6 Best Ways to Redeem Iberia Plus Avios For Premium Class (Updated 2018)

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Before we get started, there are a few things that you need to know about Iberia’s miles program:

  1. Iberia is a Spanish airline and its hub is based in Madrid, Spain.
  2. Iberia’s miles program is called Iberia Plus. It is under Avios program, similar to British Airways but does not impose high fuel surcharges like BA does. 
  3. Iberia Plus awards are distanced based combined so you redeem avios based on the total distance that you fly, which includes any connections.  Use Great Circle Mapper to help you determine the total distance of flights. 
  4. Iberia Plus award chart has Peak & Off-Peak. 

1. Look for the 25% Off Iberia Awards Any Class
Keep an eye for this 25% discount off award travels using Iberia Avios miles. They run this type of discount from time to time and it’s applicable for any class and any routes, but typically during the off peak time (May through early June or October through December). You can potentially fly from New York, Boston, and Chicago to Madrid one-way in Business Class for only 25,500 Avois in May, which is my favorite month to visit Europe.

2. Fly Off-Peak Iberia Business Class to Madrid from United States

Iberia Business Class Chicago to Madrid

Iberia operates flight from U.S to Madrid out of Boston, New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. The distance between Madrid and those U.S. gateways fall under the following Iberia’s award chart for the off-peak time:

  • 3,001 – 4,000 distance: 34,000 Avios
  • 4,000 – 5,500 distance: 42,500 Avios 
  • 5,501 – 6,500 distance: 51,000 Avios 

The distance between New York or Boston and Madrid is under 4,000 miles and therefore it costs 34,000 Avios for a one-way Business Class ticket. Interesting enough that the distance between Chicago and Madrid is supposed to be 4,200 miles, but it also only costs 34,000 Avios for one-way in Business Class. So by leaving from Chicago, you get to maximize your Iberia Avios and enjoy more Business Class time on the flight.

From Miami to Madrid requires 42,500 Avios and from west coast Los Angeles and San Francisco to Madrid require 51,000 Avios one-way in Business Class.

3. Fly Off-Peak Iberia Business Class to Asia from Madrid
Iberia does operate flights to two Asian countries: Shanghai and Tokyo. In Business one-way, you can redeem 51,000 Avios for Madrid – Shanghai and 59,500 Avios for Madrid – Tokyo.

4. Fly American Airlines First Class For U.S. Trips Under 2,000 Miles
When American Airlines operates a flight that has only 2-cabin (First & Economy), you can redeem Avios for the First Class seat using the Iberia’s AA award chart for Business Class.

  • 1 – 600 miles: 22,000 Avios
  • 601 – 1,000 miles: 24,000 Avios
  • 1001 – 2,000 miles: 34,000 Avios

Remember, Iberia Plus awards are distance based combined, not per segment. Therefore, you can do a short round-trip within U.S. and redeem Avios based on the entire distance you fly. For example, you can fly from Chicago – New York – Chicago round-trip. The total distance is 1,480 miles which is under the 2,000 miles mark.

5. Fly American Airlines Economy Class For Short U.S. Trips Under 600 miles
If you just want to fly Economy for short haul flights, for any distance that’s under 600 miles, you will only pay 11,000 Avios for it. For example, you can fly from New York to Boston and back to New York round-trip, the total distance is only 373 miles. Any flight’s distance that is above 600 miles won’t yield any maximum value.

6. Mix & Match Cabin’s Class 
Unlike other airlines, Iberia does not charge your Avios based on the highest cabin’s class when one class is available and the other is not on a connecting flight’s itinerary. If your itinerary has connection, you can mix and match cabin’s class and your avios redemption will be based on the class you select for each segment. To put this into perspective, you can fly from Chicago to Madrid (connection) in Business Class, then Madrid to Lisbon is only available in Economy for the flight time that you want. Each segment will be charged differently based on the class and the distance.

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