Review: Japan Airlines JAL62 First Class Boeing 777-300ER Tokyo NRT to Los Angeles LAX

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Tokyo Nairta (NRT) – Los Angeles (LAX)
DEP 17:25 ARR 11:20
Duration: 10h 15m
Seat number: 1A First Class
Aircraft: JAL62 Boeing 777-300ER
Miles Redeemed: 70,000 Alaska Airlines Miles + $53 in tax
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While my experience with ANA First Class from LAX to Tokyo Narita was a memorial one, returning to U.S.A from Tokyo with Japan Airlines First Class was a true luxurious V.I.P experience that I will never forget. The customer service from the ground service and on board was truly amazing. First Class Sky Suite seat was super nice with a sense of luxury and comfortable in sleeping position with dual mode choices between soft or hard mattress pad. On board catering was outstanding with delicious meals and endless selections of drinks choices.

Japan Airlines First Class Sky Suite

The check-in process was quick and very nice with Japan Airlines agent. The courtesy of the agent towards customers was something that deserved complimenting. It was my first time flying with Japan Airline First Class, so I wasn’t sure what to expect about the ground service. The agent escorted me through a “special” security screening section that had no lines, helped me putting things in the screening bins, guided me to the First Class lounge, and checked into the lounge for me. At that moment, I was screaming inside on how special I felt but had to pull myself together. Although the amazing ground service did not extend beyond the lounge’s entrance, the first impression of just that type of service was truly incredible. After having a wonderful time relaxing, eating sushi and drinking in the lounge, I headed over to the gate to board the flight. I started the boarding  process along with other First Class passengers and those that held elite status with Japan Airlines.

Sushi Bar in Japan Airlines First Class Lounge

Sky Suite Seat
I was greeted by the manager of the flight crew at the aircraft’s door. She kindly bow her head and handed me over to one of the flight attendants to guide me to my seat 1A. There are 8 open sky suites with the configuration of 1-2-1 in the First Class cabin. I couldn’t help myself at that point when I saw the seat. I was so excited. The suite is huge with a nice leather seat inside the luxurious feeling wood-grain interior, not completely enclosed but provided enough privacy. Gigantic legroom and ample storage compartments with excellent functionality. The JAL Sky Suite in First Class is a truly elegant hard product that provides excellent comfort and relaxing space on board the Boeing 777 aircraft.

Japan Airlines First Class Sky Suite
Japan Airlines First Class Sky Suite With Wood-Grain Interrior 
Japan Airlines First Class Leather Seat
Ample Storage Compartments
The 2 Seats Have Retractable Privacy Partition


I could not say this enough, but Japan Airline’s crew in First Class were amazing. The service that I received from the crew were wonderful. They were always smiling, friendly, and were ready to help. Their service was spot on and undeniably attentive to other First Class passengers and my needs.

There was one little incident when one of the crew welcomed First Class passengers with a glass of champagne and she accidentally spilled the drink on me. The look on her face was super nervous so I had to calm her down by saying it was alright. The drink didn’t really completely spill on me, just an area on my trouser. It took two flight attendants to come out, keeled down and tried to clean my trouser. They both kept saying sorry and I kept telling it was okay, this kind of thing could happen, but that did not stop them from feeling apologetic, especially the flight attendant that spilled the drink. I shook this off and continued enjoying my First Class experience.

Amenity Kit
After settling into my seat, I began to explore the storage compartments, Bose headphone, and checked out the amenity kit that was a bright red color hard shell kit. The design of the kit added a sense of luxury to the items that I found inside it such as dental kit, earplugs, eye mask, hand & body lotion, lip balm, moisture mask, comb and tissue package. In addition, the flight attendant also handed out a TSA approved sized skincare kit designed by Shiseido. The flight attendant also provided the pajamas, slippers, and a complimentary in-flight Wi-Fi voucher.

Amenity Kit & Bose Headphones
Items in Amenity Kit
Shiseido Skin Care Kit
Nice Comfortable Pajamas
Soft Comfortable Slippers
Complimentary In-flight Wi-Fi Voucher

Drinks & Food
I had enjoyed a glass of welcome Champagne before the take off, but the true indulgence really began when the flight took off and the steward came by to chat with me and offered the extensive alcoholic beverage selection. After enjoying my sake with ANA, I decided to try a plum sake with Japan Airlines. It was a little bit too strong for my taste, but I sure did enjoy it pairing with my delicious Japanese style meal. The Japanese menu was created by two famous Japanese chefs and the presentation of each item was so beautiful. Each dish was tasty and had very good quality. Over the course of dinner, I really loved Japan Airlines’ non-alcoholic signature drink – Sky Time Kiwi while also watched one of my favorite TV shows on a big 23-inch screen with the noise canceling Bose headphones. Delicious multi-course dinner and seemingly endlessness hours of entertainment were truly incredible.

Multi-Course Menu
Sky Time Kiwi – Japan Airlines Signature Non-Alcoholic Drink

Sky Suite Bed
Just as I finished watching the TV show and completely felt full from dinner, it was time for me to get some shut-eye. Before making my way to the lavatory with the pajamas to change, I let the flight attendant know that I would like my sky bed made in the meantime. She asked whether I preferred soft or hard mattress pad, which I found was kind of nice that they offered two choices of mattress pads. I picked the soft one and she wanted me to wait while she went to the lavatory to make sure it was clean and ready for me. After my pajamas change, the flight attendant offered to take my regular clothes from me so that she could fold them up for me to store away. Meanwhile, my bed was already nicely made and I had to admit the bed looked really comfortable with that mattress pad that I could not wait to lay on it and fell asleep. Sure enough, I put on the eye mask and I fell asleep right away. The soft mattress pad was super comfortable and provided ideal lying support that I had the best sleep I have ever had on a plane that day.

Fully Lie-Flat Sky Suite Bed With Soft Mattress Pad

Before Landing & More Food
When I woke up, the flight attendant came to chat with me and hoped my sleep was good. She asked me if I would like something to drink and she also let me know that I could also pick something to eat from the light meal section in the menu. I was still full from the multi-course dinner, so I decided to go with noodles and assorted Japanese brochettes that contain Wangyu Beef Sirloin, Bacon Asparagus Rolls and Grilled Chicken Thigh, all on skewer. They were delicious.

Light  Meal Menu

Afterwards, I stood up from my seat and went to change into my regular clothes in preparation for landing. When I got back to my suite, my seat was already made back from lying position to sitting upright position. The flight flew by incredibly quickly and before I knew it, we had landed in Los Angeles International Airport. The crew’s manager went around and thanked us all in First Class for flying with them and I did not hesitate to let them know how much appreciative I was with their outstanding customer service, and how much I truly enjoyed that amazing First Class experience with Japan Airlines.

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