Southwest Airlines recently introduced a new fare category called Wanna Get Away Plus. It is one step above the most restricted Wanna Get Away fare category for flight credits (a.k.a travel funds). 

In this post, I'll talk about the new Wanna Get Away Plus benefits and, more importantly, walk you through how to transfer your existing Southwest travel funds to another person by utilizing the Wanna Get Away Plus trick. 

Photo Credit: Southwest Airlines
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    What are the restrictions on Southwest Wanna Get Away flights?

    First, if you are not familiar with Southwest Wanna Get Away (WGA) fare, it helps to understand its restrictions and compare them to the Southwest Wanna Get Away Plus (WGA+) fare:
    • Non-refundable.
    • If you cancel the reservation at least 10 minutes before the scheduled flight departure, you'll receive the flight credit (travel fund) valid for 12 months from the original booking date. Flight credit is not transferable to someone else. 
    • Same-day flight changes or standby are subjected to the fare difference. 
    • You do not receive a priority lane, automatic check-in, and complimentary premium drinks. 

    Therefore, if you are looking for a more flexible fare category on Southwest Airlines, consider paying slightly more and booking Southwest Wanna Get Away Plus instead. 

    Southwest Wanna Get Away Plus Benefits

    Compared to Southwest Wanna Get Away fare, Southwest Wanna Get Away Plus costs a little more but offers more flexibility regarding the travel funds. 

    Per Southwest Airlines, the Wanna Get Away Plus offers the following benefits:
    • Earn 8x bonus Rapid Rewards points. 
    • Two bags fly free
    • No fees to change or cancel
    • Flight credit for up to 12 months if you cancel
    • Transferable flight credit for Rapid Rewards members
    • Free same-day confirmed flight change
    • Free same-day standby list

    Go here to view the entire Fare Comparison on Southwest Airlines.

    Is Southwest Wanna Get Away Plus Worth It?

    The Wanna Get Away Plus fare offers flexibility when booking a Southwest flight ticket. The fare costs a little more (roughly 10-20%) than the non-plus Wanna Get Away fare. The main benefit of the fare is the flight credit (a.k.a travel fund) issued after you, a Rapid Rewards member, cancel the reservation. The flight credit becomes transferrable, meaning that you can use the flight credit for someone else. It does not tie to the original booked passenger's name anymore. 

    From my personal experience, the free same-day confirmed flight change and same-day standby list benefits can be useful sometimes, but it is just icing on the cake type of benefit. 

    Please note that you still receive two checked bags free and no fees for changing or canceling, just like the regular Wanna Get Away fare. You also do not receive any priority lane and automatic check-in though there are some Tips on Getting a Better Boarding Group Order on Southwest Airlines

    Therefore, it may be worth paying a little extra for the Wanna Get Away Plus fare. This will give you flexibility for the flight credit after canceling your Southwest ticket, and you can use the flight credit for someone else. 

    Suppose you value the ability to transfer flight credit to somebody else. In that case, you will be delighted to know there's a trick to transfer Southwest travel funds to another person when booking the Wanna Get Away Plus. See below. 

    How to Transfer Southwest Travel Funds to Another Person With Wanna Get Away Plus?

    While there's a last resort method to extend your expired Southwest travel funds with LUV Vouchers, there's now a way to transfer Southwest travel funds to another person. 

    I followed an Instagram account, profitsandpoints, and he shared the following genius trick. According to him, he saw the trick on the Southwest travel funds loophole on Reddit. Here's how it works:

    • Use your non-transferable flight credit travel fund to book a speculative Wanna Get Away Plus flight. 
    • Cancel the flight within 24 hours of purchase. 
    • During cancellation, choose the Refund to the method of payment option so that you'll receive the following refunds:
      • The original non-transferable flight credit becomes transferrable and can now be used to book a Southwest flight for someone else. See the screenshot below. 
        • The $5.60 flight credit used now can be transferred to another Rapid Rewards member. 
        • The expiration date of that flight credit remains unchanged. 
      • Any money you paid to cover the remaining balance after the non-transferable flight credit was applied. You'll get the money refunded to the original payment method because you cancel the flight within 24 hours. See the screenshot below.
    • Log into your Southwest Rapid Rewards account
    • Find travel funds available on the top, and click on the View Details link. 
    • You are presented with your available flight credit balance. At that point, simply click on the Transfer to someone else link. 
      • Please note that once the flight credit is successfully transferred, it ties to the recipient's name, and therefore, it becomes non-transferable flight credit again. 
    • Provide the other person's information, including their Rapid Rewards account, and finally click on the Transfer flight credit button. 

    How to Transfer Southwest Travel Funds to Another Person With Wanna Get Away Plus
    Transferable Southwest Travel Funds

    H.T. profitsandpoints