How Dell Price Match and Dell 30-Day Price Guarantee Work?

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American Express offers up to $400 Amex Dell Statement Credits to cardholders each calendar year. This benefit is one of the driving factors for us consumers to purchase various technology products with DELL to use up the Amex statement credits. 
Meanwhile, it is also vital to know that Dell’s pricing is not always guaranteed the best, and therefore, it is crucial that you also make a price comparison before and after your purchase through DELL. This is when Dell’s price match and price guarantee programs come in. 
Dell Price Match and Dell 30-Day Price Guarantee
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    Dell Price Match Vs. Price Guarantee Differences

    First and foremost, it is important to understand that Dell’s Price Match and Price Guarantee are not the same programs. Each has its own associated terms and conditions, mainly depending on when you purchase the product(s) through the DELL website. 
    The main difference between Dell’s price match and Dell’s price guarantee programs is this:
    • Dell Price Match occurs Before Purchasing.
    • Dell Price Guarantee occurs After Purchasing. 

    How Does Dell Price Match Work?

    Dell’s price match program happens before purchasing items through the DELL website. You must contact Dell and share the link on the accepted competitor website showing the exact lower-priced item before purchasing with Dell. 
    Please note that not all competitor sites are accepted by Dell for the price match purpose. Below are the competitor websites that Dell will match, as long as the eligible item is the exact match listed on the Dell website:
    On the contrary, Per Dell, Dell will not match the following:
    • Any limited quantity, deal-of-the-day, flash sales, clearance, closeout, discontinued, “doorbuster,” Black Friday/Cyber Monday (the week before and after Thanksgiving), and Green Monday prices.
    • Any price from a paid membership club or paid loyalty programs (e.g., prices that require a club or loyalty card that is associated with a membership fee). Examples include, but are not limited to, &
    • Any “Marketplace” Pages where an order is fulfilled by a third party rather than the owner/operator of the retail website, for example, Amazon Marketplace pages.
    • Any price that is based upon rebates, coupons, financing offers, errors, bundling of products or services, gift cards, or gift card offers.
    • Any customizable configurations, Dell specialty products, including enterprise products, Latitude educational series, Latitude Rugged models, OptiPlex XE2, and Dell Storage and Networking products.
    • Any prices not advertised on one of the websites below.
    • In-store only pricing.
    • Any product purchase intended for resale. Dell will only match five items per small business customer.
    • Any lower-priced offer for a product that is on a lead time, rain check, or out of stock. The product must be in stock and immediately available.
    • The matched price cannot be combined with any other promotion or discount. The requested matched price will be the final price.
    • Price match cannot be combined with or applied to Dell’s Member Purchase Program offers or discounts.

    How to Request Dell to Price Match?

    Once you identify the eligible product that you want to request Dell to price match based on the above conditions:
    • Reach out to Dell sales associates through Chat or Call:
      • Call Dell Sales at 1-866-480-0379
      • Simply go to the DELL website, and locate the Contact Us on the bottom right-hand corner to chat. 
    • Copy the lower-priced item URL link from the competitor’s website and provide it to the Dell sales expert to validate. If you are calling, simply let the Dell sales expert know which competitor’s website you found the lower-priced item, and s/he will conduct the search. 
    • Once the price match request is validated, a Dell sales expert will help you complete the purchase. 
      • Although the Dell sales expert sometimes validated your request, it may still require that you wait to hear back from Dell. 
    It’s also worth mentioning that when your price match request with Dell is approved, you will need to complete your purchase with a Dell sales agent, who will take your credit card information, etc. This means that you will not be able to earn any cashback through shopping portals such as Ebates/Rakuten. Going through cashback portals to the Dell website can earn you extra cash, especially if you are new to the Ebates shopping portal. For example, if you join Ebates/Rakuten and spend $, you will receive an additional $ bonus. 

    How Does Dell Price Guarantee Work?

    Dell’s price guarantee program occurs after you purchase the item through Dell. There are two crucial requirements when it comes to Dell’s price guarantee program:
    • Your request must be within 30 days after purchase to qualify for Dell’s price guarantee program.
    • You can only request the price guarantee for the exact same item if the price of that item has dropped on the DELL website, meaning you cannot find the lower-priced item on the competitor’s website later on, and ask Dell to approve the price guarantee’s request. 

    How to Request Dell For Price Guarantee?

    The process to request Dell to provide you the difference in credits is quite simple once you identify the item is eligible for Dell’s price guarantee request. Here’s how:
    • Go to the official DELL website.
    • Sign in to your account. 
    • Go to Order Status.
    • Find the item you want to request the price guarantee and click on the Order Details button. 
    • Click on the Contact Customer Support button. 
    • Select one of the issues from the drop-down list. 
      • I don’t think it matters; I always picked Other Order Support from the list. 
    • You can either chat with Dell’s customer care or create a service request
      • I typically just created a service request and provided the content saying that the price of the item I purchased has dropped on the Dell website and asked them to honor the price guarantee. Dell typically replies quick, but if you are worried that the item’s price may increase while waiting for a response, you can always use the chat feature. 
    • If your price guarantee request is approved, you will receive the difference credit back to your credit card. 

    How often can you request Dell’s price guarantee within 30 days of purchase?

    Dell’s price guarantee program applies for 30 days from your invoice date for purchases from DELL. However, Dell does not specify how many times you can request the price guarantee if the item’s price drops more than once during the 30 days validity. 
    According to a data point from this Reddit, the user tried to submit the price guarantee’s request for the second time but got denied. Dell stated that he had already received the credit once for that order. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that you can only have one approved Dell’s price guarantee once within 30 days after the purchase. 
    Here’s an idea – if you find yourself in a situation where the item’s price drops more than once, you could simply return the item because Dell also has a 30-day return policy, receive the refund, and re-order if you’d like. 

    What if the item’s price on Dell’s website does not drop? 

    From my experience, the price of items sold on Dell’s website fluctuates based on the manufacturing company’s website that makes the item. However, in some instances, Dell’s website does not update the price fast enough, or Dell updates the price for one item with a certain color but not the other item with a different color. That can totally happen. In fact, it happened to my order last time. Here’s my experience:
    • I purchased a gold pink Samsung tablet from the DELL website. 
    • A few days later, I received the item, but, Best Buy, and even the tablet’s maker, Samsung, reduced the gold pink tablet’s price by $60. 
    • The price for the gray Samsung tablet on Dell’s website dropped by $60 too, but not for the gold pink tablet. 
    • I requested Dell’s price guarantee by sharing the link from because I did not realize that Dell does not offer a price guarantee after the purchase against the competitor’s website. So my request, of course, got denied. 
    • Dell tried to offer me a $20 goodwill credit back to my American Express Business Platinum Card. However, I saw the data point on Reddit that Dell only offers credit once per order, so I did not reply and accepted the goodwill credit. 
    • To my surprise, I checked the gold pink Samsung tablet on the DELL website again, and this time the tablet’s price dropped by $60. I replied to the email accordingly, and my request got approved.
    Throughout my experience, a few things you should note:
    • I am not 100% sure whether reaching out to Dell in the first place with a competitor’s website to request Dell’s price guarantee helps alert Dell to reduce a specific item’s price on Dell’s website. 
    • Dell offered a goodwill credit to try to make me accept the credit, and then I could not request the credit any more, or that was merely a coincidence.
    • I can totally return the tablet and re-order. 

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