Marriott Offered Me Back Platinum Elite Status Request After My Status Was Downgraded to Gold Amidst COVID-19

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“Ask and you shall receive.” I am a true believer that if it does not waste too much time to ask for something, then it does not hurt to ask. I am very delighted and grateful that Marriott offered me back the Platinum Elite Status amidst the COVID-19 after I was downgraded to Gold Elite this year 2020. It was a real downgrade. It was not a mistake by any means. I reached out to Marriott requesting Platinum Elite back and here’s the story –

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2019 Platinum Elite Status (The Back Story)

When Marriott acquired Starwood (SPG) hotels, not only Marriott changed their brand name to Marriott Bonvoy, they also made some adjustments to members’ elite status. Marriott Gold Elite Status used to be “golden” good in terms of lounge access and free breakfast when staying at Marriott properties; however, that’s all changed when Marriott and SPG merged. Marriott introduced Platinum Elite Status that offers lounge access and free breakfast benefits while Gold Elite Status lost all of those benefits. Marriott recognized that the change could cause existing Marriott Gold Elite members unhappy, so they offered all Marriott Gold Elite members, with the exception of those that earn their Gold status through SPG Gold status match, an automatic Platinum Elite Status through out 2019 and February 2020. I earned my Marriott Gold Elite status from the discontinued Chase Ritz-Carlton credit card so my Marriott status was upgraded to Platinum Elite in 2019.

2020 Gold Elite Status (The Downgrade)

Marriott did not take away members’ Platinum Elite Status until around March 2020 timeframe. For those that did not complete requirements to keep Platinum Elite status in 2019 were downgraded by Marriott to whatever elite level they are supposed to be at. I among those individuals was not able to keep Platinum Elite status, and because I am still holding the Chase Ritz-Carlton credit card, my Marriott Bonvoy’s account was downgraded to Gold Elite because the Ritz-Carlton credit card offers an automatic Gold Elite Status benefit with Marriott.

2020 Platinum Elite (Again)

Amidst COVID-19 crisis, Marriott joined other major hotel chains that recognize the hardship on members for being unable to travel to enjoy the Elite Status in 2020, they decided to extend Elite Status through February 2022. Something hit me and I decided to reach out to Marriott on Twitter. I asked them for their understanding about the challenging time of COVID-19 and that I did not fully take advantages of my Platinum Elite Status in 2019. Now my status was downgraded to Gold Elite. So I kindly requested them to consider elevating me back to Platinum Elite Status this year 2020. To my surprise, after a week of waiting Marriott finally replied and granted my wish.

This is what Marriott said:

During these challenging times, we continue to monitor the effects on our members’ ability to earn or re-earn Elite status in 2020. Your loyalty is incredibly important to us, and we appreciate your business. Therefore, you will be elevated from Gold Elite status to Platinum status for 2020. The change should be reflected in your account within 24 hours.  

I applaud Marriott Bonvoy for this outstanding customer service for valuing members’ loyalty and their business. *thumbs up*

2021 Platinum Elite Status? (In Question)

I am truly grateful that Marriott gave me another chance to enjoy and take advantages of the Platinum Elite status for 2020. While my Marriott’s account now has been upgraded to Platinum Elite for entire year of 2020 and possibly through February 2021 as that’s when hotel’s program typically reevaluates members’ elite status re-qualifications, the remaining question is will I be able to keep Platinum Elite status through February 2022? According to Marriott’s announcement on COVID-19 matter, they will extend elite status that each member earned in 2019 through February 2022. So what does that mean to me? Will I be Gold or Platinum in 2021 through February 2022?

Another positive change that Marriott recently made is that Marriott now allows 30 elite night credits per year from both personal and business Marriott credit cards. This will help achieving the next elite status much faster. Before that, Marriott only awarded 15 elite night credits regardless of how many Marriott credit cards you have.

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