How to Maximize $189 CLEAR Statement Credits With American Express Platinum Card [2022]

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  • 05/19/2022 – The CLEAR membership fee increased from $179 to $189, and Amex Platinum Card CLEAR statement credit benefit is also increased to $189 to cover the new increased CLEAR membership fee. Discounted CLEAR membership fees through airline partners remain unchanged. 
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The consumer American Express Platinum Card and American Express Business Platinum Card offer $189 CLEAR statement credit per calendar year. That’s enough to cover the annual CLEAR membership fee for one person. 

In this post, I will walk you through how to use the Amex Platinum Card CLEAR credit and maximize that credit. This is a great way to help lower your card’s high annual fee, especially with these premium Platinum cards. 
If you are new to CLEAR, I suggest that you read our post CLEAR vs. TSA PreCheck to learn about the difference between the two programs and how to Enroll in CLEAR.
How to Maximize $189 CLEAR Statement Credits With American Express Platinum Card
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    How Does Amex CLEAR Statement Credits Work

    • Enrollment with American Express is not required for this benefit. 
    • The benefit is available to you as long as you remain a card member.
    • The benefit is per calendar year (January –  December). 
    • To use the $189 CLEAR statement credit:
      • Simply pay for the CLEAR membership fee with your eligible American Express Platinum Card.
      • Once the purchase is posted to your card’s account, American Express will issue a statement credit reimbursement of up to $189 into your account. In other words, you do not need to spend $189 on one transaction. 

    Maximizing Amex $189 CLEAR Statement Credits

    There are a few ways to maximize the $189 CLEAR statement credit benefit that comes with your American Express Platinum Card and American Express Business Platinum Card
    Please note that you must be 18 years of age and older to enroll in CLEAR. For more information on enrolling in CLEAR, check out this post

    Use the Credit For CLEAR Membership With 3 Months Free Trial

    A full-price CLEAR annual membership costs $189 per person. You can join CLEAR and receive an additional three (3) months free. 

    Use the Credit For 1 CLEAR Membership

    A full-price CLEAR annual membership costs $189 per person. Therefore, if you want CLEAR just for yourself, you can simply join CLEAR and pay the $189 membership fee.

    Use the Credit For CLEAR Membership Renewal

    CLEAR memberships automatically renew each year unless canceled. Existing CLEAR members, simply log into your existing CLEAR account and ensure your Platinum Card is your payment method for your next renewal. 

    Use the Credit For 2 CLEAR Memberships

    CLEAR allows adding up to three (3) family members for $60 per family member. It’s worth noting that children under 18 are not required to enroll in CLEAR and can use the CLEAR lane for free when traveling with a paid CLEAR family member. 
    The best way to maximize your Amex $189 CLEAR statement credit to include an additional family member is to use the CLEAR partnership with Delta and United airlines. 
    Here’s how you’d do this:
    • Join CLEAR as a primary member using Delta or United airlines offer link below. You only need to pay $119 for CLEAR membership if you do not have any elite status with either airline. 
    • Pay $119 for CLEAR membership with your Amex Platinum Card. 
    • Once you are a CLEAR member:
      • Log into your CLEAR account and select Add a family member
        • Children under 18 can go through the CLEAR lane for free when accompanied by a CLEAR family member.
      • Pay the $60 membership fee for your family member with your Platinum Card.
    • This will bring your total to $179 for 2 CLEAR memberships, and you’ll be reimbursed by American Express once both charges are posted to your Amex account. 

    Can you use Amex CLEAR credit for someone else?

    Absolutely! You can maximize more Amex CLEAR statement credits because you can use that credit for anybody, not just you as the cardholder. 
    There are also a few discounts available out there to join CLEAR. These discounts may allow you to get CLEAR for multiple memberships by stacking the $189 Amex CLEAR statement credit
    • Students can receive CLEAR membership for only $50 per year for up to 4 years. Must have a valid school email address and a student ID.
    • Get a 3-month free CLEAR membership trial that includes family. 
    • Discounts for select credit card members:
    • [Expired] $100 United TravelBank Cash
      • The first 50,000 MileagePlus members who sign up for CLEAR will earn $100 in United TravelBank cash and unlock your special CLEAR membership rate.
      • The offer ends on February 9, 2022.
      • Direct Link to the Offer
    • [Expired] 15,000 Bonus MileagePlus Miles:
      • Valid for new sign-up members that have United MileagePlus Premier status only. 
      • Pay $109 per year for CLEAR membership.
      • The offer ends on April 1, 2022.
      • Must sign-up through the dedicated promotion page below. 
      • Direct Link to the Offer

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