, thanks for this post. Just wondering, is the 2 Free Nights at Caesars Bluewaters Dubai benefit only for those who earned Diamond status? And not those who status-matched?

    2. Hello there. All Caesars Rewards Diamond elite members receive the 2 Free Nights at Caesars Bluewaters Dubai benefit. The benefit applies to those that status match as well.

    3. Can you confirm? As in there T&C, it states "2 Benefit only valid for earned Tier Status (Diamond members earning at least 15,000 Tier Credits in 2021 or at least 12,000 Tier Credits in 2020 and Seven Stars members earning at least 150,000 Tier Credits in 2021 or 125,000 Tier Credits in 2020); members with gifted or matched Tier Status do not qualify until the earn the necessary Tier Credit criteria. Members can book ONE Dubai benefit stay per benefit year (February 1 – January 31, annually). Airfare and other expenses not included. Additional restrictions apply. "

    4. You are right! It appears that the Dubai free nights official benefit term now excludes the matched Caesars Rewards Diamond status members. This exact same wording exclusion has always been the case for those that earn automatic Diamond status through the FoundersCard too. Thanks for bringing this up to my attention. I Will update any related posts accordingly.

    5. I'll have two complimentary tickets to Linq with Diamond status. I'm traveling alone. Can I go on two separate occasions or do both tickets need to be used at once.

    6. Hi, wondering if the high roller tickets benefits are for diamond member or diamond plus? Also, can I get both the high roller tickets and the bodies exhibit tickets? Thanks!

    7. Hello, the high roller is for diamond members and yes you can do both. Stop by the front desk and get your tickets and more information.

    8. Thank you for the great info here. I just got the Wyndham Business Earner card recently and I was curious if the status transfer to Caesars earned you Diamond status or Diamond Elite? I noticed in different parts of the post you reference both so I'm confused how which one I should get with my match. Would love if its the Diamond Elite 🙂

    9. MM, you will receive the Caesars Rewards Diamond status, not the Diamond Elite status. I updated this post to remove the "Elite" word that causes the confusion. Thanks for the feedback, and congrats on the Wyndham Business Earner Card!

    10. Hello, I am Seven Stars and going on the Caesars retreat in Vegas soon. I am just wondering what perks will be available if you know? Is there a way to know before I get there and swipe at the kiosk? Wondering about the shows, attractions, etc.
      There will be three of us going in total for four or five nights. We are thinking of staying at Paris or Caesars Palace. Do you have any insights on those hotels or any others? Looking for a nice room for the three of us obviously as well.

      Thank you for your time!

    11. Hello, you can check out all the benefits for Seven Stars here:

      For the shows and attractions, I know the LINQ Hotel & Casino's High Roller attraction has always been on the list. It really depends on what and who is performing at the time for shows and concert tickets. Last we went in June 2023, discounted Keith Urban concert tickets were one of the offers. So yes, it's best to stop by the Caesars Rewards desk or the kiosk to check out the most up-to-date information on current show and attraction tickets.

      I personally prefer Caesars Palace but it's more expensive than Paris for sure.

    12. Just so you're aware. Diamond tier only allows you access to their lounges, there's a $10 fee also. If you get to Diamond Plus or higher, the fee is waived.

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