The VIP Lounge Review at Aruba Queen Beatrix International Airport (AUA) For Priority Pass Members

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The International VIP Lounge at the Aruba airport (AUA) is located in the USA terminal after immigration and security. The lounge accepts Priority Pass membership which means that you can use your Priority Pass membership card to gain access to the lounge along with your traveling guests. The lounge may also partner with airlines to accommodate premium class passengers but I’m not sure. I was traveling with my travel companions in coach but had the opportunity to visit the lounge with my Priority Pass membership card.

Getting In

Priority Pass members can access the VIP Lounge. It is located in the USA terminal after immigration and security at Aruba airport. If you don’t have Priority Pass membership, you can pay to access the lounge for $55 per person. In my honest opinion though, this lounge is not that special and therefore it’s not worth $55. Consider getting complimentary Priority Pass membership through credit cards out there instead.

Food & Drinks

We were there during lunch time, so the lounge was serving some sliders with ham, tuna and turkey. There were also some tuna wraps. The soup was chicken rice noodles soup. They also had muffins, potato chips and fruits such as bananas and apples for snacks.

The VIP Lounge has a bar full of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. You will need the lounge attendants to serve and they were very nice and friendly. My travel companions ordered beers while I just had a soda drink.

Muffins at the VIP Lougne in Aruba Airport

Nice Lounge Bar at the VIP Lounge in Aruba Airport

Lounge Seats

The VIP Lounge is a very small lounge. The seats are okay for relaxing before the flights. There were a lot people in the lounge at the time so we sat at the tables for eating, drinking and hanging out instead. Wi-Fi is available for those that want to stay connected for working or playing on their phones, etc.


I can’t complain much! I did not expect that a small Dutch island like Aruba would have an actual airport lounge. In fact, there are two VIP lounges there. With that being said, I did not have high expectations on the amenities that the International VIP lounge has to offer.

The lounge is compact and crowded at the time we were there, and the food varieties are very limited. However, I do appreciate that we had the opportunity to experience the lounge to relax and drink prior to our long flight back to the mainland USA. They do have a nice bar that’s stocked with several kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The lounge’s attendants were also cheerful and friendly, so kudos to them!

Overall, although I feel that the International VIP lounge at the Aruba airport is a small lounge, it is nice to see that Aruba airport does have an actual lounge. Best of all, we were able to take advantage of our complimentary Priority Pass membership and bring all of our guests along into the lounge free of charge to eat, drink and relax. That certainly makes the annual fee on our credit card that provides the Priority Pass Membership worthwhile.

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