When Does Chase Referral Bonus Post & How To Keep Track of Referrals? [2021]


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When Does Chase Referral Bonus Post & How To Keep Track of Referrals? [2021]

One of the benefits of Chase Credit Cards is the ability to refer a friend to a particular Chase credit card that you have and you earn referral bonus points when your friend applies and is approved for that credit card using your referral link. 

In this post, I want to go over how the Chase-Refer-A-Friend program works and provide my data point on how long does it really take to receive Chase referral bonuses. 

How Fast Does Chase Referral Bonus Post?

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    How does the Chase Refer-A-Friend work?

    Chase bank offers credit card members an opportunity to earn more bonus points by referring a friend to apply for a particular credit card. You can refer just about anyone to apply for a Chase credit card that you have. When the person applies for that particular Chase card through your referral link and is approved for that card, you will receive the referral rewards in return. 

    If you forget to include your referral link or your friend did not apply for the card using your referral link, you will not earn rewards and that decision is final. 

    Furthermore, the Chase Refer-A-Friend program does have a limit on how many referrals you can refer a Chase credit card per calendar year (January - December). This limit, however, varies by credit card. In other words, if you max out your allowed referrals per calendar year, you will not earn any more referral rewards for that particular credit card until the next calendar year. 

    How to generate a Chase credit card referral link?

    Chase has a dedicated refer-a-friend site that you can go to. From there, you can generate a particular credit card referral link. To do that: 
    • Go to the official Chase Refer-A-Friend website
    • The site will ask you for your last name, zip code, and the last 4 digits of your card. After providing that information, simply click the Continue button. 
    • Chase system will generate a unique referral link for you to copy. You then can send that link to whoever you want via email, social media, text messages, etc. 

    It's worth mentioning also that sometimes the Chase refer a friend website can error out while attempting to generate a referral link. That happened to me a few times in the past. So if you encounter any errors that prevent you from generating a referral link, the easiest way to fix that is to go to that website using an Incognito or a Private browser mode and try again. 

    Can you refer yourself for a Chase credit card? 

    No, you cannot. 

    Chase makes it clear in their Refer-A-Friend program terms that: You are not eligible for a referral bonus if you use your own referral URL to apply for a different card.

    Can you refer your spouse for a Chase credit card?

    Yes. Chase bank's referral program is known as Chase Refer-A-Friend, but in reality, you can refer just about anyone for a Chase credit card. You can refer your friend, neighbor, roommate, spouse, domestic partner, colleague, and even a stranger that is eligible to apply for a Chase credit card. 

    When does the Chase referral bonus post?

    According to Chase Refer-A-Friend program terms:

    To be eligible for this bonus offer, account must be open and not in default at the time of fulfillment. Please allow up to 8 weeks after each new cardmember’s approval for Bonus to post to your account. Your bonus will appear on your statement as “Refer-A-Friend bonus.” You are not eligible for a referral bonus if you use your own referral URL to apply for a different card.

    While the terms state that it can take up to 8 weeks to get the Chase referral bonus. In practice, it comes down to when the person applies for the card and when your statement closing date is. 

    Take a look at my example timeline below:
    • June 30 - A couple friends applied for the Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card using my referral link and got approved for the card. 
    • My Sapphire Preferred credit card's statement cut-off date is around the 16th of every month. So in this case, it's July 16. 
    • July 13 which is a Tuesday, I noticed pending referral bonus points of 40,000 points in my Sapphire Preferred account. I'll show you how to see that below. 

    Therefore, it's safe to say that, if your friend uses your referral link to apply for a Chase credit card and gets approved, you can expect to receive the referral bonus on your next statement closing date. If the referral application was approved too close to your statement closing date, you won't be able to see it in that statement, but you will see the bonus in your next statement. In fact, if you do not want to wait until your next statement date, there's another way for you to actually see pending referral bonus points you've earned. See below.

    How to see how many Chase referral bonus points you've earned?

    There are a couple ways to see how many Chase referral bonuses you've earned for a particular credit card through the Chase Ultimate Rewards points portal:
    • Pending referral bonus points
    • Posted referral bonus points. 

    The easiest way to see the pending referral bonus points you've earned for a particular credit card is to use the Chase mobile app. 

    First of all, you need to know when your card's statement closing date is and how long ago did your friend apply for that card and get approved. Please refer to the above section When does the Chase referral bonus post? to understand what I mean by this. If the dates are far enough, then you can do the following:
    • Open your Chase mobile app and log in. 
    • Tap on the card that you want.
    • Scroll down until you see the section that says See rewards details & redeem. Click on it!
    • Click on the Ultimate Rewards that will take you to Rewards Activity.
    • You should see the section that says Earning on next statement. Those are the number of pending reward points including the Refer-A-Friend bonus you've earned since your last statement and they will be added to your next statement. See the screenshot below. 
    Pending Referral Bonus Points

    If you prefer to use a computer's desktop:
    • Go to the Chase Ultimate Rewards points portal site and log in. 
    • Select the card that you want. 
    • On the top, you should see the number of pending reward points including Refer-A-Friend bonus points with your next statement. 

    If you want to track how many posted referral bonuses you've earned, the easiest way to do that is to look at the Rewards Activity:
    • Go to the Chase Ultimate Rewards points portal site and log in. 
    • Select the card that you want. 
    • On the top where it says Earn / Use, click on the drop-down arrow. 
    • Click on Rewards Activity
    • Under Your earnings breakdown so far this year, you should see the Bonus from Refer-A-Friend offers. That's where you will see the number of referral bonus points you've earned so far this year. 

    How to keep track of Chase referrals?

    Chase used to send out an email when you earn a reward from Chase Refer-A-Friend. Within that email, it shows you your progress of how many referrals you have left per calendar year. I received this email a while back specifically with the Chase World of Hyatt Credit Card. See the screenshot below. 

    How Fast Does Chase Referral Bonus Post?

    While it looks like Chase does not send out that type of email anymore, but there's another easy way to keep track of your referrals. 

    Here's how you would do it:
    • Go to the official Chase Refer-A-Friend website
    • Enter your last name, zip code, and the card's last 4 digits. 
    • Click the Continue button to generate the referral link. 
    • Scroll down and you should see the tracker for your referral bonus as shown below. 
    How to keep track of the Chase referrals?
    Track Your Chase Referral Bonus

    How to check a Chase referral application status? 

    It is not possible to check who applied for a particular Chase credit card through your referral link and what the application's status is, etc. Chase bank will not disclose that information due to individual privacy concerns. 

    If you refer Chase card to someone you know, the simplest way is to just ask the person whether their application was approved or not. 

    Chase Sapphire Referral Bonus

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