Review: SWISS Business Lounge A at Zurich Airport

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During my layover at the Zurich International Airport (ZRH) after my Swiss Business Class flight from Chicago to Zurich, I checked out the Swiss business class lounge in Terminal A. The Swiss Senator lounge is next door, but my business class boarding pass can only access the business lounge side.

Swiss Business Class Lounge A offers quite good amenities, better than I expected, such as front live cooking and a silent area.


There are quite a few Swiss Air lounges at Zurich Airport. However, the Swiss Air business class lounge that I went to is located in Terminal A, within the Schengen area.


I could access the Swiss Business Lounge A, Schengen area, with my business class boarding pass ticket by scanning it at the lounge entrance.

It’s worth noting that you may see the Swiss Senator Lounge next door first but you cannot access that lounge if you have only the Swiss Air Business Class boarding pass.


There are plenty of seats inside the Swiss Business Class Lounge A. The seating design puts every guest inside a “rectangle” shape area, and there are also a few more seats in the back. Moreover, the seats are by the buffet area.

There’s a lower and an upper level, but no escalator or elevator, stairs only. Each level is not too high, just a few stair steps to climb. It may be incovenient if you have heavy suitcases or have mobility issues. The lowest level has a few seatings but if you want to grab something to eat and drink, you must go to the second level.

The highlight of the Swiss Business Class Lounge A for me is the third level, which is the silent area. The main second level is quite busy and can be noisy. The third level is quiet and has additional lounging chairs and a few reclining chairs using your body weight. I spent time there after enjoying the buffet food.


Swiss Business Lounge A serves buffet-style food with live cooking. The food looks good and you can see the cooks making the food. You can also enjoy dishes that the cook is working on and serving after he’s done.

There’s also a Movenpick ice cream available.


Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are available. You make your drinks, all unlimited and complimentary for lounge guests.


The bathroom is inside the lounge but small. However, the toilet stalls are fully enclosed.

Shower Suites


Sleeping Rooms

There are no nap rooms inside the Swiss Business Class Lounge, but you can find a few decent reclining chairs in the silent area on the third level to rest and relax. There are also comfortable couches and sofas in the silent area.

Smoking Area

It’s Europe, so a smoking area is needed. Swiss Business Lounge A has an outdoor smoking area if needed.


Swiss Business Class Lounge A does not have its own internet Wi-Fi. Instead, you find the machine by the door to the smoking zone and scan your boarding pass to get a Wi-Fi code. You connect to Zurich airport’s Wi-Fi and provide the code when prompted.


I’m impressed with the Swiss Business Lounge A at Zurich International Airport, mainly the silent area and live cooking buffet. On the other hand, I dislike the lounge has stairs to get from one level to the other. But overall, the Swiss Business Lounge A is adequate for a quick, enjoyable layover in Zurich within the Schengen area.

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