When I applied for the Bank of America Alaska Airlines Credit Card to avoid missing out on the limited-time sign-up bonus offer, I was concerned about having 5 credit cards within 24 months. Because this will go against the notorious Chase 5/24 Rule. Once the Alaska Airlines Credit Card shows up on my credit report, it will put me at exactly 5 cards in 24 months, and Chase will see that and will not approve me for any new Chase credit card applications. Therefore, the time it takes for Bank of America to report a new account to all three credit bureaus is critical. 

In this post, I want to provide my data point on how long it takes for a new Bank of America credit card to appear on my credit report. In return, I hope that it helps you out as you are going through your credit card application journey. 

How Long Does It Take For A New Bank of America Credit Card to Show Up On Credit Report?
Photo Credit: Bank of America
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    When Does Bank of America Report New Account to Credit Bureaus?

    When a bank reports a new credit card account to the main three credit bureaus, such as Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, that new account will appear on your credit report. Any new banks and lenders will see that when you submit a new credit application. The time it takes each bank to report can vary. 

    In my case, I noticed that Bank of America reported a new account to credit bureaus is relatively quick compared to other banks. Here's my timeline:
    • October 17 - Applied for the Alaska Airlines Credit Card and received instant approval. 
    • October 28 - Bank of America notified me that my card was shipped.
    • Subsequent days, I received the following credit alerts for a new credit card account:
      • October 29 - the card was reported to Equifax
      • October 30 - the card was reported to Experian
      • October 31 - the card was reported to TransUnion

    I used Free Credit Sesame, Free Credit Karma, and Free Experian to access my credit report and monitor credit-related matters. All three services are free of charge. 

    Bottom Line

    As you can see, right after the credit card was shipped, Bank of America did not wait very long to report their credit card account to all three credit bureaus as a new open account. 

    Understanding how soon a new credit card will show up on your credit report can help when you plan your next credit card application.