The Best 9 Ways to Use Alaska Miles in 2024

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Alaska Airlines announced some significant changes for Mileage Plan miles redemptions that will go live in March 2024. Award redemptions will be based on the distance and region throughout the Mileage Plan program.

Therefore, I thought it’d be good to put together some best uses of Alaska Airlines miles when the distance-based award chart goes live in 2024. Let’s get to it.

9 Best Ways to Use Your Alaska Mileage Plan Miles

Fly American Airlines Economy Between Miami and the Caribbean from 4,500 Miles

American Airlines has quite a few short-haul flights from Miami to the Caribbean. For example, Miami to Grand Cayman (GCM) falls under 700 miles in distance, so a one-way economy flight requires only 4,500 Alaska miles. Any flights over 701 distance miles will require only 7,500 miles one-way. Check out AA’s flights to the Caribbean routes here.

Fly Iceland Air Premium Economy Between the U.S. and Iceland from 30,000 Miles

Iceland Air’s “Business Class” is a reclining seat that you find on most domestic airlines’ premium class. As a result, Alaska Airlines has made an improvement change to the award chart by pricing Iceland Air’s previous Business Class redemption based on Premium Economy. Therefore, the U.S. to Reykjavík one-way now requires only 30,000 to 35,000 Alaska miles, based on the distance. For comparison, the previous redemption requires 55,000 Alaska miles one-way.

Fly Aer Lingus Business Class Between the East Coast and Ireland from 45,000 Miles

East coast to Dublin, Ireland, will require 45,000 Alakas miles one-way in Aer Lingus Business Class. On the other hand, the West Coast to Dublin will require 55,000 Alaska miles one-way because of the distance. Still, the redemption rate is quite competitive, considering Aer Lingus wants 62,500 miles from the West Coast to Ireland for their Business Class off-peak redemption.

Fly Singapore Airlines Business Class Between Houston and Manchester or New York and Frankfurt at 55,000 Miles

Singapore Airlines’ fifth freedom routes, such as Houston to Manchester and New York JFK to Frankfurt, require only 55,000 Alaska miles one-way in Business Class. From there, you can connect to more destinations in Europe.

Fly Air Tahiti Nui Business Class Between Los Angeles and New Zealand at 75,000 Miles

The flight between Los Angeles and Auckland requires a stop in Tahiti with Air Tahiti Nui. The total flight distance is below 7,000 miles, so a one-way Business Class redemption ticket is 75,000 Alaska Miles. Remember, you can also have a free stopover in Tahiti with Alaska Airlines without incurring additional miles.

Fly Qatar Airways QSuite Between the East Coast and Doha from 70,000 Miles

Qatar Airways QSuite is one of the best Business Class, and you can also experience it between the East Coast and Doha one-way for a competitive 70,000 Alaska Miles redemption.

Fly STARLUX Business Class Between Taipei and South East Asia at 15,000 Miles

Alaska Airlines’ Asia continent award chart has a few merits for short-haul flights. One of them is the direct Business Class flights between East Asia and South East Asia that offer you more time in the air. For instance, Starlux Business Class between Taipei and Saigon only requires 15,000 miles one-way.

Maximize Miles with Alaska Airlines’ Complimentary Award Stopover

Alaska Airlines’ 2024 award chart does not change the generous stopover policy. Therefore, you can maximize your Alaska Mileage Plan by including a free stopover before reaching a destination without incurring additional miles.

Mix Multiple Airlines for Award Ticket Redemptions

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan will allow you to mix multiple partners on a single one-way award ticket. Therefore, you are not limited to only Alaska Airlines plus one partner airline anymore. This will make the award routings more available for redemption.

Alaska Airlines Mileage Chart 2024

Starting March 2024, the Alaska Airlines mileage chart will have three (3) award charts: Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe, Middle East & Africa. Redemptions will be based on the region and distance flown.

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