How to Get Free Hulu With American Express Platinum Card [2022]

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  • Hulu No Ads price will increase on October 10, 2022, from $12.99 to $14.99 per month, and Hulu With Ads price will increase from $6.99 to $7.99 per month. Amex Platinum Card offers a $20 per month Digital Entertainment statement credit, which is still enough to cover the new increased Hulu no ads subscription price. 
  • The article has been updated to reflect the increased subscription cost that will begin on October 10, 2022. 
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American Express Platinum Card offers a $240 Digital Entertainment Credit per year, equivalent to $20 per month in statement credit. Eligible purchases with Amex Digital Entertainment Credit include a Hulu subscription service with or without ads. When you charge your monthly Hulu streaming subscription to your Platinum card, you will receive a statement credit to cover that charge up to $20 per month

The American Express Platinum Card has a high $695 annual fee, so if you are a current card member, this monthly statement credit can help lower the card’s annual fee at face value of $240 a year. This benefit is in addition to other annual statement credits (over $1,400) benefits available on the Platinum card. 
How to Get Free Hulu With American Express Platinum Card
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    How Does Amex Hulu Credit Work?

    • American Express refers to Hulu credit benefit as Digital Entertainment Credit. The digital entertainment credit is a broad category term, but it does include Hulu as one of the eligible category purchases. 
    • The benefit is currently only available for card members of the American Express Platinum Card.
    • Enrollment with American Express is Required before paying Hulu monthly subscription. 
    • The benefit is available to you as long as you remain a Platinum card member
    • The benefit is a monthly statement credit benefit for eligible streaming services such as Hulu of up to $20 per month.
    • You can use the credit for Hulu that has ads ($7.99/month) or Hulu that has no ads ($14.99/month)
    • You’ll get reimbursed by Amex up to $20 per month, and that’s enough to cover the Hulu no ads monthly subscription plan. 

    How to Get Free Hulu With Amex Platinum Card

    The following step-by-step instruction is based on using a web browser on a computer’s desktop:
    • First, you must enroll in your Platinum Card with Amex Digitial Entertainment Credit (link here)
      • Click on the Enroll Now button.
      • You’ll be asked to log into your Amex account if you are not logged in to complete your enrollment. 
    • Go to the official Hulu website here
    • Click on the SIGN UP NOW button. 
    • Select the Hulu monthly subscription plan that you want. Remember that you can receive up to $20 monthly statement credits. That is enough to cover Hulu (no ads) plan. 
      • Hulu (No Ads) costs $14.99 per month.
      • Hulu (With Ads) costs $7.99 per month. 
    • Create your account if you do not have Hulu before. Otherwise, you click on the LOG IN button in the right-hand corner. 
    • Follow the signup form to complete your purchase. 
    • Make sure you use your American Express Platinum Card to pay for it. 
    • Once the charge is posted to your card’s account, American Express will issue a statement credit reimbursement into your account. This process is automatically done by the American Express system. 

    How long does Amex Hulu statement credit take to post?

    Your Amex account will show the pending transaction once you successfully pay your monthly Hulu subscription plan with your American Express Platinum Card
    Once the transaction is posted to your account, you will receive the statement credit any time from 2 to 3 days. There’s no need to ask American Express for the credit as the credit is automatically processed by the American Express system. 

    Can a Platinum card’s authorized user use the Amex Digitial Entertainment Credit benefit?

    Yes. Per American Express:

    Eligible purchases made by both the Basic and any Additional Card Members are covered. However, statement credits for eligible purchases can’t exceed $20 on the Card Account per month, for a total of $240 per calendar year.

    Does this benefit apply to existing Hulu subscribers?

    Yes. Hulu subscription offers a month-to-month service plan, and there’s no need to cancel your existing subscription and signup for a new one to get your free Hulu with American Express Platinum Card
    You need to update your payment method to have your next bill charged to your Platinum card. To do that via a web browser on a computer’s desktop:
    • Go to the official Hulu website.
    • Click on the LOG IN button in the right-hand corner and log in with your credentials. 
    • Click on Account under your profile name in the right-hand corner. 
    • Update your Payment Method to have your Hulu subscription bill charged to your American Express Platinum Card accordingly. 

    Can you use the credit for friends and family?

    Absolutely. American Express does not track who signs up for Hulu or who watches Hulu. All Amex cares about is issuing you the statement credit each month when your American Express Platinum Card is charged for Hulu. It does not matter if the Hulu account holder is you or has the Platinum Card or not. 
    A word of caution: If you are gifting it to a friend, a family member, or anyone else, make sure that person is someone you can trust because your Platinum card is required to be stored in the person’s Hulu account for ongoing billing. 

    What happens to unused Amex Platinum’s Digital Entertainment Credit?

    Any unused Amex Digital Entertainment Credit will not carry over to the following month. This is a benefit that you can receive up to $20 per month, for a total of $240 per calendar year benefit on the American Express Platinum Card.
    Besides Hulu, Amex Digital Entertainment Credit categories also include the following:
    • Audible
    • Disney+
    • The Disney Bundle
    • ESPN+
    • Hulu
    • Peacock
    • SiriusXM 
    • The New York Times

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