Hyatt’s Unpublished Points Advance Reservations Policy For Globalist and All World of Hyatt Members

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Apparently, Hyatt has an unpublished policy about “Points Advance” reservations. The internal policy allows Hyatt members to make a points reservation if he or she does not have enough points yet to secure an award booking. 

The member will just need to earn enough points before arrival. This can be useful when a Hyatt property is popular and the standard award room’s availability is hard to come by, so you can book first then earn points later. However, there are conditions based on your elite status with Hyatt, and I’ll talk about them below. 

Hyatt's Unpublished Points Advance Reservations Policy For Globalist and All World of Hyatt Members

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    If you are a Globalist member, and you do not have sufficient points to secure an award booking for a specific Hyatt property, you can request assistance with Hyatt to help you book with insufficient points. 
    Hyatt Globalist elite members can request a Points Advance booking with no caps. 
    • There’s no minimum or maximum of how many points are required. 
    • There’s also no minimum or maximum of how many nights are required. 
    However, there is one important condition:
    • You must have enough points 7 days before your arrival. Otherwise, the reservation will change to paid rate. 

    Hyatt Points Advance For All Hyatt Members

    I was looking at Andaz Maui and my account was short 600 World of Hyatt points to book a 4-night stays there. This Andaz property is notorious when it comes to releasing standard award rooms. While I could earn 600 points easily through my Chase World of Hyatt Credit Card spend, the points are not deposited into my World of Hyatt account until after my credit card’s statement date. By then, I am skeptical if the standard award room at Andaz Maui would be still available for booking. So I decided to call up the World of Hyatt line and inquired about the possibility of Points Advance booking.

    The Hyatt agent let me know that Hyatt has had this internal policy for quite some time now, but only Hyatt’s Globalist members could make such requests as mentioned above. Hyatt had changed this policy to allow every member regardless of their tier status to request points advance reservations. 

    However, there is one condition:
    • Each Hyatt member can only make a points advance reservation if the member’s account is short on points for up to 1,000 points
    In other words, you can make a reservation and “borrow” up to 1,000 World of Hyatt points. Once the reservation is made, your account will have a negative points balance. In my case, I was short 600 points, so my account now shows a negative of 600 points. I was told that I have up until the check-in time to earn the points back to place my account back into a positive balance.
    While 1,000 points is not a lot and sure is not as generous as Marriott’s points advance policy, this can be useful in the situation that you want to secure an award stay at a Hyatt property that the award availability is hard to come by. So book first then deal with the points later. If you are unable to accrue enough points, point reservations are refundable as long as you cancel before the allowed cancellation time.

    How To Make Hyatt’s Points Advance Reservations

    Currently, Hyatt’s points advance reservations cannot be done online. You have to reach out to Hyatt’s customer service to assist:

    • Call Hyatt at 1-800-323-7249 
    • Send a message to Hyatt Concierge through the Twitter
    • Chat with Hyatt through Hyatt mobile app or Facebook messenger that can be found under the Contact in Hyatt mobile app. 
    • Simply let them know that you are short on x amounts of points (cannot be more than 1,000 points) and request their assistance to make a points reservation for you. 


    Hyatt has an unpublished Points Advance booking policy that allows every Hyatt member’s account to go into a negative balance of no more than 1,000 World of Hyatt points. This internal policy is applicable to all Hyatt members, except for the Globalist elite members. 

    There’s an unpublished Globalist benefit that allows Globalists to make an award reservation with insufficient points with no minimum or maximum of how many points are required. You just need to make sure you have enough points 7 days before your arrival or the reservation will change to paid rate. 
    While Hyatt’s points advance policy is not as generous as the Marriott Bonvoy program for the non-Globalist elite members, it is nice to know that Hyatt does allow this and it can be beneficial in some circumstances when it comes to securing a popular Hyatt property award booking.

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