How to Use Hyatt Points Calendar To Search For World of Hyatt Peak & Off-Peak Award Pricing [2023]

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Hyatt has finally rolled out Standard, Peak, and Off-Peak award stays. With that also comes a Points Calendar that allows the World of Hyatt members to see which date is peak and off-peak, along with the amount of Hyatt points required for an award stay. 

While Hyatt’s Points Calendar is beneficial to determine the peak and off-peak night at a particular Hyatt property, it does not reflect award availability. You still have to manually search for specific dates to check the availability using World of Hyatt points. But one step at a time, this Points Calendar is definitely a good addition to Hyatt’s award reservation system.
World of Hyatt Points Calendar
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    According to the Hyatt news release: Beginning in 2024, Hyatt will integrate with Sabre to enhance the reservation system that offers World of Hyatt members the following capabilities:
    • Flexible calendar search – Guests searching for availability will have a more intuitive and efficient calendar view, including key dates when special promotions are available and when World of Hyatt members can redeem their points for the highest value.
    • Enhanced rooms and rates view – Hotels will be able to quickly synchronize reservation modifications, enabling guests and colleagues to access newly available rooms in real time. Hotels will also be able to share dynamic packages allowing guests to individually customize aspects of their stay.
    • Efficient booking – The platform is designed to simplify the booking process by unlocking the best rates for our guests through advance purchase rates and streamlining the processing for hotel colleagues.
    • Direct Link to the Hyatt’s Official News Release

    World of Hyatt Peak & Off-Peak Award Pricing

    On October 26, 2021, Hyatt officially rolled out Standard, Peak, and Off-Peak award pricing. Here are a few things to note:
    • Hyatt still has an award chart based on the category 1 through 8. 
    • Hyatt’s Peak & Off-Peak award chart applies to all free night redemptions for standard rooms, standard suites, premium suites, club rooms, points + cash, all-inclusive resorts, and Miraval resorts. 
    • Hyatt’s Peak & Off-Peak award chart is pre-determined by Hyatt up to the allowed booking window, which is 395 days or 13 months in advance. This means that unless unique circumstances occur, Hyatt will not adjust free night redemptions again after they are available for booking 13 months in advance. 
    • Hyatt Free Night Award is valid for redemption at Category 1-4 and Category 1-7 Hyatt hotels and resorts worldwide can still be used for that specific category property even during the peak date. This is good news and creates more value for those Hyatt free night award certificates. 
    • Hyatt also introduced a Points Calendar to help you easily see which dates are peak and off-peak. 

    World of Hyatt Points Calendar

    Hyatt rolled out the Points Calendar feature to help the World of Hyatt members determine which dates are Standard, Peak, and Off-Peak at a particular Hyatt property. While this is a good feature when searching for an award stay, remember that it does not show whether the property is available for the dates you want to book using your Hyatt points. You must still search for a specific date manually to check for availability. 
    Hyatt’s Points Calendar features the following:
    • The Points Calendar shows which dates are Standard, Peak, and Off-Peak, along with the amount of Hyatt points required for redemption. 
    • The Points Calendar is pre-loaded with Standard, Peak, and Off-Peak dates up to 395 days or 13 months in advance. You can check one month at a time. 
    • Currently, you cannot use the Points Calendar to check award availability. You still need to manually perform your usual search to check award availability for a specific date you want to book. 
    • The Points Calendar is not a cash rate calendar. You cannot use it to check for Hyatt’s cheap rates for a particular property. 

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    How to Use Hyatt Points Calendar To Search For World of Hyatt Standard, Peak & Off-Peak Award Pricing?

    Searching for World of Hyatt Standard, Peak, and Off-Peak award pricing using Hyatt’s Points Calendar is not complicated. Follow the following steps:
    • Go to
    • Provide your search parameters and then click the Find Hotels button.
    • Choose a Hyatt property you are interested in and click the View Rates button.
    • After loading the page, you can find the Points Calendar under the hotel’s information below the Visit Hotel Website link. See the screenshot below. 
    • On the calendar, you can view Standard, Peak, and Off-Peak dates, one month at a time. You can also use the drop-down menu on the top to see the Peak & Off-Peak rates for other than just the Standard Room, such as the Standard Suite, Regency/Grand Club rooms, etc. 
    Location of the Hyatt’s Points Calendar
    Hyatt’s Points Calendar

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