Radisson Rewards Points Not Returned After Cancelling the Radisson Outside the Americas Reservation

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You are not alone if you are not getting your Radisson Rewards points back after you cancel an award reservation for the Radisson outside the Americas (Radisson Hotels International). 

I ran into this exact issue and am here to offer some steps for you to take to finally get your Radisson points back so you can book another reservation. Hopefully, the award availability is still there. 
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    Radisson International Rewards Points Not Returned After Cancelling the Reservation

    The cancellation policy is typically very flexible when redeeming Radisson Rewards points for an award stay. As long as your reservation is canceled within the free cancellation window set by the property in your booking, your Radisson rewards points will be returned to your Radisson account. 
    Unfortunately, since the split of Radisson Rewards Americas and Radisson Rewards International (Outside the Americas), the Radisson International system no longer returns the points automatically after cancellation. 
    The Radisson agent let me know that they are aware of the issue because they received many calls, and their IT is actively working on it. However, there’s no timeline for when the issue will be resolved. 

    How to Get Radisson Rewards Points Back After Canceling the Radisson Outside the Americas Reservation?

    Based on my personal experience, if your Radisson Rewards points are not returned automatically to your Radisson Rewards account immediately after you cancel a Radisson Rewards Outside the Americas reservation, here’s what you should do:
    • Wait 24-48 hours after a cancellation (explanation provided below). 
    • Call Radisson outside the Americas customer care if points are still not returned. 
      • Radisson Rewards Outside the Americas customer care hours are 9AM-6PM Central Time, Monday to Friday only
      • Currently, there’s no toll-free number for American members, but here’s to get around calling the not free numbers:
        • Call the Radisson Rewards Americas phone number at 1-800-333-3333.
        • Choose option #2 for Radisson Rewards outside the Americas.
        • Choose option #2 again for Customer Care
          • Avoid option #1 for reservation agents because they will just transfer you to customer care after wasting your time. 
          • Option #3 is for Member Services. Technically, that should be the option, but the office is always closed every time I select that option. The customer care department can perform the same task for manual points return. 
    • When the agent is on the line, explain your issue, and s/he will take it from there. 
      • Waiting to speak to an agent can be tediously long sometimes, so be patient. 
    • You’ll see the points are manually returned under your Radisson account’s statement, and the transaction appears as Discretionary points awarded. See the screenshot below. 
    Radisson Rewards Discretionary Points
    You have to wait 48 hours before calling because the Radisson International system does not allow customer care to award you the points until 48 hours later. This also means that even if you call customer care to cancel the reservation for you and the points are not returned automatically, you still have to wait until 48 hours before the agent can manually return your points. This is what the Radisson agent told me. Good luck!

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