When Does Hyatt Credit Card Free Night Award Certificate Post And How To Use It?

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The current World of Hyatt credit card issued by Chase has an annual fee of $95. Every card member’s anniversary, you receive one Category 1-4 free night award certificate that’s valid for 1 year from the date of issuance by just keeping the card and paying the annual fee. The free night itself can outweigh the $95 annual fee since the majority of Hyatt properties have nightly rate that’s much higher than $95.

Chase does not deposit the Hyatt credit card’s free night award certificate as fast as they do with the Marriott or Ritz-Carlton credit card’s free night certificate, but it is certainly much faster than how long it takes American Express to deposit their Marriott credit card’s free night certificate.

When Does Hyatt Credit Card Free Night Award Certificate Pos

When Does World of Hyatt Credit Card Free Night Award Certificate Post?

It takes about 1 month for you to receive the free night award certificate in your Hyatt’s account. Let’s take a look at my personal experience and timeline:

  • July 2: Opened the Hyatt credit card.
  • August 1: Annual fee is posted. 
  • August 31: Free night award certificate is posted in Hyatt’s account. 
As you can see, it takes around 1 month for the Hyatt’s free night award certificate to be posted after the annual fee is posted in your credit card’s account, and around 2 months after the date that the card was opened. 

How To Find Your World of Hyatt Free Night Award Certificate?

On the Hyatt’s Website:
  1. Log into your Hyatt’s account. 
  2. Click on your name on the top right hand corner and click on My Account. 
  3. Click on My Awards and if you have any free night certificate, it will be listed under the Free nights section. 
On the Hyatt’s App:
  1. Launch the World of Hyatt app. 
  2. Sign in to your Hyatt’s account if you are not signed in. 
  3. At the bottom right hand corner, click on Account.
  4. Click on Awards and you should see the Free Nights listed there if you have any. 

How To Use Your Hyatt Free Night Award Certificate?

It is very simple to redeem the Hyatt’s free night award certificate. Once you verify the free night award is deposited into your Hyatt’s account under Account -> Awards. You simply perform the search for the eligible category 1-4 property that you are looking to stay at. If the standard room is available for award redemption, you will be able to see the Free Night rate and will be able to finalize the booking like you normally would do with cash rate or points booking. It’s all done automatically by Hyatt’s booking system.

Will I lose my earned annual Hyatt free night certificate in my Hyatt’s account if I cancel my Hyatt’s credit card? 

No. Once the certificate is posted in your Hyatt’s account, it is not going to be taken away whether later on you decide to keep the World of Hyatt credit card or not. Should you decide to not keep the card, it’s worth calling up Chase for retention offer to see if they can offer you something to retain you as a customer. It does not hurt to ask!

Best Uses of Hyatt Category 1-4 Free Night Award Certificate: 

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