Review: THE LOFT Lounge by Brussels Airlines and Lexus

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During my layover at Brussels Airport in Belgium, I checked out the Brussels Airlines Business Class Lounge in A Concourse, Schengen area. This business-class lounge, known as THE LOFT, is unique because it’s also connected to the Lexus lounge, and guests can freely go between the two lounges and enjoy all the amenities each lounge offers. I seriously enjoyed my visit to both lounges, especially the Lexus lounge.


The Loft by Brussels Airlines and Lexus Lounge is a Business Class Lounge for Brussels Airlines located in the Schengen area, Concourse A, across from Gate 42. You take the escalator up to the lounge entrance upon arrival.


There are two lounge receptionists at the front desk, one for the Brussels Airlines business class lounge and another one for the Lexus lounge. They are essentially the same. In other words, if you can access one lounge, you can enjoy all the amenities each lounge offers.

I was flying business class from Brussels to Prague with Brussels Airlines, so I could scan the boarding pass and enter.


  • The Loft opens from 05:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
  • The closing time may vary depending on the last flight.


Because Brussels Airlines Business Class Lounge and Lexus Lounge are connected, several seats are available throughout both lounges. There are tons of seats in both lounges combined. So, together, they form THE LOFT, offering a considerable airport lounge space with several seats for lounge guests.

However, no seats overlook the runway, only the airport terminal.

Furthermore, there are additional seats for Miles & More Hon Circle Members in a specific area. So, if you are an elite Miles & More program member, you can undoubtedly access that area within the Business Class Lounge side.


Both Brussels Business Class and Lexus lounges have a buffet food station. The food served was almost identical when I was there, but the Business Class Lounge side has more varieties. Either way, check out and sample the buffet food on both sides!


You’ll find the drinks station at the Brussels Airlines Business Class Lounge. It offers alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. See the picture below. However, there’s no bar or bartender. You self-serve and can drink as much as you want.

Review: THE LOFT Lounge by Brussels Airlines and Lexus
Lexus Lounge’s Beverages Station


Each lounge has a bathroom inside the lounge. The toilet stall doors are also tall, offering privacy. But if I had to pick, I’d pick the bathroom in the Lexus Lounge side.

The Business Class Lounge also has one accessible toilet by the lockers area.


The Lexus Lounge has a spa area called GROHE Spa. The spa is a facility that offers various amenities such as nap rooms, shower suites, massage chairs, and bathrooms.

Shower Suites

Only the Lexus lounge has Shower Suites, and quite a few exist. You need a key code to open and use the shower room.

Nap Rooms

Both lounges have nap rooms. The nap rooms inside the Business Class Lounge are in a shared room.

On the other hand, the nap rooms at the Lexus Lounge side are individual, so they offer better privacy and quiet.

Massage Chairs

Suppose you have a long layover at Brussels Airport before connecting to another Schengen destination. In that case, you should ensure you get a massage chair inside the Lexus Lounge because only four units are there. The massage chair is a fully functional massage system with full-body massage settings.


I stumbled upon the Lexus Lounge at Brussels Airport when trying to find the Brussels Airlines Business Class Lounge. The two lounges are connected and form a single name called THE LOFT. All guests can move freely between the two lounges and enjoy all the facilities and amenities each lounge has.

I prefer the Lexus Lounge over the Brussels Airlines Business Class Lounge side. Ultimately, the Lexus Lounge offers better amenities such as individually private nap rooms, shower suites, and massage chairs. Regardless, I recommend checking out both—no wonder the lounge prides itself as Europe’s leading airline lounge nominee.

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