Barclays Travel Community had been closed. The platform allowed users to post travel stories in exchange for Amazon Gift Cards or Arrival Miles for users that have Barclaycard Arrival or Arrival Plus credit card. It has been a good run for me and others that have been collecting rewards from posting travel stories over there at the community.

Barclay Travel Community is Closed

Barclays Travel Community Closure

Yesterday, I wanted to post a travel story at Barclays Travel Community to earn some arrival miles. The page kept erroring out on me which was very unusual. I then found out that they had decided to close down the platform.

Over the past few years, I had posted several "travel stories" there to earn some bonus miles for my Barclaycard Arrival credit card. Miles earned were deposited directly into my credit card's account and can be used for redemption towards eligible travel expenses. It was an easy opportunity to rack up some miles by simply posting 100 words story about a travel destination and uploading at least one picture of the destination to earn 150 Arrival miles. 

I always love looking for ways to earn extra points and miles to leverage travel expenses and it saddens me to see that they had decided to shut down the Barclay Travel Community. But it is what it is! 

Barclays Travel Community was closed on January 29, 2021. Here's the official statement:

2020 was an unprecedented year, for every person, community, and company. It certainly was for Barclays as well.

We delivered payment relief programs to over 640,000 global customers impacted by COVID-19 as well as hurricanes, wildfires, and more. We helped the most vulnerable populations by launching the $125 million Barclays’ COVID-19 Community Aid Package globally, including providing over 9 million meals to communities in need through Feeding America’s network of Food Banks across the US. And to keep our employees safe, we enabled 80% of our team to work from home.

Additionally, throughout the course of 2020, we have evaluated, evolved and adapted to changing business and customer needs. We have had to make some hard decisions and one of those is to close down this community.

We did not make this decision lightly, most especially in light of how much we have enjoyed being on this travel journey with you since 2012. We have engaged top travel writers to bring you destination content for places from every corner of the globe to enrich and inspire your travels. And we have enjoyed reading the many thousands of travel stories you have shared with us and your fellow community members.

Some important specifics

The Community will remain open and accessible through January 29. You can continue to post travel stories and earn reward miles through January 29.

For Arrival Cardmembers

Even though the Community will close January 29, your reward miles earned through Janauary 29 will post to your Arrival accounts as they normally would by the first few days of February.

For Non-Arrival Cardmembers

If you have 2,500 miles or more earned by Janaury 29, your reward miles will be awarded to you via a gift card. If you have less than 2,500 reward miles or more earned by January 29, your reward miles will be forfeited.

Full statement can be found here.