The Chase World of Hyatt Business Credit Card offers complimentary Hyatt Leverage Membership to cardmembers. 

In this post, I want to go over everything about the Hyatt Leverage Program for businesses, its benefits, and how to enroll in the program with your Chase World of Hyatt Business Credit Card to receive your corporate code for savings on your next Hyatt's bookings. 

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    What is Hyatt Leverage Program?

    Hyatt Leverage is a global travel business membership program that Hyatt offers for small businesses. After joining the program, you receive a unique corporate code to get an exclusive discount on rooms at participating Hyatt properties worldwide. 

    Joining and getting the corporate code for your company's booking is fast and easy. As an authorizing officer, you also have access to a central administration portal that you can view your or your company's employees' travel information and room expenses. 

    Hyatt Leverage Program Membership Benefits

    Upon enrolling in the Hyatt Leverage Program:
    • You will receive a Hyatt Leverage number which is a corporate code that is specifically for your business/company.
    • You can use the cooperate code to book Hyatt stays online. 
    • You can save up to 15% off the standard room rate at Hyatt properties worldwide with the corporate code. 
      • The savings can be better than AAA/CAA, senior rates, etc. 
      • Hyatt Leverage rate offers the same cancellation policy as the standard rate. 
    • The corporate rate is an eligible rate to receive elite benefits, elite night credits, points, and any Hyatt Promotions and Offers just like your usually Hyatt's bookings.
      • The elite night credits and bonus points will be credited to the authorizing officer's World of Hyatt account. More below. 
    • You have exclusive access to the administration portal to view traveler information, trips, and room expenses all in one place. 

    How to Join Free Hyatt Leverage Program

    Joining the Hyatt Leverage program is FREE, fast, and simple. However, there are certain conditions that you need to understand before joining:
    • While the sign-up form does not ask for your business tax ID, the program requires that you have a business or run a company. It does not matter how big your business is. In fact, I enrolled in the Hyatt Leverage program as the Sole Proprietorship. 
    • Per the program's terms: After joining the program, a minimum of fifty (50) nights qualifying stay is required immediately preceding the program year to remain eligible to participate in the program. 
      • If you have the Chase World of Hyatt Business Credit Card, the fifty nights qualifying stay's requirement is waived. 
    • At check-in, you may be asked to provide employment verification for the corporate code you used to receive the room's discount. You can show either a business card or a business/company credit card. 

    If you meet the above conditions and requirements, you can join the Hyatt Leverage program, free of charge:
    • Go to the Hyatt Leverage registration website
    • Sign in to your World of Hyatt account as authorizing officer. All points and elite tier nights will be credited to this account.
    • Follow the registration process to complete your enrollment. 
    • Check your email and save your corporate code to use for booking. 

    How to Book the Hyatt Leverage Discount Rate Using Your Corporate Code

    The process to book the Hyatt Leverage room discount rate using your corporate code is very simple:
    • Go to or on the Hyatt mobile app
    • After putting in your search parameters, under the Special Rates, select the Corporate or Group Code.
    • Simply put in your Corporate Code and conduct the search. 
    • You will be presented with the search results that show Hyatt Leverage discount on the room rate up to 15% off the standard room rate. See the screenshot below. 
      • The $122 in the screenshot is the Hyatt Leverage Rate - a 15% saving off the $144 standard rate. 
    • You can compare the Hyatt Leverage rate with other rates to finalize your booking. 

    How to Get Free Hyatt Leverage Program
    Photo Credit: Hyatt Leverage Rate

    Waived Requirement For the Hyatt Leverage Program With the Chase World of Hyatt Business Credit Card

    As I mentioned earlier in this post, the Hyatt Leverage program is completely free to join at first, but to remain in the program and take advantage of its benefits, you must have 50 nights of qualifying stay in a year. However, by having the Chase World of Hyatt Business Credit Card, the 50 nights requirement is waived. 

    Therefore, if you really value the Hyatt Leverage and can benefit from the program, consider picking up the Chase World of Hyatt Business Credit Card as it allows you to skip the need for the 50 nights requirement and all you have to show at the check-in front desk (if asked) is the Hyatt business credit card that has your business name on it. 

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