How to Use Kimpton Hotel Secret Social Password (2024)

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Kimpton Social Password For Winter 2023 is back! “Chalet All Day” from December 1, 2023, through February 29, 2024.

Kimpton Hotels often have a Social Password promotion that can be a secret phrase you say when you check into a Kimpton Hotel. The secret word will allow you to unlock on-property surprised prizes such as free parking, free breakfast, dining credits, complimentary cocktails, free holiday gifts, and more based on each Kimpton property.

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Current Kimpton Social Password For Winter 2023

Below is the Kimpton Hotels Social Password that’s currently active. During the validity period, you may use the following secret phrase to receive surprise gifts when checking into a Kimpton hotel.

Where to Find Kimpton Social Password

You can find Kimpton’s social password through the following Kimpton’s social media accounts. That’s where you will find the social password.

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How Does Kimpton Social Password Work

The way Kimpton Social Password works is this:

  • Make sure you use the Kimpton secret social password during its validity time.
  • Then, at check-in, mention that secret phrase to the front desk (more below on how you choose to say it).
  • Some Kimpton hotels have a fun wheel game for you to spin or have you flip a coin to win a prize. Some Kimpton hotels automatically reward you after mentioning the password.
  • Prizes can be complimentary parking, free breakfast, wines and cocktails, food and drink vouchers, and more based on each Kimpton property.

How to Use Kimpton Social Password

When I first learned about the Kimpton social password, I wondered how people would say that when checking into a Kimpton hotel. As self-conscious as I am, I wanted to ensure I am not using the phrase without appearing awkward to check-in receptionists.

Casually Mention Kimpton Hotel Social Password at Check-In

For those who are creative when you talk, you can casually mention the secret phrase without appearing too awkward. The hotel’s front desk receptionists sometimes love small talk with guests checking in, and that’s when you can casually insert the Kimpton secret password during the conversation.

For example, when Kimpton’s social password phrase was “Just Chilling.” When checking in and the front desk asks how you are doing, you can reply, “Just chilling,” or you can say, “I am just chilling in [destination] with my family/friends for a few days.”

Directly Mention Kimpton Hotel Social Password at Check-In

The most direct approach is simply cutting to the chase and being straightforward with the front desk. You can say something along these lines:

“I am new to Kimpton social password, and I am supposed to say “stay cool” to receive some welcome gifts?” The front desk will take it from there!

Bottom Line

There’s no right or wrong to say the Kimpton secret social password. You can say the phrase casually during your conversation with the front desk or be straightforward and directly say it when checking into a Kimpton hotel.

Therefore, next time you stay at a Kimpton hotel, check out any available Social Password phrases to maximize your stay with gifts and prizes.

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