Master List of Airlines Change And Cancellation Fees For Award Tickets (Updated April 2020)

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UPDATE June 2020: 

  • Added ANA award change and refund fees. See here

We love redeeming miles for award flight tickets. Not only it enables us to experience luxury premium cabins in the world and travel more with less money, but also how affordable it is to change or even cancel an award flight ticket and get miles back compared to a paid flight ticket. Each airline and its program impose the change and cancellation fees for award tickets differently, and therefore we thought it’d be helpful to create this list for our miles and points readers.

As you go through the list, please note that if you redeem a flexible/refundable award ticket which typically require more miles or hold an elite status with the airline/program, the fees may be waived or reduced. Underneath each airline and program, we also included the reference link on where the fees information came from in case further clarification is needed.

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    Airlines & 
    Change Fee Cancellation & 
    Redeposit Fee


    20 Euros (~$23) 20 Euros (~$23)
    Reference Link

    Air Canada 

    100 CAD (~$75) 75 CAD (~$56) online
    150 CAD (~$113) contact center
    Reference Link

    Air France KLM 
    Flying Blue

    45 Euros (~$51) 45 Euros (~$51)
    Reference Link Under “Conditions”

    Alaska Airlines
    Mileage Plan 

    $125 $125
    Reference Link

    American Airlines

    None – as long as no change to
    Origin or Destination
    $150 and $25 for second
    award ticket.
    Reference Link Under “Changing flight award tickets”

    All Nippon Airways (ANA) Mieage Club

    None 3,000 miles per customer.
    Reference Link Award Refund
    Reference Link Award Change

    Asiana Airlines
    Asiana Club

    None – as long as
    fare type unchanged
    USD 30 or 3,000 miles
    Reference Link


    $150 $200
    Reference Link

    British Airways

    $55 $55
    Reference Link

    Cathay Pacific

    Date & Flight Number Changes:
    Charge per flight sector/passenger:
    $25 or 1,000 Miles online.
    $40 or 4,000 Miles other channels.

    Routes & Cabin Class Changes:
    $100 or 10,000 Miles

    $120 or 12,000 Miles
    Reference Link

    Delta Airline

    $150 $150
    Reference Link Under “CAN AWARD TICKETS BE CHANGED?”


    $25 $75
    Reference Link

    Etihad Guest

    100 AED (~$27) 10% of the miles for GuestSeats fare
    Reference Link Under “Redeem miles against flights and upgrades”


    $150 International
    $50 Domestic (N America)
    $30 neighbor island
    $150 Domestic & International
    $30 neighbor islands
    Reference Link

    Iberia Plus

    €25 (~$28) €25 (~$28)
    Reference Link

    Under “Are my Avios refundable?

    Japan Airlines
    JAL Mileage Bank

    3,100 JPY (~$28)  3,100 JPY (~$28)
    Reference Link

    Under “Changes to Awards after Mileage Redemption (Ticket Issuance)”

    Korean Air

    KRW 30,000 (~26) Deduct 3,000 miles
    within validity period.
    10,000 miles after
    validity period
    Reference Link


    5,000 points per passenger. 6,000 points per passenger.
    Reference Link

    Under “Cancellation Refund Fee” and “Change Fee” sections.

    Singapore Airlines

    $25 on Singapore, $50 on Partner $75
    Reference Link

    Southwest Airlines
    Rapid Rewards

    None None
    Reference Link

    Turkish Airlines
    Miles & Smiles

    $25 $25
    Reference Link Under “USING AWARDS”

    United Airlines

    $75 – More than 60 days.
    $125 – 60 days or fewer.
    $75 – More than 60 days.
    $125 – 60 days or fewer.
    Reference Link

    Virgin Atlantic
    Flying Club

    $50 $50
    Reference Link Under “4.2. Virgin Atlantic Flight Rewards”

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