In light of Alaska Airlines easy status match offer and 50% bonus elite qualifying miles through June 30, 2021, I thought I’d put together some answers to frequently asked questions out there that relate to Alaska Airlines MVP elite status for those that are new to Alaska MVP and how its benefits such as First Class seat's upgrade works.

To those that just become Alaska Airlines MVP members, congratulations! 

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    Do Alaska Airlines MVP members qualify for Premium Seat or First Class Seat Upgrades?

    Alaska Airlines MVP members are eligible for seat's upgrades both Premium and First Class, when available. 

    How does Alaska Airlines MVP seat's upgrade work?

    The upgrade happens within 24 hours window prior to your flight's departure. You will be automatically added to the waiting list for preferred seat's upgrade as long as you are an MVP member and your Alaska Airlines mileage number is on your reservation. 

    However, please note that, there are factors that determine the order of the waiting list for seats upgrades. MVP Gold 75k receive the first priority, MVP Gold 75 next, and then MVP. When upgrade seats are available, they are given to members based on the order of the waiting list. 

    Is the request for MVP seat's upgrade unlimited? 

    Yes. There's no limit amount of upgrades you can receive. 

    Do MVP member's travel companions receive complimentary upgrades? 

    If there's more than one person in your booking (same reservation) and one person does not have MVP status, you will NOT be automatically added to the waiting list for seat's upgrade. If that happens, it's best to book separate tickets but that will mean that you and your travel companion won't be sitting together if you get upgraded. 

    However, if you are traveling with a travel companion that also has MVP status, then you both will be automatically placed on the upgrade's waiting list. Just make sure you both have Alaska Airlines mileage numbers added to the reservation. 

    What ticket fares are eligible for MVP upgrades?

    All Main cabin ticket fares are eligible for MVP upgrades. However, Saver Fares are the only tickets that are not eligible for the upgrade. 

    How about two free checked bags, priority check-in and boarding benefits for MVP member and companions? 

    When you fly with Alaska Airlines, your MVP elite status offers you:
    • Priority check-in and boarding
    • Two free checked bags for you and companions on the same reservation
    • Discounted Alaska Lounge membership
    These benefits are available to you and companions on the same reservation for all ticket fares, including the Saver fare ticket. 

    How long is Alaska Airlines MVP status good for?

    Once you earn Alaska Airlines MVP status, it is good through the year that you earn the status and the year after that. 

    For example, you earn MVP status so far in 2021, you'll have that status through the end of 2022 to enjoy all the benefits. 

    Similarly, if you reach the next tier MVP Gold status before the end of 2021, your MVP status will be upgraded to MVP Gold for the remaining of 2021 year and that upgraded status is good through the end of 2022. 

    How to reach Alaska Airlines next tier status? 

    There's no quick way other than Status Match. If you cannot perform the status match, you'll just have to keep flying. Keep in mind that Alaska Airlines is currently offering 50% bonus elite qualifying miles through June 30, 2021. 

    While MVP members receive 50% bonus on base miles earned with Alaska Airlines and elite-qualifying airline partners as one of the MVP's benefits, that 50% bonus miles do not count towards elite status. If you purchase a premium fare ticket, it also does not offer any bonus miles that are eligible towards elite status. Only purchased First Class fare ticket can receive 75% bonus miles and are counted towards elite status. It's worth mentioning that, any First Class upgrades without purchase such as MVP Gold Guest First Class Upgrade code are not eligible to receive that 75% bonus miles. 

    For more information on Alaska MVP membership and benefits, go here