While Best Western Rewards is not my top favorite hotel rewards program, I do find myself traveling to somewhere that Best Western property could be the only option with a great rate to stay at. Best Western also sometimes has nice promotion going on that is enough to make me switch from my favorite hotel chains to it. 

With so many Best Western properties around the world, you never know if or when you will come across a nice Best Western property that's worth staying at. Therefore, you should consider joining the Best Western Rewards if you have not done that. 

Here's one easy way to fast-track yourself to one of their top tier elite status of Diamond without a single stay or status match. The Diamond is only one below the highest elite status called Diamond Select.

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    Instant Best Western Diamond Status With Business Advantage Program

    If status match is not something that you want to pursue, Best Western has another method to instantly upgrade your account to Diamond Elite status. 

    If you have a business, you can sign up for Best Western Business Advantage Program. After successfully enrolling in the program, your account which is considered an account owner will be instantly elevated to Diamond status and any employees are elevated to Gold status. It does not matter if your business is small or big, have 1 employee which is you or more... you can sign up for Best Western Business Advantage Program free of charge. They also do not ask for any proof of your business. 

    Why Best Western Business Advantage?

    Two things that I love about the Best Western Business Advantage is the ability to make a reservation with a preferred discounted rate that typically is almost identical to Member Advanced Purchase Rate, but the Business Advantage preferred rate comes with flexible cancellation that allows free cancellation up to 1 day before arrival date. Then you also receive 10% more bonus points that are in addition to the 30% bonus points for qualifying stay with your elevated Diamond Elite status. All you have to do is simply join the Business Advantage program and the rest is automatically processed by Best Western. 

    How To Join Best Western Business Advantage Program

    • Enroll in the program online here
    • Fill out the form and click submit.

    Best Western representative will contact you and ask you a few simple questions. Nothing crazy! After all said and done, your Best Western account will be automatically upgraded to Diamond status and you can start enjoying any benefits that come with that elite status level. You will also receive preferred discounted rates that come with free cancellation. The agent will provide you the code for that preferred rate to use each time you make your booking. 

    Business Advantage Program Benefits

    You will receive the following benefits as part of the Best Western Business Advantage Program. These are in addition to the standard benefits that Diamond members receive:
    • Preferred Rates - There are exclusive discounted member rates for qualified businesses.
    • Automatic Elite Level Status Upgrades - Account owners are instantly elevated to Diamond Status and employees are elevated to Gold Status – so everyone in the company wins.
    • 10% More Bonus Points - Business or account owners earn 10% more bonus points from their travelers’ stays, which can be used for future business stays, company incentives, and more.
    • Free Avis Preferred Membership – Members receive an enrollment in Avis Preferred, which helps speed up the car rental process.
    • Exclusive Promotions – Members receive real value through special offers and discounts.

    Best Western Diamond Elite Benefits

    • 30% Bonus points for qualifying stay
    • Points never expire
    • Early Check-In / Late Check-Out
    • Complimentary Water and 500 Points Upon Arrival
    • See all the benefits here