How to Use and Maximize Chase World of Hyatt Business Credit Card $100 Annual Hyatt Statement Credit [2022]

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Chase World of Hyatt Business Credit Card offers up to $100 statement credit each card anniversary year for eligible Hyatt purchases. The Hyatt business card comes with an annual fee of $199, and therefore, being able to use and maximize its $100 annual credit benefit helps justify that card’s annual fee. 

Chase makes this $100 Hyatt statement credit benefit easy to use, so let’s look at some ideas to use the credit. 
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    How the Chase World of Hyatt Business Credit Card $100 Annual Credit Work

    • The Hyatt $100 annual credit is valid per your card membership year, not the calendar year. 
    • You can receive a $50 statement credit up to 2 times each card anniversary year for a total of $100
    • You can only use the credit per card membership year, so you use it or lose it!
    • Each eligible Hyatt purchase must be a least $50 or more to qualify for the credit. 
    • Qualifying Hyatt purchases are: 
      • Hyatt Hotels and Resorts
      • Restaurants owned and managed by Hyatt property
      • Participating SLH (Small Luxury Hotels)
      • Lindblad Expedition experiences purchased directly through Hyatt. 
    • The credit does not qualify for purchases at MGM despite the Hyatt & MGM Partnership
    • You receive the Hyatt credit in the form of a statement credit posted to your card account the same day your qualifying Hyatt purchase is posted. 
    • You receive the statement credit for the membership anniversary year in which the transaction posts to your card account. The statement credit issued will be counted towards the following anniversary year’s $100 credit benefit if the transaction is posted after your anniversary date. 

    Use the Credit For Hyatt Hotels & Resorts

    The most obvious choice is to use the $100 annual Hyatt credit when you stay at a Hyatt hotel or resort. As long as your Chase World of Hyatt Business Credit Card is charged by a Hyatt property of at least $50, the transaction qualifies for the statement credit.
    • You stay at a Hyatt property and use the World of Hyatt business credit card to pay for room rate, dining, spa, parking, resort fee, and any incidental charges. 
    • Make sure all expenses are charged to the room portfolio and paid with your Chase World of Hyatt Business Credit Card at checkout time for the credit benefit to apply. 
    • Chase will automatically issue the statement credit into your card account when your purchase is posted to the account. 
      • Remember, the purchase has to be at least $50 for the benefit to apply. 

    Use the Credit For Night Out at a Hyatt Property

    Chase makes it really easy to use the Chase World of Hyatt Business Credit Card $100 annual Hyatt credit. You do not need to stay with Hyatt to use the credit. In fact, you can have a night out in the town where your local Hyatt property has a restaurant or a bar and pay with your Hyatt business credit card. 
    If you are traveling but not staying with Hyatt, you can also go to a Hyatt property with a restaurant or a bar to enjoy dining and have the bill charged to your Hyatt business credit card. Chase will reimburse your food and drinks expenses by issuing the statement credit the same day the purchase is posted to your card account as long as the purchase is $50 or more. 

    Use the Credit For Small Luxury Hotels (SLH)

    Small Luxury Hotels (SLH) has a special partnership with Hyatt. According to Chase, “participating SLH properties means that any hotel or resort affiliated with SLH participates in the World of Hyatt Program.”

    Use the Credit For Lindbal Expedition

    Lindblad Expeditions participates in the World of Hyatt program, and they offer various once-in-a-lifetime expeditions to experience. The cost is on the high-end side, but you will also receive the following World of Hyatt benefits:
    • Earn 5 Base Points per eligible $1 spent, plus standard elite member bonuses
    • Qualifying nights count toward World of Hyatt elite tier status
    • Redeem World of Hyatt points for future expeditions
    • Receive a $250 onboard credit per reservation
    • Direct Link to the Hyatt’s Lindblad Expeditions

    Maximize the Credit With World of Hyatt Promotions and Offers

    Hyatt regularly has promotions offered for stays to allow members to earn more points or free nights. While you are working on getting your $100 annual statement credit on your Chase World of Hyatt Business Credit Card, do check out Hyatt’s ongoing promotional offers that you can stack and enjoy the credit at the same time. 

    How Long Does Each $50 Hyatt Credit Take to Post?

    Chase issues each $50 statement credit on qualifying Hyatt purchases the same day the purchase is posted to your Chase World of Hyatt Business Credit Card account. The Chase system does the process automatically, so there’s no need to call Chase and request the credit. 
    See my example timeline below. My account received the $50 statement credit at the same time when the charge was posted to my account. 

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