Approved! €600 Cash Compensation on Award Flight and How to File Cash Compensation Claim on Delayed Flight With LOT Polish Airlines

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Our LOT Polish Airlines was significantly delayed at least 5 hours long from Budapest (BUD) to Chicago O’Hare (ORD). We used miles to book the ticket in Business Class and fortunately, award tickets are also eligible for the EU Flight Cancellation and Delay Compensation Under EC Regulation 261/2004

Today, I am going to lay out the process on how to file claim with LOT Polish Airlines to get compensated up to €600 on an EU delayed flight, and the time it takes for the claim to be processed and receive the money.

How to File Cash Compensation Claim on Delayed Flight With LOT Polish Airline

How to File Cash Compensation Claim on Delayed Flight With LOT Polish Airlines

  1. Go to LOT website:
  2. Click on Customer Service menu on the top. 
  3. Click on Contact
  4. Click on Contact Form tab
  5. Scroll down until you reach the section that says 11 Passenger Complaint
  6. Click on After departure
  7. Fill in all the required information. You can auto-populate your personal information if you have account with LOT and sign into LOT. 

Claim Process & Approval Timelines

  • May 24 – Claim submitted via online contact form above. 
  • May 25 – Contact acknowledged by LOT’s automated email.  
  • May 30 – Approval response received. 
With reference to your letter, please accept our sincere apologies for all the inconvenience due to the delay of flight LO31.

We recognize that our customers expect their flights to operate as scheduled and we make every effort to prevent any irregularity. Unfortunately, however, factors such  as mechanical malfunctions, adverse weather, air traffic congestion, etc., can and do interfere with the operation of all airlines at times.

Please be informed that we have awarded you the compensation of EUR 600. In order to finalize the transaction, please complete the form attached below. Our financial department reserves approximately four weeks to process the payment.

We hope that future air travels are satisfactory in every respect.
  • May 30 – Submit the bank information via the form link in the email. There’s no need to scan the form, etc. It’s an online form and can be submitted online. Below is the information on inbound International wire transfer fee for reference. You may need to contact your bank for the SWIFT code, etc. for the International wire section on the form. 

FREE Inbound International Wire Transfer Banks:
Alliant Credit Union
Ally Bank
Capital One Bank
Charles Schwab
Ever Bank
Synchrony Bank does not accept International wire transfer
Inbound International Wire Transfer Fee Banks:
Citi Bank is $15. Free for premium accounts.
Chase is $15
WellsFargo is $16
U.S. Bank is $25
  • June 06 – Cash/money credited into our account in USD in the amount of $668.86 each based on the exchange rate at the time. We received a total of $1,337.72. We used TIAA Bank so there’s no inbound International wire transfer fee. 
As you can see, the time it takes to file the claim and get compensated with LOT Polish Airlines is pretty quick (13 days). LOT Polish Airlines makes it very convenient to submit the claim and provide bank information for the cash compensation, all done online. 
Kudos to LOT and we are pretty stoked with the outcome to receive more than $1,300 in cash though the 5+ long delayed flight was not fun, but that’s just part of the air travel and we were not in a hurry to get into Chicago that day. 

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