2019 Radisson Rewards Hotels and Resorts Category Changes

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Radisson Rewards has released a list of hotels and resorts that go up and down on points for this year 2019. The new categories will take effect for any bookings made on or after March 1, 2019.

Each year, hotel programs make changes to their property category for award redemption. Some hotels and resorts property go up on points and some go down on points. When that happens, I like to look at the properties that go down on category for an opportunity to redeem lesser points, and then be strategic about the ones that go up on category to lock in lesser points redemption prior to the change deadline.

Radisson Blu Resort Fiji in Denarau Island Will Go Up To Category 7 on March 1st

On the list, one of the properties that I am sad to see it goes up a category is the Radisson Blu Beke Hotel, Budapest. This property is currently a category 2  that requires 15,000 points per night, but will go up to category 3 that requires 28,000 points per night on March 1st.

The Radisson Blu Resort Fiji in Denarau Island also moves up a category from 6 to 7. This resort will cost 70,000 points per night starting on March 1st. I had a chance to stay at that resort a few years ago and I really enjoyed my stays.

On another hand, Radisson RED Minneapolis downtown and Radisson Blu Minneapolis downtown will go down one category. In my opinion, those two properties are overrated anyway. I am glad they go down one category, but still not great.

Radisson RED Minneapolis Downtown Minnesota 6 5 44,000
Radisson Blu Minneapolis Downtown Minnesota 7 6 50,000

A few hotels in Dubai and Turkey go down a category that might be worth looking into, and so are the ones in Brazil.

Brian Cohen at the The Gate has put together a nice useful list with color text that represents points increase and points decrease properties.

For the official 2019 Radisson Rewards category changes list, go here.

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