9 Ways To Get Dollywood Tickets Discount [2022]

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Dollywood theme parks can be expensive, especially for family travelers. However, it does not have to be that way if you can find ways to save money with a Dollywood tickets discount. 

I put together the list of available Dollywood ticket discounts in this post. I hope you can benefit from each discount to enjoy your next Dollywood visit to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Good luck!
Ways To Get Dollywood Tickets Discount
Photo Credit: Dollywood
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    2022 Dollywood Ticket Prices

    Dollywood ticket prices fluctuate by the season of the year you visit; however, once the price is determined, it does not change whether you buy the ticket now or later. Therefore, there’s no need to buy tickets well in advance or worry about high ticket prices at the gate. A couple things you may want to consider buying tickets in advance is to save money and avoid the ticket queues at the park. 
    For 2022, regular 1-Day Dollywood Ticket prices are:
    Dollywood theme park also offers TimeSaver tickets for those who want to get on rides quickly. Dollywood TimeSaver tickets can be purchased only through Dollywood. There are two types of TimeSaver tickets: 
    • TimeSaver with expedited ride entrances 8 times throughout the day at your choice of TimeSaver rides and unlimited daily show reservations at participating theatres. 
    • TimeSaver Unlimited with unlimited expedited ride entrances and unlimited daily show reservations at participating theatres. 
    TimeSaver Rides:
    • Barnstormer
    • Dizzy Disk
    • Dragonflier
    • Drop Line
    • FireChaser Express
    • Lightning Rod
    • Mystery Mine
    • Sky Rider
    • Smoky Mountain River Rampage
    • Tennessee Tornado
    • Thunderhead
    • The Waltzing Swinger
    • Wild Eagle
    TimeSaver Shows:
    • The Kingdom Heirs
    For the most up-to-date TimeSaver Ticket Prices, Rides & Shows: 

    Dollywood Special Offers & Discounts

    Your first mission to find Dollywood ticket discounts is to check available special offers and discounts provided by the official Dollywood theme park. 
    Dollywood has its exclusive Special Offers page, where you can find ongoing promotions and deals:

    Season Pass & Multiple Days Theme Park Tickets Discount

    If you spend more than 1 day at the Dollywood theme park, the multiple-days ticket prices are considerably lower. 
    At the time of this writing: 
    • A 1-day ticket costs $89 before taxes and fees for an adult. 
    • A 2-day ticket costs $109 before taxes and fees for an adult. That’s a $55 savings!
    • A 3-day ticket costs $119 before taxes and fees for an adult. That’s a $40 savings!
    You can also get a Dollywood Season Pass for unlimited visits to the Dollywood theme park and discounts benefits. There are two types of Dollywood Season Passes:
    • Dollywood Silver Season Pass: $159 before taxes and fees for an adult, and benefits include:
      • Unlimited Dollywood visits
      • Discounts on area attractions
      • $5 off 1-day tickets for friends and family
      • 10% off lodging discount
    • Dollywood Gold Season Pass: $214 before taxes and fees for an adult, and benefits include:
      • Unlimited Dollywood visits
      • Discounts on area attractions
      • Early Saturday ride time
      • $10 off 1-day tickets for friends and family
      • 15% off lodging discount
      • 15% off select dining and merchandise
      • Golden Hours: TimeSaver Line Access First Hour Each Day
      • Golden Events: Access to Exclusive Gold & Diamond Passholder Events
      • $5 off TimeSave pass discount
      • $5 off preferred or valet parking
      • Free general parking – $25 value
    • Direct Link to Dollywood Season Pass Benefits

    Military Discount

    Dollywood honors military service members by offering deeply discounted tickets. Dollywood military discount applies to the following:
    • All U.S. active or retired military and veterans
    • Military revisits
    • Spouses and dependents
    You can purchase Dollywood military discounted ticket online, and your military ID verification is done online using the secured ID.me. Go here for more information on the Dollywood Military Discount offer

    AAA Discount

    AAA members have access to Dollywood tickets discount, and tickets can be purchased online with AAA too. 
    When you purchase Dollywood tickets through AAA:
    • You can only buy a 1-Day Dollywood ticket
    • The ticket has an open date, meaning you are not tied to a specific date to visit the theme park. On the contrary, you must select the visit date if you buy the ticket through the Dollywood website. 
    • The Dollywood AAA ticket has an expiration date.
    • The Dollywood AAA tickets are available only for adults and children, no seniors. 
    • AAA membership ID is required to purchase. 
    • Direct Link to Dollywood AAA Discount
    The ticket price through AAA is not a huge difference from when you were to buy the ticket directly through Dollywood. However, the savings is the after the taxes and fees. 
    For example:
    • An adult AAA ticket price is $81, plus $5.27 in taxes & fees are $86.27.
    • An adult ticket price through the Dollywood website is $89, plus $12 in taxes & fees are $101.
    As you can see from the example illustrated above, that’s a saving of $15 there when you buy Dollywood tickets through AAA. 
    If you do not have an AAA membership, perhaps consider getting one for a year. It offers more savings to other businesses, including the Dollywood theme park tickets, and more to outweigh the AAA membership fees. 

    Farm Bureau Insurance

    Farm Bureau Insurance company also offers local discounts for Dollywood theme park tickets. For those residing on the East Coast, Dollywood tickets discount through Farm Bureau is more available than anywhere else in the United States. 
    You can check with your Farm Bureau insurance agents directly or log into your Farm Bureau account and review the travel benefits. 
    While googling the Dollywood Farm Bureau tickets discount, I came across the Louisana Farm Bureau website that includes the link directly to buy Dollywood tickets with a discount.
    I have not purchased through this method, so I am not sure if your Farm Bureau ID is checked or not when you scan the ticket at the park’s entrance. 

    Credit Unions

    Some Credit Unions on the East Coast also offer Dollywood ticket discounts to members. The best way to check for that is to contact your Credit Union directly or review your membership benefits online. 
    I stumbled upon a lucrative Dollywood ticket discount through Members Credit Unions in North Carolina. Instead of paying the full Dollywood ticket price, you pay only $57 for an adult and $47 for a child before taxes and fees. That’s a substantial saving for a 1-day Dollywood theme park ticket! However, I am not sure whether the Member Credit Union membership ID will be checked or not when you scan the ticket at the park’s entrance. 
    It may be worthwhile if you are eligible to join Members Credit Union and take advantage of the Dollywood tickets discount benefit. 

    Adventure Aquarium

    Adventure Aquarium’s annual membership includes an exclusive membership discount for the Dollywood theme park. All members receive half-price general admission to all Herschend Family Entertainment venues, which include Dollywood. Therefore, if you are already an Adventure Aquarium member or plan on joining the Adventure Aquarium, do take full advantage of the membership. 
    Go to Adventure Aquarium Membership, and the Dollywood tickets discount is mentioned in one of the slideshows under the Dive Deeper Into Membership Benefits.

    DreamMore Resort Package

    Dollywood has a resort & spa called DreamMore resort. They offer a package deal that includes a two-day theme park ticket with your stay and TimeSaver tickets. 
    DreamMore Resort package requires a two-day minimum stay, and you can book and check the price online through the Dollywood website


    I also came across this travel agency website, Tripster, which is an authorized reseller for Dollywood. Tripster offers 1 and 2-day Dollywood theme park tickets and package deals. 
    The ticket price on Tripster is the same as on the official Dollywood website, minus the $1 processing fee that Dollywood charges. The main difference is that when you purchase tickets directly with Dollywood, the tickets are non-refundable. Tripster, on the other hand, offers free order cancellation until a couple of days before your visiting date. This may be beneficial for those that do not have concrete plans. 
    Moreover, Tripster also offers Dollywood package deals that include theme park tickets, and hotel or resort stays in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The site said that when you purchase the Dollywood special package, you can save up to 13%. Check it out and see if the deal is worth doing as you receive the Dollywood theme park tickets and a room stay. 

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