Updates On The Recent 15,000 Wyndham Points With MasterPass Promotion That I Participated But Never Received The Points Until Today

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Wyndham ran the promotion that’s now expired this summer:

My two stays happened on August 7 and August 12, 2018. I made sure both reservations were booked using MasterPass. I have received the normal points on each stay a few days after check-out, but the MasterPass bonus 15,000 points were never posted. I have participated in this type of promotion for a couple times now and each time I received the bonus points just a week or two after the qualified stays, automatically. 
Fast forward, I lost my patience of waiting for the 15,000 points to be posted so I called up Wyndham Rewards customer service number at 1-866-370-0728 to inquire about this on September 19. The agent submitted a request on behalf of me as she believed that I should have gotten the points by now and told me to wait 3 business days to hear back from them via email. I thanked her and then have been waiting for more than 3 business days now. I called up the same number this evening the 24th. I told the agent about the call I made last week and I had not received their response email. The agent saw the notes that I called on the 19th and said that was the proper process. He did the math and realized that I should hear back from them by now. He put me on hold and went to check with his supervisor for a few minutes. He came back and told me that his supervisor had manually given me the bonus points. I refreshed the page and sure enough 15,000 points were credited to my account. Yay! I asked him as to why the bonus points are not automatically posted this time, he just said that MasterPass program and Wyndham are not syncing up well. I doubt I would get a real answer from him, so I just thanked him and then hung up. The points appear in my account as:
  • 09/26/18 – MasterPass Promo Adj NV 2018 – 7,500
  • 09/26/18 – MasterPass Promo Adj NV 2018 – 7,500
The experience is inconvenient but I wasn’t willing to let go of the 15,000 Wyndham bonus points that I can redeem a free night at other high-end worldwide Wyndham properties such as the ones below:

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