How to Use Alaska Airilnes MVP Gold Guest First Class Upgrade Code

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    How to Earn Alaska Airlines MVP Gold

    Alaska Airlines has two high elite status
    MVP Gold
    and MVP Gold 75k. Both status has First Class Guest Upgrades. For the
    purpose of this article about the First Class Guest Upgrades, let’s just focus
    on the MVP Gold because if you reach MVP Gold 75k, you obviously have and
    possibly more benefits than MVP Gold members do. 

    One of the benefits of becoming Alaska MVP Gold is ability to earn Four (4)
    First Class Guest Upgrades
    each year. In order to earn MVP Gold:

    • Fly and earn eligible 40,000 miles on Alaska Airlines.
    • Fly and earn eligible 50,000 miles on Alaska Airlines and elite-qualifying
      partner airlines. 
    • Fly 60 segments on Alaska Airlines and elite-qualifying partner
      • Each segment is counted individually, meaning connection segments are also
        counted. For example, you fly from A to B (layover) will be one segment
        and B to C (destination) will be another segment. So that is a total of 2

    Another option to earn MVP Gold is to do a Status Match Challenge. 

    Alaska Airlines allow status match from another frequent flyer program.

    • Once the match is approved, you will be given a challenge and Alaska elite
      status for 90 days. 
    • After that, if you meet the challenge requirement within 90 days, your
      Alaska status will be extended. See
      Alaska Airlines Status Match Challenge for more details. 

    How To Use MVP Gold Guest Upgrade Code

    Alaska Airlines MVP Gold and MVP Gold 75k receive 4 First Class guest upgrade
    codes per year. If you are an MVP Gold member, you can either use those codes
    for your own flights or you can gift them to someone (just about anyone). 
    Using the MVP Gold First Class guest upgrade code is quite simple and can be
    done online. You can also reach out to Alaska Airline customer service via
    phone to book and use the upgrade code. It’s worth noting that you cannot book
    with an Alaska agent using Twitter or text message due to payment
    It is also important to understand how MVP Gold First Class Guest Upgrade
    Code works:
    • Each code is valid for one seat/person only.
    • Each code can be used for one segment (one flight) in one direction.
    • If you have 1 connection to reach your destination, that is 2 segments and
      you will need 2 upgrade codes if you want to upgrade for both 2 segments
    • A round-trip ticket that has only one flight each-way will require 2
      upgrade codes.
    • Your airfare must be in a fare code that is eligible to use the upgrade
      code. The fare generally is a little bit more expensive but not too bad to
    To use MVP Gold First Class guest upgrade code online:
    • Go to
      Alaska Airlines website
    • Click on All search options.
    • Input your itinerary and date information. It can be one-way, round-trip
      or multiple-city.
    • On the right hand side under Upgrade type, select
      MVP Gold guest from the dropdown list. 
    • Click Find Flights.
    • Alaska Airlines will display all available flights. However, not every
      flight is eligible to use the MVV Gold guest upgrade code. If you see a
      flight segment that has a solid blue F next to it, that means that flight
      is eligible to use the guest upgrade code. If the F letter is not solid
      blue, then unfortunately that flight segment is not eligible. See
      screenshot below.
      • The First Class upgrade code can only apply to one segment and one seat.
        So be sure to check the availability to use the upgrade code for a long
        haul flight to really enjoy the First Class cabin. 
      • You are also required to pay for the Main Cabin fare that can use the
        upgrade code. That fare is found in the
        First Class Upgrade column on the result page. 

    • After selecting the flight that you want, simply follow the booking
      process like you normally would do. It is important to note that, Alaska
      Airline booking interface requires payment first before taking you to
      another page that allows you to input the MVP Gold guest upgrade
      code. If the code is valid, you’ll be notified that you have
      successful been upgraded to First class. 
      • Once the code is confirmed and used, it is final though there’s a
        workaround on this that requires manual request that I’ll talk below under “Tip on How to Extend Expiring MVP Gold First Class Guest Upgrade”.
        But at this point, use the code carefully before confirming especially
        if the upgrade code was given to you by an MVP Gold member. 

    Can You Use Alaska Famous Companion Fare Code With MVP Gold Guest Upgrade

    Yes. The booking process is very much the same as above and can be done
    online. On the search page, be sure to put in your Companion Fare code before
    clicking Find Flights. You will see the companion fare is applied accordingly
    on the result page. 
    However, keep in mind that the MVP Gold guest upgrade code is only valid for
    one seat, so in order to use both the companion fare code and the upgrade code
    for 2 people on one reservation, you must have at least 2 upgrade codes in
    order for this type of booking to work. 

    MVP Gold First Class Guest Upgrade Codes Cancellation Policy

    In a nutshell:
    • The MVP Gold guest upgrade for First Class code is non-returnable once
      it is used and confirmed on a reservation. 
    • If you are a guest receiving the upgrade code, do not cancel the
      reservation. You will not be able to get the upgrade code back. You also
      cannot change the reservation online and hoping that the upgrade code
      follows that reservation. Below is Alaska Airlines policy of the gold
      guest upgrades in terms of cancellation:

    Once an MVP Gold Guest upgrade has been applied to an AS flight and the
    passenger cancels a ticket, the MVP Gold Guest upgrade will be
    forfeited. The non-Gold will be advised of this forfeiture and must
    agree during the cancel/exchange process. 

    • If you are an MVP Gold member, you may be able to request Alaska to
      replace the upgrade code after a ticket’s cancellation. The process is
      not automatic, you must request Alaska Airlines to manually request

    Tip on How to Extend Expiring MVP Gold First Class Guest Upgrade

    As mentioned above up to this point, four Alaska Airlines First Class guest
    upgrade codes are given to MVP Gold and MVP Gold 75k members per year. Each
    code expires on December 31st, the end of each year. 
    In an event of cancellation of a reservation that contains an expiring MVP Gold
    guest upgrade code, the Gold Guest Upgrade can be requested to go back to
    the MVP Gold member’s account (not the code receiving guest’s account) where it came from. But the
    member has to manually request it with Alaska Airlines. For whatever reason,
    the new replaced Gold guest upgrade code has an expiration date of December
    next year. 

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