How To Maximize $200 Dell Statement Credits With American Express Business Platinum Card [2021]


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How To Maximize $200 Dell Statement Credits With American Express Business Platinum Card [2021]

  • Amex offers Business Platinum card members one-time $200 statement credit following account renewal. See this post.

American Express has changed the benefits on its American Express Business Platinum Card along with increasing the card's annual fee from $450 to $595. That's an increase of $145. One of the changed benefits includes Dell statement credits of up to $200 annually. The way $200 Dell credit works is that:
  • You receive up to $100 in statement credits between January and June.
  • You receive another up to $100 in statement credits between July and December.
How To Maximize $200 Dell Statement Credits With American Express Business Platinum Card

Whether the $595 annual fee American Express Business Platinum Card is worth keeping or not is your personal decision to make. 
  • If you decide to keep the card, then by all means take full advantage of the $200 Dell statement credits. 
  • If you decide to cancel the card and your annual fee does not hit until after July, then take full advantage of the $200 Dell statement credits. Also, consider any good retention offer before closing the account. 
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    How to Maximize $200 Dell Statement Credits

    • Make sure to enroll in this benefit first. To enroll, sign in to your account, then click on the Benefits tab. Find the section "Shop Dell with Business Platinum" then click the Enroll button. If you prefer, you can use the chat or call to have the agent enrolls it for you too. 
    • After enrollment, go back to the Home page and scroll down to look at the Amex Offers & Benefits. Find all available Dell offers and add those offers to your Amex Business Platinum card. My offers show:
      • Get +1 Membership Rewards Point per dollar spent at Dell
      • Get 10% back, up to $1,500
    • [UPDATE] Generally, we recommend that you use a Cashback Monitor that allows you to compare each portal to see who gives the most cash back for shopping with Dell online. For instance, Ebates/Rakuten is currently offering % cashback on Dell purchases. If you do not have Ebates/Rakuten account, you can join for free. If you join and spend $, you will receive an additional $ bonus. So if you spend $100, you will receive $ cashback + $ bonus for a total of $ extra cashback. You are likely going to spend more than $30 to use Amex Dell credit anyway. Here's how you would do it:
      • Go to Ebates/Rakuten portal site. 
      • Sign in with your account. If you do not have an account, you can join for free. Plus after you join and spend $, you will get an additional $ bonus from Rakuten. 
      • Search for Dell on Ebates/Rakuten website.
      • Click Shop Now. 
    • Start shopping. You can make multiple purchases and once you hit at least $100, you will receive the statement credits. Be sure to use your Business Platinum Card to make the purchase.
      • If you and your significant other both have this card, Dell allows splitting payments during the check-out process. Two birds with one stone! See below post on how to split payments.

    How To Split Payments With Dell

    Splitting payments can be beneficial if you and your family member each have an American Express Business Platinum Card. Dell allows splitting your purchase between 1-3 forms of payment, so if your purchase is above $200, you can use your Amex Business Platinum card and have it charged for $100, and use your partner's Amex Business Platinum card and have it charged for another $100. This trick will allow you both to earn $100 Dell statement credit each from American Express. Splitting payments with Dell is quite simple, follow the steps below:
    • Search for a product. Add the product to the cart, and then perform a checkout.
    • Fill in your shipping information. Then click on Next: Payment
    • Select the Credit/Debit Card option and fill in the first Amex Business Platinum card's information. 
    • At the bottom, you should see Split your payment. Click on Add Another Payment Method button (see screenshot below), and follow the web interface to finalize your purchase using multiple Amex card payments. 

    How To Split Payments With Dell
    How To Split Payments With Dell

    Dell Products & Beyond

    Granted, when you hear about Dell, your first instinct would be computer-related products. Most people don't annually need those types of products. But there are so many other tech things that you can purchase through Dell such as Wi-Fi Range Extender, Google Home Assistant, Amazon Alexa Echo, Bose, Chromecast, Headphones, etc. As long as you purchase those items through Dell's website, your purchase qualifies for the Amex $100 statement credits between January and June and then another $100 statement credits between July and December.

    Amex Dell Gift Cards

    For gift cards, currently, you can only purchase Dell's gift cards and Microsoft XBOX's gift cards on Dell's website.

    How Long Does It Take for Dell Statement Credit to Post?

    I purchased an Amazon Echo for $105.99 after tax. In return, American Express gave me the $100 statement credits 2 days after the purchase was posted to my account. In addition, I also received a $10.60 credit as a result of the 10% Amex Offer for Dell. I also earned cash back from the cash back shopping portal.

    Checklist For Maximizing Amex $200 Dell Statement Credits

    • You enrolled your American Express Business Platinum Card for Dell statement credits benefit with American Express. 
    • You added all available Amex offers on Dell purchases to your American Express Business Platinum Card.
    • You use cash back portal sites to go to the Dell website instead of going to the Dell website directly. If you are not sure what this means, we talked about this in detail under the "How to Maximize $200 Dell Statement Credits" section above. 
    • Dell sells electronic products beyond just Dell computers and hardware. You use your Amex Business Platinum card to pay.
      • If you and your partner both have this card, Dell also allows splitting payments during the checkout process. 
    • Dell will not charge until the item is shipped. Therefore, do not wait until the last minute or even a few days before the deadline to use the Amex Dell credit, because if the item is out of stock or takes time to be fulfilled, the eligible charges may not be posted in time to be eligible for Amex credit. Again, Dell only charges you if your item is shipped. Keep that in mind. 

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    Anonymous said…
    I got a laptop with 3 BPs but I need to return it, and they credit he original mode of payment, any clue what happens to the $200 and 10% credits?
    PL said…
    If Amex gave you those credits for returned Dell items, Amex will claw back those credits at some point in the future. My suggestion is to use the credit as it is intended for during the allowed period and buy something else that you won't be returning. It's better to use the credits than having Amex claws back in the future.