Purchase 10,000 Best Western Rewards Points for $90 Up to 30,000 Rewards Points for $271 at 9 Cents Apiece

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Best Western points cannot be purchased online. The cheapest points purchase that we have ever seen is during the once a year US Travel Association’s Daily Getaways that you can purchase Best Wester points at 55 cents a piece. Currently, there’s a 10% saving opportunity to buy Best Western points to top up you account up to 30,000 Best Western rewards points.

If you have a Chase credit card, it’s worth looking at the current Chase Offers to see if you have an offer for “10% back at Best Western” promotion. You can find Chase Offers from your Chase Mobile App.

The details of the offer is: Stay at any Best Western, Best Western Plus or Best Western Premier hotels this summer and earn 10% back with a $29 back maximum, when you spend $100 or more.

How to purchase Best Western points

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    How to Purchase Best Western Rewards Points?

    Best Western Rewards Points cannot be purchased online. To purchase, you must call Best Western Rewards phone number at 1-800-237-8483. Follow the prompt to get to the Best Western Rewards department (#2 option).

    You simply let the agent know that you’d like to purchase Best Western points. The agent may ask if you have any reservation in mind, simply say no as you are not required to have a reservation to purchase points. The agent will verify your Best Western information based on the phone number you call. After the verification process, the agent will manually enter some data and then ask you for your credit card information. Once the purchase process is successfully completed, the agent adds the points instantly into your Best Western account.

    Purchase Best Western Rewards Points With Chase Offer

    First, you need to make sure that one of your Chase credit card has the Best Western offer available. After that, you can add the offer to the card and then call up Best Western (phone number provided above) to purchase points using the credit card that the offer was added to. It’s important to know that the offer is valid one time only once it’s added to the credit card. So you have to decide how many points you’d like to purchase as you cannot make multiple transactions and receive 10% statement credit back each time. The maximum is $29 back and you must spend at least $100.

    Chase Best Western Offer

    Upon looking at my Chase statement, the purchase transaction shows Best Western Hotels & Resort which makes the transaction qualifies for the Chase Offer, and since the transaction is also classified as Travel, I also earned 3 Chase Ultimate Rewards points per dollar on top of that as the offer was available on my Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card.

    Chase Best Western Offer
    Purchase Best Western Points Transaction
    Chase Best Western Offer
    10% Statement Credit Back

    Cost and Maximum Best Western Rewards Points Purchase?

    1,000 points for $10 (maximum of 20,000 points per transaction U.S. and Canadian residents only.) You may be able to buy 500 points for $5 as well. All with no tax and fees. For instance, if you purchase 10,000 Best Western points, you pay $100 as seen on my screenshot above.

    Can You Get Refund from Best Western Points Purchase?

    Yes – Best Western is very generous to allow members that change their mind about purchasing the points to get a refund back. No administration fees nothing.

    Do Best Western Points Expire?


    Is It Worth Buying Best Western Points?

    Best Western properties are not quite as aspiring as other hotel chains such as Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, etc. however, there are some values to have with Best Western. Last year, they had a promotion that members can redeem a free night’s stay at any Best Western-branded property in North America for only 10,000 points. So using it at a nice Best Western properties in North America was a good deal as those properties can cost much more than 10,000 points.

    It is important to know that if you want to purchase points during that kind of points stay promotion, Best Western system is set up in a way that it recognizes that the promotion is going on and thus won’t allow you to purchase points during that time.

    Another instance to consider buying Best Western points is to top up your Best Western account to redeem a free stay at an aspiring property or during special events when the room’s rate is high. See How Using Points Saves Money On Hotels For Special Events & Concerts


    The bottom line is, if you are looking to purchase Best Western points now at a discounted rate, you can utilize Chase offer to save 10% by purchasing 10,000 points for $90 or 30,000 points for $279 (9 cents a piece) without staying. Keep in mind that, the Best Western Chase offer is valid one time only once it’s added to the credit card. So you have to decide how many points you’d like to purchase as you cannot make multiple transactions and receive 10% back each time.

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