3 thoughts on “My Experience Buying U.S. Treasury I Bonds With Treasury Direct

  1. It has been over a week and I still have no email with account number! I can't buy! I tried going back on and try opening an account again, but it tells me they already have someone with that SS# and email, so I know they have it.
    the wait time on the phone is over 2 hours and it never happened. I gave up!
    I'm trying to find out if everyone is having this problem, but I find no reporting on it, which seems incredible, since i have Fox business and CNBC on all the time. Any feedback would be helpful.

  2. Hi, if you are sure you entered the correct email address when you joined, then try the following:

    1. Check your spam/junk mail first, make sure it does not go there.
    2. Go to the Treasury Direct login page (link provided in this article under the Buying I Bonds on Treasury Direct section), and click on Forgot your account number. Complete the form with the information that you provided when you originally signed up.

  3. It's a Treasury failure how they have it set up. I've checked everything already and I get no response. I did the forgot account number days ago! It's the most frustrating thing because it's passing by and with no response, I can only surmise from no one answering after 2 hours on phone waiting and the response "disclaimer" to my comment on their website questioning my account situation was automated response that they would get an answer to me in an email response that could take WEEKS! No live person, just automated.
    I would think our treasury could give an account number automatically after the application, while waiting. they're technologically way behind apparently.
    This is a major Treasury Dept. failure to its citizenry.

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