How to Get COVID Test For Traveling to Tahiti and Bora Bora in French Polynesia

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International travels are re-opening, and Tahiti, the main island of French Polynesia that connects you to those stunning Overwater Bungalows in Bora Bora has been opening for quite some time now. The French Polynesia government has made adjustments to its COVID-19 policy on a regular basis. Currently, whether you are vaccinated or not, all travelers who enter Tahiti, French Polynesia are required to have a negative COVID-19 test result

It’s very important to note that, you can’t just go get a COVID test without knowing what types of COVID tests are accepted by the French Polynesia government. Tahiti Tourism makes it clear that they only accept certain kinds of COVID test results. If you fail to provide the right test result, you will be denied boarding your flight at your own cost. 
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    Tahiti COVID Test Entry Requirements for Vacinnated Travelers 

    The entry requirements for Tahiti French Polynesia will be easier if you are fully vaccinated. Here are the basic entry requirements that I’ll walk you through more in detail below. 
    • Vaccinated travelers are not required to quarantine. 
    • Children under the age of 18 can travel freely with a vaccinated parent or legal guardian. 
    • Provide proof of vaccination document. 
    • Complete required ETIS application form 30-6 days before departure. 
    • Provide A negative COVID RT-PCR test result performed less than 72 hours before departure or an Antigen test allowing the detection of the “N” protein of the SARS-CoV-2 performed less than 48h before departure. I’ll walk you through below how to get a quick and approved antigen test result. 
    • Compete and print a copy of the Swon Statement.
    • Pay a 5,000 XPF (~$50) fee for health monitoring costs if you are vaccinated age 12 and older. Unvaccinated travelers pay a 120,000 XPF (~$120) fee. 
      • Children under 6 years old are exempted from this requirement. 
    • Conduct RT-PCR self-test on arrival. 

    Tahiti Accepted COVID Test Results

    As mentioned above, French Polynesia only accepts the following COVID test results:
    • COVID RT-PCR test result performed less than 72 hours before departure.
    • Antigen test allowing the detection of the “N” protein of the SARS-CoV-2 performed less than 48h before departure. 
    The following COVID test results will not be accepted by the Health Authorities of French Polynesia and aircraft boarding will be denied:
    • Antibody
    • Self-Testing
    • Home Testing
    • Rapid Tests of any kind (other than the accepted Antigen Test mentioned above)
    • Rapid RT-PCR tests such as the Abbott ID NOW 

    How to Get COVID Test For Traveling to Tahiti and Bora Bora in French Polynesia

    The following step-by-step guide focuses on getting your COVID test result that’s done with the ClairtyMV at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). If you are flying to Tahiti from the U.S. mainland, chances are you are going to fly with Air Tahiti Nui or Air France. 
    You may be able to take the appropriate COVID test at other locations, but please do your homework to ensure the test results will be accepted or you won’t be allowed to board your flight. I only suggest testing at the CalrityMV LAX because I know the test result is approved and it’s inexpensive, simple, and fast with just 1-hour turnaround. 

    Here’s the screenshot of what CalrityMV’s Antigen test offers that align with what Health Authorities of French Polynesia accepts. 
    Photo Credit: ClarityMV
    • Step 1: You must be fully vaccinated. 
    • Step 2: Check your flight information. Note down when you leave for Tahiti such as the date and time. 
    • Step 3: Do your math and figure out what is 48 hours before your departure time that was noted above. This guide focuses on the antigen test that allows for the detection of the “N” protein of the SARS-CoV-2 that offers the quickest result performed at the ClarityMV LAX
      • It’s worth noting that the RT-PCR test result is also accepted and need to be performed less than 72 hours before departure, but this guide is not for that type of test. 
    • Step 4: Once you know the necessary date and time of your flight, it is important to schedule your COVID Antigen test with ClarityMV that’s located at the LAX airport. They do not take walk-in appointments. 
      • ClarityMV’s Antigen test costs $80. 
      • First-time users must register to schedule an appointment here. After successfully scheduling your COVID test appointment, you will receive a confirmation email with a reservation code. 
      • ClarityMV’s antigen test turnaround time is 1 hour. If you are not based in LA, plan accordingly to either have a long layover or pay for a hotel near the airport 1 day before your scheduled departure. 
    • Step 5: Make all the travel arrangements to make sure you will be at the ClarityMV test center on time. Here’s ClarityMV’s location and operating hours:
      • Tom Bradley International Terminal: Antigen Test 7am – 7pm
      • Terminal 6: Antigen Test 9am – 5pm
    • Step 6: Register and complete the ETIS platform online here within 30-6 days before departure. You’ll receive a QR code after successfully completing the ETIS. 
      • You will need all your details, flight, and hotel information for all traveling that you will be doing when in French Polynesia including island-hopping. Just follow the steps on the form. 
      • As a fully vaccinated traveler, you will also be required to pay a 5,000 XPF (~$50) fee for health monitoring costs as well. 
    • Step 7: Complete the Swon Statement about your health and make sure to print it out to take with you. There’s no deadline that you need to complete this, so just fill it out, print it, then sign and date it 1 day before your departure should be fine. 
    • Step 8: Show up for your COVID antigen test at the ClarityMV LAX with a valid form of ID or your passport along with the reservation code that you received via email in Step 4. 
    • Step 9: Wait to receive your antigen test result in 1 hour after taking the test. Your test result document will look like the following sample document. 
    Photo Credit: ClarityMV
    • Step 10: Check-in at the airline counter for your flight to Tahiti. The airline agent will ask you for the negative COVID-test results and ETIS QR Code etc. that you have completed so far. 
    • Step 11: Enjoy your vacation in Tahiti! 
    One more step, but that’s all happening after you are arriving in Tahiti 🙂 Read more below for what to expect when you arrive in Tahiti 

    Tahiti COVID Test Arrival Requirements

    Upon arrival at the Tahiti (Faa’a international airport), you will be greeted by the airport personnel requesting the following documents from you:
    • A completely filled-out Visitor Card that is handed out to you in flight. 
    • The ETIS QR Code.
    • You will also be given a self-test kit on arrival. According to the Tahiti Tourism:
      • “All travelers (from 6 years old) must undergo an RT-PCR self-test upon arrival, regardless of their vaccination status.”
      • “The test can be performed under the supervision of a health professional in a dedicated area at the airport from 5am and 10am. Outside of these opening hours, travelers must take their test on the day of their arrival and leave it at their hotel reception in Tahiti and Moorea or directly in one of the drop-off locations.”
    • You will then be directed to go through the normal immigration process and be on your way out to enjoy paradise!

    Returning to the United States

    All travelers including U.S. citizens and regardless of their vaccination status are required to provide a negative COVID test result when returning to the United States. 
    Unlike French Polynesia, self-tests and take-home tests are accepted by the U.S. government. Tahiti airport (Faa’a international airport) also offers antigenic tests at the airport that you can take before returning to the United States. Here are the operating hours:
    • Monday to Thursday – 7:30AM to 8:00PM
    • Friday – 7:30AM to 3:00PM
    • Saturday – 7:30AM to 12:00PM and then from 3:00PM to 8:00PM
    • Closed on Sunday
    For more information on COVID test requirements for traveling to Tahiti, you can check the official Tahiti Tourism website here

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