12 Best Ways to Redeem Alaska Mileage Plan Miles For Premium Class (Updated 2018)

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1. Fly Cathay Pacific First Class to Asia – 70,000 Alaska Miles
Cathay Pacific has one of the top First Class products. For only 70,000 Alaska miles, you can fly First Class one-way to Hong Kong from the United States. For the same amount of miles required, you can even stop over in Hong Kong for a few days, then continue on to other Asian countries that Cathay flies to. Business class is 50,000 miles.

2. Fly Cathay Pacific First Class to South Africa – 70,000 Alaska Miles
Believe it or not, a one-way First Class with Cathay Pacific from the US to Africa via Hong Kong is the same amount of 70,000 miles required to Asia. However, this redemption will be mixed cabins because Cathay only operates Business Class from Hong Kong to Johannesburg segment. You can also do a stop over in Hong Kong if desired. Business class is 62,500 miles.

3. Fly Cathay Pacific First Class to Middle East, India & South Asia – 70,000 Alaska Miles
You can fly to Middle East, India & South Asia with Cathay Pacific First Class for only 70,000 miles one-way. If you want a more fun itinerary, don’t forget to include a stopover in Hong Kong for a few days. Business class is 62,500 miles, but truthfully for only 7,500 more miles you can experience Cathay’s award winning First Class product.

4. Fly Cathay Pacific First Class to Australia & New Zealand – 80,000 Alaska Miles
For 80,000 Alaska miles, you can fly from the United States one-way First Class to Hong Kong (stop over if desired), then Business Class from Hong Kong to Australia or New Zealand. Cathay does not operate First Class cabin for the Hong Kong to Australia or New Zealand segment.

If you prefer Business class all the way from the US to Hong Kong to Australia or New Zealand, you can have it for 60,000 Alaska miles.

5. Fly Cathay Pacific First Class Between New York and Vancouver – 35,000 Alaska Miles
If you want to experience Cathay Pacific’s awesome First Class product, you can redeem only 35,000 Alaska miles for a one-way trip between New York and Vancouver. Flight time is around 6 hours, which is enough to give you an unforgettable First Class experience with Cathay. Business Class is 25,000 miles.

6. Fly Japan Airlines First Class to Asia 70,000 Alaska Miles & Southeast Asia 75,000 Alaska Miles

Japan Airlines First Class

Alaska airlines has two award charts for Japan Airlines. If you want to go to Southeast Asian countries via Tokyo with Japan Airlines, you would need 75,000 miles for First Class and 65,000 miles for Business Class. Japan Airlines premium class is known for its top-notch customer service and awesome comfortable sleeping bed in the sky.

Other Asia region, which includes South Asia & India only requires 70,000 miles for First Class and 60,000 miles for Business.

Stopping over for a few days in Tokyo is also ideal if you want to stretch the value of your miles further.

7. Fly Japan Airlines Business Class From Southeast Asia to India – 25,000 Alaska Miles
The definition of “Asia” with Japan Airlines using Alaska miles is pretty broad. For only 25,000 Alaska miles, you can fly Business Class one-way with Japan airlines from Southeast Asia to India. For example, you can fly from Bangkok to Delhi via Tokyo. The Tokyo to Delhi segment is almost 9 hours flight, and it gets better as you can add a stopover in Tokyo at no additional miles. The Southeast Asia to Tokyo Narita route, make sure it’s the sky suite with lie-flat bed. Go here to check out the routes.

8. Fly Korean Air Business Class One-Way 52,500 Alaska Miles With Other Partner Airline on a Round-Trip Itinerary

Korean Air Apex Suite Business Class
Photo Credit: Korean Air

Korean Air’s Apex Suite in Business Class is amazing. Using Alaska miles to redeem for Korean Air Business Class needs to be a round-trip itinerary that costs 105,000 Alaska miles. If you redeem for one-way only, you still have to pay for the same amount 105,000 Alaska miles. To go around this policy, you either fly Korean Air round-trip as mentioned or redeem Alaska miles for a round-trip itinerary that includes Korean Air and other Alaska’s partner airline. You then will just pay half the Korean Air round-trip miles, which is 52,500 miles. For example, you can fly from U.S. to Seoul in Business Class with Korean Air and return to U.S. with another partner airline such as Cathay Pacific or Japan Airlines, etc.

Unfortuntaely, First Class is not available for redemption on Korean Air using Alaska miles at this time.

9. Fly Hainan Airlines Business Class to Asia – 50,000 Alaska Miles

Hainan Airlines Business Class 787-9
Photo Credit: Hainan Airlines

If China is your destination, you can get there in the lie-flat bed Business Class with Hainan Airlines for only 50,000 miles. If you want to continue on to other Asia countries that Hainan flies to such as Bangkok and Phuket, by all means you can have a free stop over in China for a few days, then continue on for the same amount of miles. Tax fee is a little bit high that can range from $100-$300.

It’s worth mentioning that Hainan Airlines does not have First Class cabin at this time.

10. Fly Fiji Airways Business to Australia & New Zealand – 55,000 Alaska Miles

Fiji Airways Business Class A330-200
Photo Credit: Fiji Airways

For only 55,000 miles, you can fly Business Class with Fiji Airways from the U.S. to Australia or New Zealand via Fiji. Thanks to Alaska’s generous stopover policy, you can stopover in Fiji as long as you want before leaving for Australia or New Zealand. This will not cost you any additional miles.

11. Fly Qantas First Class to Australia & New Zealand – 70,000 Alaska Miles
Flying to Australia or New Zealand can’t get more comfortable than this. Qantas is an Australian based airline. You can redeem 70,000 Alaska miles for First Class one-way with Qantas from the U.S. to Australia. You can stopover in Australia as long as you want before continuing on to New Zealand or other part of Australia without spending any additional miles. Business Class is also a great redemption of only 55,000 miles.

12. Fly LATAM Business Class to South America – 45,000 Alaska Miles
For only 45,000 Alaska miles, you can fly Business Class one-way from the U.S. to South America with Chile based airline – LATAM. If you jump on this redemption, make sure to fly on LATAM’s new dreamliner 787 route such as LAX – Lima or JFK – Santiago.

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