How Does $300 Gravity Haus Credit Work With Capital One Venture Credit Cards? [2022]

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Capital One partners with Gravity Haus to offer Venture cardholders exclusive benefits and experiences along with a $300 annual credit towards Gravity Haus yearly membership

In my honest opinion, unless you are already a Gravity Haus member or you can see yourself frequently visiting one of the few Gravity Haus destinations, this Capital One’s $300 credit will not be beneficial to you. Here are the details. 
How Does $300 Gravity Haus Credit Work With Capital One Venture Credit Cards?
Photo: Telluride, Colorado
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    What is Gravity Haus?

    Gravity Haus is a fee-based membership for outdoor adventurers. It provides a sense of community that focuses on an active lifestyle, outdoor sports, health and wellness, and personal growth. Moreover, it also offers accommodation hotels and resorts in select destinations that mainly focus on outdoor activities. 

    Gravity Haus Locations

    Currently, Gravity Haus has three (3) prime locations in Colorado:
    Gravity Haus also partners with additional five (5) hotels and resorts locations:

    How Much Does Gravity Haus Membership Cost?

    The Gravity Haus membership is not free, and it is not cheap either. Different monthly price points are based on the membership tier, individual, or family plan you choose.
    Here’s the monthly membership price after receiving the Capital One Venture’s $300 credit:
      • Individual: $45 per month
      • Family: N/A
      • Individual $75 per month
      • Family: $175 per month
    • LOCAL
      • Winter Park/Denver/Truckee-Tahoe: $105 per month for an individual, or $235 per month for family
      • Breckenridge: $115 per month for an individual, or $255 per month for family
      • Vail: $125 per month for an individual, or $275 per month for family
    • ALL-IN
      • Individual: $175 per month
      • Family: $175 per month
    As you can see, even after you receive the $300 annual credit from Capital One towards the Gravity Haus yearly membership fee, you will still need to spend money out of your pocket starting at $45 per month and go as high as $175 per month. This is why this benefit really does not mean much to me, but for those of you that already have a membership or you are looking to visit and spend more time at Gravity Haus locations, then this benefit may help lower your overall Gravity Haus membership cost. 

    Gravity Haus Membership Benefits

    The benefits you receive as a Gravity Haus member varies from each location, but in general, you will get the following membership benefits:
    • Up to 50% savings on Gravity Haus hotel stays, including partner hotels.
    • Complimentary fitness classes.
    • Complimentary day access to property amenities and facilities such as hot tubs, super-trampoline, co-working facilities, and member lounges. 
    • Discounts for spa services, food, and beverages before 3pm each visit.
    • Unlimited gear subscription with Haus Guiver gives you access to brands and outdoor requirements such as skis, snowboards, paddle sports, bikes, camping gear, and more. 
    • More Information

    How Does Capital One Venture Card’s $300 Gravity Haus Credit Work?

    The way the Capital One Venture credit card’s $300 credit works with Gravity Haus membership is very straightforward:
    • There’s no enrollment needed. 
    • You simply pay for Gravity Haus’s annual membership with your eligible Capital One Venture credit card through the dedicated partnership site. 
    • There will be no $300 statement credits issued. 
    • This partnership is scheduled to end on January 9, 2024.
      • So make sure to set a reminder if you do not wish to continue after the scheduled end date. 
    • See how to use the credit section below for more information. 

    Which Capital One Credit Card is Eligible For Gravity Haus $300 Credit?

    All three (3) Capital One Venture credit cards are eligible:
    • Capital One VentureOne Credit Card
    • Capital One Venture Credit Card
    • Capital One Venture X Credit Card

    Using $300 Gravity Haus Credit With Capital One Venture Credit Cards

    To use the $300 Gravity Haus credit benefit is very straightforward. 
    • Go to Capital One and Gravity Haus’s dedicated partnership website to sign up for the Gravity Haus annual membership. 
      • The membership fee on the page already has Capital One’s $300 credit applied. 
    • Complete the sign-up form and pay for Gravity Haus membership with your eligible Capital One Venture credit card. 
    • There will be no $300 statement credits issued because the membership fee already reflects the $300 credit savings over the course of 12 months membership plan.

    Maximizing $300 Gravity Haus Credit With Capital One Venture Credit Cards

    Once you are convinced to sign-up for the Gravity Haus membership, here are a few ideas to maximize your expenses with Gravity Haus:

    Earn 10X Capital One Miles On Gravity Haus Bookings With Capital One Venture X Card

    Capital One Venture X Credit Card gives you 10X miles on Gravity Haus stays booked through the Capital One Travel portal. 

    Check Out Gravity Haus Hotel Special Offers 

    Gravity Haus has its own dedicated portal that lists special offers from time to time. 
    For example, currently, they offer up to 2 Free Nights at Cedar House Truckee-Tahoe in California when you join Gravity Haus this January month. 

    Check Out Venture X Haus Events

    • February 11-13 and February 18-21, 2022

    Per Capital One: Steps outside of Gravity Haus Breckenridge and the Quicksilver lift, Capital One cardholders can visit the complimentary Venture X Haus. Unwind in après ski style with bites prepared by Coloradan James Beard-nominated chefs, drink pairings, and more. The Venture X Haus will be open Feb. 11 – 13 and Feb. 18 – 21, 2022 on the Peak 9 Plaza, next to Cabin Juice in Breckenridge.

    Take Advantage of Cardholder Exclusive Gravity Haus Experiences

    The partnership between Capital One and Gravity Haus also allows cardholders to enjoy Gravity Haus curated outdoor experiences from backcountry skiing to mountain bike excursions and more. You can check out available exclusive experiences here

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