How to Get Free Walmart Plus Membership With American Express Platinum Card [2021]


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How to Get Free Walmart Plus Membership With American Express Platinum Card [2021]

The American Express Platinum Card now offers complimentary Walmart Plus (Walmart+) Membership for card members. Each month, when you charge your Walmart+ monthly membership to your Platinum card, you will receive a statement credit that is enough to cover your $12.95 monthly Walmart+ membership fee. This works out to be about $155 Walmart+ credit benefit on the Platinum card. 

I'm not here to question whether it makes sense or not for the premium American Express Platinum Card to partner with Walmart, but any annual statement credits for the Platinum card are worth looking into because of the card's high $695 annual fee. If you are able to maximize the Walmart+ Membership statement credits each year, it will help lower the card's annual fee at the face value of $155 a year. This benefit is in addition to other annual statement credits (over $1,400) benefits that are available on the Platinum card. 

How to Get Free Walmart Plus Membership With American Express Platinum Card
Photo Credit: Walmart+
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    What is Walmart Plus?

    Walmart Plus (Walmart+) is a membership subscription that gives you access to a lot of benefits and saves you time and money when you do your shopping with Walmart

    If you are familiar with Amazon Prime membership, the concept of Walmart+ membership is pretty much alike.

    What are the Walmart Plus benefits? 

    Walmart+ Membership gives you the following benefits:
    • Free next-day and two-day shipping with no order minimum. Excludes oversized and Marketplace items.
    • Free delivery for groceries and other products from Walmart store as soon as the same day with a $35 order minimum. 
    • Save on select prescriptions with Rx for as little as $0.
    • Save 5 cents per gallon on fuel at Walmart and Murphy gas stations nationwide. 
    • Scan items as you shop in stores and pay with your phone. 

    It's worth noting also that some of these Walmart+ benefits are only available through the Walmart app. Therefore, you should download the Walmart app to take full advantage of your Walmart+ Membership

    How Does Amex Walmart Plus Membership Credit Work?

    • Walmart+ membership statement credit is currently only available for card members of the American Express Platinum Card.
    • Enrollment with American Express is not required for this benefit. 
    • The benefit is available to you starting October 7th of 2021. 
    • The benefit is a monthly statement credits benefit of a $12.95 membership fee.
    • To use the Amex Walmart+ membership statement credit:
      • Sign-up for the Walmart+ Membership and make sure you enroll in the Walmart+ monthly membership and not the annual membership. 
        • For those that already have annual Walmart+ membership set up, you will have to go into your Walmart+ account and switch to monthly billing before your next renewal date. Unfortunately, you won't be able to use the credit until your annual billing is done. 
      • Pay for your Walmart+ monthly membership fee of $12.95 with your eligible American Express Platinum Card.
      • Once the charge is posted to your card's account, American Express will issue a $12.95 statement credit reimbursement into your account. This process is automatically done by the American Express system. 

    How to Get Free Walmart Plus Membership With Amex Platinum Card

    • First, log in to your American Express account online. Go to the Home page and scroll down to look at the Amex Offers & Benefits. Find all available Walmart offers and add those offers to your American Express Platinum Card. At the time of this writing, there's an Amex Offer for Walmart spending. My offer show:
      • Get +5 Membership Rewards points per dollar spent at, up to 2,500 points. This offer is set to expire on November 25, 2021
      • If your account is not targeted for any Walmart offer, let's move on. 
    • Go to the official Amex Platinum Card's Walmart+ website here
    • Click on the Get started blue button. 
    • Create an account with Walmart if you do not have one. Otherwise, sign in to your Walmart account to proceed. 
    • You will be prompted to Add Platinum Card. Enter your Platinum Card information to continue.
    • Your monthly plan will start on the date that you join. 
    • Once everything looks good, simply click on the Join W+ with Platinum Card button and you are all set!

    How to Get Free Walmart Plus Membership With American Express Platinum Card
    Photo Credit: Walmart

    How long does it take for Amex Walmart Plus membership statement credit to post?

    Once you successfully join Walmart+ and pay with your American Express Platinum Card. Your Amex account will show the pending transaction as: 

    Once the transaction is posted to your account, you will receive the $12.95 statement credit any time from 2-3 days. 

    Use the Credit For Freinds & Family

    For those of you that do not shop at Walmart or live in the area that there are no Walmart stores or gas stations, this free Walmart+ Membership obviously is not going to do you any good. However, please keep in mind that the Walmart+ free expedited shipping from their online store is available all across America. 

    If you are still not convinced to take advantage of the complimentary Walmart+ monthly membership with your Amex Platinum Card, then consider gifting it to a trustworthy friend or a family member that may benefit from it. 

    As far as American Express is concerned, they will give you the statement credit as long as there's an eligible Walmart+ monthly membership fee is charged to your American Express Platinum Card. It does not matter if the Walmart+ membership account holder is you or not. 

    A word of caution: If you are gifting it to a friend, a family member, or anyone else, make sure that person is someone that you can trust because to join Walmart+ Membership, your Platinum card is required to be stored in the person's Walmart account. 

    Is Walmart Plus Worth It?

    Walmart+ membership is Walmart's answer to Amazon Prime. Much like Amazon Prime, Walmart+ gives you free next day and two-day shipping on a huge selection of products that you can buy from

    Besides the fast free shipping that Walmart+ Membership offers, you also receive free groceries delivery, save money on select prescriptions, and you always save 5 cents per gallon on fuel at Walmart and Murphy gas stations across America, and more. 

    Think of it this way, if you shop on Amazon a lot, then it makes sense to get Amazon Prime. 
    Therefore, if you don't mind shopping at Walmart or like to shop online in general, getting the free Walmart+ monthly membership with the American Express Platinum Card is a no-brainer. Alternatively, if you do not want Walmart+ for yourself, you can always consider giving it to someone that you trust such as your best friend or a family member that may benefit more from the free Walmart+ Membership

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