How To Tell If Your Flight’s Route is Over Iranian or Iraqi Airspace?

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The Federal Aviation Administrator (FAA) recently banned all US airlines to not fly over Iran and Iraq following the launch of missiles across Iranian and Iraqi airspace. Majority of airlines around the world have made the adjustments to their flight routes to avoid those two countries airspace as well for safety reasons. However, there are some airlines still flying over either country.

If you are unsure whether your airline and flight’s route is via Iran or Iraq, this post will walk you through how to do that.

  • Head over to FlightRadar24
  • In the search box, type in your origination airpot code and destination airport code. For example, LHR-PER.
  • Click on your flight number. In this case, Qantas QF10 as an example. 
  • Click on the “Play” button next to the past schedules that lead up to your scheduled departure date. (See image below).
  • The map will show you the flight’s route.
How To Tell If Your Flight Routes Through Iranian or Iraqi Airspace?

For comparison purposes, as you can see from the images below. Qantas QF10 flight flies over Iranian airspace on January 7 before the FAA ban’s announcement, and starting January 8 QF10 flight routes from London to Perth via Afghanistan and avoid Iran.

January 7 QF10 Route Via Iran

January 8 QF10 Route Via Afghanistan Avoid Iran

There you have it!

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