How Does IHG Fourth Reward Night Free Benefit Work?


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How Does IHG Fourth Reward Night Free Benefit Work?

  • IHG 4th reward night free is a true 4th night free. This is great to beat IHG's new dynamic award pricing model. See below for more information. 

Chase IHG Traveler Credit Card and Chase IHG Premier Credit Card offer 4th IHG Reward Night FreeChase IHG Premier Credit Card has an $89 annual fee and Chase IHG Traveler Credit Card does not have an annual fee. This makes the Traveler card a better option if you are only after the 4th IHG Reward Night Free benefit. 

For a full comparison on these IHG credit cards, see this post

IHG Fourth Reward Night Free
Holiday Inn Resort Aruba-Beach Resort & Casino

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    How does the 4th reward night free benefit work?

    When you redeem points for any stay of 4 or more nights, your 4th night is free. Once this benefit applies to your IHG Hotels and Resorts account, whenever you make an award booking for at least 4 nights, you will see that you are only paying for 3 nights with points. The number of points will be shown on the final page before you confirm the reservation.

    For example, an IHG property requires 30,000 points per night and you book 4 nights there. Instead of redeeming 120,000 points for the whole 4 nights, you only redeem 90,000 points. That's a saving of 30,000 points!

    IHG 4th Reward Night Free

    How long does it take to see the 4th reward night free benefit after approval of the IHG Credit Card?

    After you are approved for the Chase IHG Premier Credit Card or Chase IHG Traveler Credit Card, you need to allow some time for the 4th reward night free benefit to apply to your IHG Hotels and Resorts account first. In my case, it took around 8 days. So I am inclined to say that, it takes around a week or so. You don't have to receive and activate your card before this benefit kicks in. See my timeline below:
    • Applied online and approved for Chase IHG Premier Credit Card on October 20th. 
    • Was able to book the 4th reward night free on October 28th. 

    Do you have to have enough points for 4 nights to use the 4th reward night free benefit? 

    No. As long as you have enough points for 3 nights, you are good to go.

    Can you use the 4th reward night free benefit on points and cash booking?

    Unfortunately - No!

    Does the 4th reward night free benefit work on IHG PointBreaks properties?

    [UPDATE] Unfortunately, IHG has discontinued PointsBreaks promotion. 
    Yes. See this post.

    Can you stack the 4th reward night free with the old discontinued IHG Select Card 10% points rebate? 

    Yes. Although the Chase IHG Rewards Club Select Credit Card is no longer available for new applicants, Chase treats the new Chase IHG Premier Credit Card and Chase IHG Traveler Credit Card as new products and allows previous IHG Select Cardholders to keep the old Select Card that offers a 10% points rebate on award bookings. Therefore, you can have both old and new Chase IHG Credit Cards and can stack the 4th reward night free benefit along with the 10% points rebate. 

    How does the 4th reward night free benefit work with IHG's dynamic award pricing? 

    IHG Rewards program uses a dynamic award pricing model. So each IHG Hotels and Resorts property now requires variable points per night based on travel dates. There are a couple things when it comes to the 4th IHG Reward Night Free benefit and dynamic award pricing:
    • 4th reward night not always free: In some cases, the number of points for the 4th IHG Reward Night Free benefit may be more than you were to book 1, 2, or 3 days at a time due to dynamic award pricing. So be sure to do the comparison. 
    • 4th reward night is truly free: The 4th IHG Reward Night Free benefit is a true 4th night free. IHG does not average total points based on 4 nights but rather waives the cost of every 4th night. This can be super beneficial if your 4th night requires much more points. 

    IHG 4th Night Free Benefit
    IHG 4th reward night is a true 4th night free

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    Anonymous said…
    if i'm not getting the 10% back, who do i contact to remedy this?
    PL said…
    Check with IHG first. You can use IHG live chat if you don’t want to call.
    Tai said…
    Does this benefit still exist? I am checking the Crown Plaza Hong Causeway Bay Hong Kong and the fourth night free doesn't show.
    PL said…
    TAI, I just did a dummy booking for that property in February 2021 for 4 nights on rewards stay and the 4th night free shows correctly. If you continue having problems with this, I would suggest you reach out to IHG. You can use IHG live chat if you don’t want to call.
    Unknown said…
    Thanks for the article. I have a question regarding the fourth night free. I’m looking at a hotel that has reward nights available for three nights, but no reward night available on the fourth night. In this case would this work? Many times, it’s hard to find four consecutive reward nights available. Thanks!
    PL said…
    Hi there, for the 4th reward night free to work, all 4 nights unfortunately have to have standard availability, all on points. Which property is this if you don't mind me asking? You can use IHG calendar to help figuring it out if your dates are flexible.
    Anonymous said…
    Thanks for the feedback. I’m looking to stay in Taipei at the Indigo from March 2-6. I have the old IHG card and applied and got approved with the Premier Card this weekend. Do I have to do anything to link this to my IHG account or set the new card as default? Or will the benefit automatically kick in a few days later? Thanks for your posts and advice!
    PL said…
    No need to link your card or anything. As long as when you applied for the card, had your IHG rewards number entered, the benefit will automatically kick in.
    can you combine annual free night certificates with points to get the 4th night free?
    what about combining annual certs from 3 different accounts into 1 reservation to get the 4th night free?
    PL said…
    Unfortunately it’s not possible to combine free night certs with points to get the 4th night free. In order to get that benefit, you have to book all 100% on points. If you are short on points, you can buy more IHG points or points pooling from different IHG accounts but they are not free.
    robosmith said…
    If you downgrade the Chase IHG Premier Credit Card to the Chase IHG Traveler Credit Card, can you still get the 4th night and annual free bonus night? I already booked my reservation getting both, but my Chase IHG Premier Credit Card is due for renewal soon and I'd rather not renew it.
    PL said…
    Hi robosmith, if you downgrade Chase IHG Premier Credit Card to IHG Traveler Card, you can still get the 4th-night free benefit because the Traveler Card has that benefit too. However, that card does not have an annual free night benefit.

    If you already received your annual free night through Premier card, yes you can keep that free night certificate and use it through its expiration date.

    I also understand that you'd like to close your Premier card down the road, may I suggest that you wait until your annual free night posted to your IHG account first, then close the card? Chase posts the free night to the IHG account pretty fast. Also, check if there's any retention offers available too when you call Chase to close your Premier card. Good luck!
    robosmith said…
    I already booked a reservation with the anniversary free night which was awarded June 15th, so it seems that means downgrading the Premier card will not void that?
    PL said…
    Hi again Robosmith, that’s correct!
    robosmith said…
    I had a reservation at an IHG hotel in DC from 2 months ago and then they abruptly cancelled it saying the hotel is closed for COVID. When I tried to book at a different hotel nearby, I didn't have enough points for the 3 days, but they offered cash + pts of $42/night and booked the 4th night free. Reading about the transaction, it indicates I have purchased enough points with that cash to meet the points requirement. Is there a chance that downgrading the Premier card will affect that?
    PL said…
    No, downgrading your card will only affect the benefits of that particular card that you would have received for being a card member. The good news is IHG Traveler card has the 4th night reward free benefit too.