Review: ANA (All Nippon Airways) NH005 First Class Boeing 777-300ER Los Angeles LAX to Tokyo NRT

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Los Angeles – Tokyo (Narita)
DEP 12:25 ARR 16:25 
Duration: 11h 40m
Seat number: 1K First Class
Aircraft: NH005 Boeing 777-300ER
Miles Redeemed: 89,670 Avianca’s LifeMiles + $44.81 in tax

Flying from Los Angeles to Tokyo was not a short distance. The entire journey took almost 12 hours. Being able to fly First Class with ANA did make a huge difference and let me tell you that I did not want to get off the plane at all. The comfortable spacious First Class suite seat, attention to detailed customer service, delicious Japanese meals, refreshing sake, and seemingly endless hours of entertainment were truely amazing.

ANA First Class Suiteat

I was greeted at the check-in area by a bright red carpet that spells out “First Class” words on it. There was no line. I got checked in and quickly retrieved my boarding pass with an invitation to access the Star Alliance First Class Lounge at Los Angeles International Airport. After having a wonderful relaxing time at the lounge, it was time for me to head to the gate and started boarding along with other passengers that hold elite status with ANA.

ANA First Class Check-In Red Carpet

Suite Seat
It was my first time flight to Japan with ANA First Class. I was very fortunate to sit in ANA’s huge First Class seat and I honestly did not want to leave. There are 8 open suites in the First Class cabin. The seats configuration is 1-2-1. I assigned myself prior to checking in with seat 1K. I was stoked to get into the seat and check out all the amenities that come with it. I have never seen a plane’s seat that comes with so many compartments along with power outlets, USB chargers, seat controls, etc. Each suite is a spacious square cabin with high-panel walls that provides comfort and privacy. In a way, the square cabin reminds me of a work cubical, in a fun and luxurious way. The only one complain that I have about the seat is that you can’t really look out the window because the high-panl wall blocks one of the windows by design, you have to lean forward a little bit to look out, which was not a big deal to me at all.

Suit Seat Square Cabin With High-Panel Walls
Comfortable Seat
Each Square Cabin Looks Like Work Cubical

Samsonite Amenity Kit
After takeoff, I wasn’t looking forward to getting to my destination as I always did when I was flying in coach. I was still enjoying sitting in my assigned seat and checking things out. I opened the Samsonite amenity kit and found eye mask, ear plugs, toothbrush, cotton, and a bag with a varitey of lotions and moisturizers. Meanwhile, I was also offered the pajamas by a lovely flight attendant.

Entertainment TV & Amenities

Samsonite Amenity Kit
Inside Samsonite Amenity Kit

Customer service provided by the ANA crew was truly outstanding. The crew in First Class were super courteous, friendly, and attendtion to detailed needs. Whenever I got up from my seat to do something, they were there to ask if I needed something. Atlhough their English wasn’t perfect, it was good enough to communicate my needs. Overall, I was very pleased with the crew’s top-notch customer service.

Drinks & Food
The true indulgence really began when the flight attendant came by and offered me the extensive dirnks selection. For that was a Japanese carrier, I asked the flight attendant if she could recommend a glass of sweet sake. She wasn’t sure and suggested I sampled all three available sake. I agreed and my favorite ended up the sake that contains the ripe apple flavor. Meanwhile, another flight attendant presented me with the food menu. The food menu is a multicourse meal that contains so many items. I wasn’t sure if I needed to pick and choose, but turned out all I had to decide was whether Japanese or Western style. I decided on the Japanese style. When it arrived, each item on the menu was in a small portiion in a small bowl that was beautifully presented over the course of meal. The flight attendant would do her best to explain what was in each dish, but for me all I really cared was the taste and let me tell you that it was incredible. Here are some pictures of the Japanese style dish that I ordered.

Sampling Three Selections of Sake

Sky Bed
After feeling full and bubbly from sake, I decided to go change into pajamas. While I stood up to make my way to the lavatory to change, the flight attendant courtesouly informed me to wait while she went to check if the lavatory wasn’t occupied. There are two lavatory in First Class. One is bigger than the other. It makes perfect sense that the bigger lavatory is mainly used for changing. Once she confirmed it was available for me, she guided me to there and let me change. When I was done and came out of the lavatory with my clothes in one hand, the same flight attendant was there and offered to take my clothes from me so that she could fold them up for me. At my suite cabin, another flight attendant was making my seat into a fully flat bed with mattress, blanket and a more comfortable pillow than the one that was already on the seat. I finished my sake, put on my eye mask and enjoyed my sleeping bed in the sky. It was truly indulging.

Flight Attendant Was Making My Sky Bed
Comfortable Sleeping Bed in the Sky

Before Landing & More Food
When I woke up to go to bathroom during the middle of the flight, the flight attendant came to greet me and asked if I would like something to drink. I asked for a glass of water and as I began feeling a little hungry, I opened up the Light Dishes Anytime menu and ordered a bowl of Japanese udon noodles garnished with deep-fried tofu. It was delicious. Afterwards, I tried to fall back to sleep in my comfortable sky bed. Approximately couple hours before landing I woke up, breakfast was being served and I ordered the Japanese style cuisine that consists of rice porridge, miso soup, and other various Japanese items. I was completely rested and full by then.

Udon Noodle

Rice Porridge

Miso Soup

After breakfast, I asked the flight attendant if the lavatory was available for me to change into my regular clothes. She went to check and after the lavatory was confirmed available, she handed me my nicely folded clothes that she took from me earlier back and let me go changing. When I came out refreshed and went back to my seat, I noticed that my seat had been put back to the upright position and I missed seeing my sky bed already. Upon seated, the flight attendant came over to hand me a bag that contains my pajamas for souvenir.

Pajamas Souvenir

Before I knew it, we had landed in Tokyo’s Narita airport. I could not believe how refreshed I was. The overall experience was really excellent. ANA and crew did a tremedous job on providing excellent customer service and preparing delicious cuisine. The suite seat is definitely one of my favorite First Class hard products and I will never forget this amazingly comfortable experience.

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