Use Google Hotel to Search Hyatt Flexible Date For Cash Rate [2021]


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Use Google Hotel to Search Hyatt Flexible Date For Cash Rate [2021]

Since Hyatt devalued their points and cash award chart, I have been looking for a way to find the cheapest date for Hyatt hotels because Hyatt charges 50% off the regular rate for points and cash option. Currently, Hyatt website does not have the ability to provide a flexible rate’s calendar within their search function. You have to constantly keep searching on different dates, so when your traveling date is flexible, it is hard to know which date that may have the lowest rate for a specific Hyatt property in order to pay less cash when using points and cash option to book. I stumbled on a method to achieve this using the Google Hotel Search method.

How to find cheapest date for Hyatt hotels
Hyatt Regency Maui Resort
Photo Credit: Points Life

Hyatt Points + Cash

As a reminder, Hyatt allows booking using the combination of Points + Cash. 50% of the points required for a free night and the cash portion is typically 50% off the Standard Rate.
Hyatt Hotel CategoryPoints Per Night Points + Cash
Category 15,0002,500 + Cash
Category 28,0004,000 + Cash
Category 312,0006,000 + Cash
Category 415,0007,500 + Cash
Category 520,00010,000 + Cash
Category 625,00012,500 + Cash
Category 730,00015,000 + Cash

How Google Hotel Search Works to Find the Cheapest Date for a Hyatt Hotel

Currently, it appears that only the mobile version of Google Hotel Search works to find the lowest rate based on the date for a Hyatt hotel. Google Hotel Search on desktop browsers for whatever reasons show the calendar, but does not show the rate.

Use Google Hotel Search Calendar to Find Hyatt Cheapest Date

How to Use Google Hotel For Hyatt Flexible Date Search

  • Go to Google Hotel Search on your mobile/tablet browser.
  • Type in a specific Hyatt hotel's name in "Where to?" that you are interested in.
  • Click on the check-in date field, and wait for the calendar to load up with rates on different dates. 

This will allow you to see the date that has the lowest rate for a particular Hyatt hotel. Then simply head over to Hyatt website to search for that particular check-in and check-out dates using points and cash. The cash rate more or less should reflect 50% off the regular rate that you saw using the Google Hotel Search tool.
Hot Tip: There's a quick way to find Hyatt hotels using Points + Cash. On either Hyatt website or mobile app, you simply supply the code in the Corporate/Group # field as 51440 in the search function. Hyatt will display the cash rate based on Points + Cash redemption.

Use Google Hotel to Search Hyatt Flexible Date For Points & Cash Rate


Due to the limitation of Hyatt search function that does not allow flexible calendar search to find the cheapest date, it can be difficult to find the lowest cash rate for Hyatt points and cash booking when the cash portion is typically 50% off the standard rate. The mobile version of Google Hotel Search tool has the ability to display a full calendar along with the rate on each day, this makes it possible to determine which date that has the lowest rate for a specific Hyatt hotel in order to pay less cash when using points and cash option to book.
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