One of the best ways to redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards (UR) points is to transfer them to loyalty reward points such as the World of Hyatt points. The World of Hyatt program is one of the best hotel reward programs because each Hyatt property requires fewer points than other hotel chains, allowing your Chase points to go a long way. 

Follow each step below to ensure you make great use of your Chase points and transfer them to Hyatt correctly.

Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa
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    Earn Chase Transferable Points to Hyatt

    Join World of Hyatt Membership

    You can skip this step if you already have a Hyatt account number. 

    If you do not have a Hyatt account number, you must first join the World of Hyatt program to get a membership number to perform the transfer. It's completely free to enroll in the World of Hyatt program. 

    • Go to the official Hyatt enrollment website
    • Note down your World of Hyatt account membership number after successful enrollment. 

    Search Hyatt Award Availability

    It is crucial to remember that once your Chase points are transferred to World of Hyatt, you cannot transfer the points back. World of Hyatt points can expire, and Chase points do not expire as long as you remain a cardholder. Therefore, it's vital to ensure your desired stay dates using World of Hyatt points are available before you transfer Chase points to Hyatt. 

    How fast do Chase points transfer to Hyatt?

    The transfer time from Chase points to Hyatt is instant. Once you initiate the transfer, you will immediately receive Hyatt points in your Hyatt account. Therefore, once you verify Hyatt's award availability, you can transfer Chase points to Hyatt and book the award immediately. 

    Searching Hyatt award availability:

    • Go to the Hyatt website
    • Provide search parameters and ensure the Use Points option is checked. 
    • Verify points room is available for booking for the dates that you want. The award stay is available if you see the points rate with a yellow Select button. See the screenshot below. 
    • Verify that you have enough Chase points to cover the entire stay. If you do not have enough Chase points, here are some ideas:
      • Earn more Chase points. However, be careful that if you are trying to redeem an award stay at a popular Hyatt hotel or resort, award availability can be difficult to come by again. 
      • Check the Points + Cash rate if available for booking. Most Hyatt properties offer that. See the screenshot below. 
      • Reduce your stay dates, and move to a different hotel after Hyatt's stay. 

    Flexibility is very important when using miles and points for travel, especially with a high-demand property. 

    Hyatt Award Availability

    Transfer Chase Points to Hyatt

    Redeem Hyatt Points For Free Nights

    After successfully transferring Chase points to Hyatt, your Hyatt account is updated with Hyatt points. If you do not see the updated points, you must log out of Hyatt if you are signed in. 

    Once you verify your Hyatt account has enough points, you simply perform an award booking:
    • Go to the Hyatt website.
    • Sign in to your Hyatt account. 
    • Provide search parameters and ensure the Use Points option is checked. 
    • Verify points room is available for booking and click on the yellow Select button to continue booking. 
    • Follow the booking interface to read the cancellation terms and finalize your booking. 
    • Enjoy your stay on your first successful points booking with Chase card points.  

    Earn More Hyatt Points For Free Nights